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Dimpy tells Vanraj that nothing has happened which made him doubt her, and tells that Titu had made her meet his friends and then dropped me back. Vanraj says you had gone with him, as you regard him as your friend, but we don’t know about him and his family background.

He says I don’t want you to trust him and do any foolishness, and that’s why you will go to class and come back home. Dimpy goes from there upset. Kavya asks what is all this V? Vanraj says sorry, and says I got upset seeing that guy and forgot to meet you. Kavya hugs him and says I missed you. He asks about Baa and Babu ji and says they might have slept.

Kavya looks on. He asks what happened? In the morning, Malti Devi asks why the electricity bill is so much, looking at it. Barkha tells her that railway station bill will be same and says there are so many people at home, and says babu ji is habitual to forget and may be he keeps AC on and don’t switch it off. Baa tells that he forgets and that’s why may be it was on. She says sorry. Anupama says its ok. Malti Devi says one forgets when others pay it. Anuj comes there and asks them to ask him if he has any problem to pay the bill. He asks why you both are worried for the bill suddenly. Malti Devi says I didn’t mean that, if Leela behen felt bad about my saying then sorry. She says Leela behen can stay here for as long as she wants as this is her house, and says my son Anuj will pay all the bills. Vanraj comes there and says no need to stay here. Baa and Babu ji get happy to see him.

He comes inside and says your son is back. Baa says you have come. Vanraj jokes, says he is on the way and laughs. He hugs them and thanks Anuj and Anupama for taking care of Baa and Babu ji so much and says he has come to take them back. Anupama asks if Babu ji can stay here for few more days. Anuj says even Baa is not well till now, let her stay here for few more days. Vanraj says few people thinks her as burden and unwanted guests here, but my babu ji and baa are my good luck and not burden and I am taking my good luck from here. Anuj says ok. Vanraj says he will pay the electricity bill and food expenses and asks Baa and Babu ji to bring their stuff.

Babui ji tells Anuj that they will leave, son came so they can’t refuse. Anuj says I can understand and says tell me if you need anything. Anupama goes behind Baa and babu ji. Anuj comes out and tells Vanraj that it is good that he is fine. He asks him not to be upset for whatever happened inside. Vanraj says no and tells that he is having guilt, when his son left him, that pain was so big that he snatched himself from his parents and left them when they needed him. Anuj tells him that when Maya took Choti with her, he had the hope that one day Choti will be back, and says I had relation with her since few days, then also I couldn’t bear the pain.

He says Samar stayed with you for 22 years, and if you couldn’t understand other’s pain, then don’t be guilty. He says don’t think that we couldn’t take care of Baa and babu ji and says if there was anything left then apologize to them on my behalf. Vanraj says I know that you both might have kept them happy. Baa and babu ji leave from there. Anuj tells Anupama that they had to go on day. Anupama says she is relieved that they went with their son.

Barkha and Malti Devi go to their room. Barkha says thank god this dharmshala is empty now, Anuj is angry with us. Malti Devi says we will shed few tears like Leela and will handle him. She says it is difficult to handle Anupama. Barkha says even Pakhi, and says she is not trustable. Malti says lets see.

Dimpy tells Kavya that she is not feeling bad, everyone will scold her though it is not her mistake, and says Baa will scold her just as she comes. Kavya asks her not to think much and says my baby is kicking, and saying if Dimpy bhabhi don’t stop then she will get the kick too. Baa and Babu ji comes home with Vanraj. Dimpy tries to touch Babu ji’s feet. Babu ji stops her and goes to sit. Babu ji says our house is our house. He says they missed the house. Vanraj says sorry and says you had to go there. Baa says you came home fine, it is important. Vanraj says he is fine.

Babu ji tells that everyone loved us so much. Vanraj says but Barkha and Malti Devi. Leela says if she is Malti devi then I am Leela and used to taunt her 4 times for her one taunt. She says she is a rifle if Malti Devi is gun. Dimpy brings water and gives to them. Baa says Pakhi told me what has happened? Babu ji asks her not to say anything. Vanraj tells that he has talked to Dimpy. Kavya comes behind Dimpy. Dimpy is in the kitchen and asks if you think me wrong. Kavya says no. Dimpy thinks why things don’t change for women. Kavya hugs and pacifies her.

Choti asks Anupama, why she didn’t tell her that Nanu and Nani went without meeting her. Malti Devi says they can’t stay here, as this is their daughter’s home. She says when you grow up and get married, you have to leave your parents and go, they can’t come with you. Choti tells that she will not get married, will not leave her parents, will stay with them forever. She hugs Anupama. Anupama asks her to do whatever she wants. Choti goes to talk to baa and babu ji.

Malti Devi tells Anupama that she might be missing them. She says they are your inlaws and not parents. Anupama tells that relations are relations. Malti Devi says you shall keep them away from this house, this is not their house. Anupama says this is their daughter’s house, they can come here to meet me and can stay here. She says they are my parents and has the same right on the house as you. Malti Devi asks if I am the guest here and says just like I had problem with leela’s stay here, you have problem with my stay here. Anupama tells her that she has problem with her politics. Malti Devi asks who will throw me out. Anupama asks her to handle the family and the family will handle you. She goes to room, and says whether it is mud pot or the house, if anything happens to them then the maker gets hurt, but not the person who breaks it. She says Anuj and I have made this house, but Barkha and Malti Devi. She asks God to give them simple life. Choti calls her. Anupama thinks she has to meet Dimpy and Titu in the evening. She asks herself to do it and says you will do it.


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