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Anupama 22 February 2023: Vanraj finds Pakhi’s college ID card left in his card while dropping her to college. He heads back towards college to return it to her. Adhik and Pakhi are shocked to see Anupama in frot of them. Anupama orders cold coffee for 3 of them. Barkha recalls Adhik’s words of trapping Pakhi for their benefit. Sara asks Barkha to speak to Adhik as he had girlfriends and flings and if he informed Pakhi about it. Barkha says it doesn’t matter as it was his lifestyle. Sara says it doesn’t happen in India. Barkha asks her to stop thinking small like Shahs and Anupama. Sara says Anupama speaks truth, she is not saying that USA life is wrong, she is just saying that dating is not considered casual in India and there is a lot of difference in both cultures.

She says Adhik should stop if he is thinking of casual relationship with Pakhi or else she will inform Anupama and Anuj about Adhik’s past life. Barkha says Adhik is reforming himself. Sara asks if she accepts that Adhik is a spoilt brat and asks how her attitude towards Pakhi changed suddenly, she can understand what Barkha and Adhik are thinking, but if something wrong happens with Pakhi, more than Anupama Anuj will react badly. She says Anuj and Anupama truly love them, so she should stop playing mind games and even stops Adhik. Barkha fears that Anupma will not spare Adhik if he does something wrong.

Anupama asks Adhik and Pakhi to have coffee. Irritated Pakhi rudely asks if she spying on her like Vanraj. Anupama warns her to lower her voice. Pakhi says she should have been in dance class at this time. Anupama says even Pakhi should have been in college at this time, says she dropped Anuj to his office and going to her dance academy when she saw them together and came to speak and not scold or slap them. Adhik looks afraid and looks at Pakhi. Anupama asks them to have it as its 200 rs and she can’t lose her hard earned money. She reminds Adhik that he promised her last night and forgot in the morning. Adhik says he met Pakhi to explain her in person and is meeting Pakhi alone for the first and last time.

Anupama asks if he made Pakhi skip her class and brought her here to explain. Adhik says yes. Anupama asks if he thinks if he holds Pakhi’s hand like this, she will understand it. Pakhi says its normal to hold friend’s hand. Anupama says its normal for parents to slap children. She asks why don’t understand their advice and first focus on their studies. Pakhi asks what is wrong if they meet. Adhik says Anupama is right and says he was explaining same to her since long, signals her, and says its good Anupama came here. Anupama asks them to finish coffee.

Anupama tells them that a thread of trust is very weak and once broken cannot be rejoined again. Adhik nods as understanding. Anupama asks Pakhi to return to her college. Adhik says he will drop them both. Anupama says its okay. Vanraj calls Pakhi repeatedly and when she doesn’t pick his call reaches college and asks Pakhi’s friend about it. Friends informs that Pakhi didn’t attend college today. Vanraj reaches coffee shop, gets angry seeing them, and tries to shout at Anupama. Anupama says not here. Vanraj accuses her that she is acting as love guru and provoking her own daughter. Anupama asks him again not to start his drama here.

Vanraj says she should open a dating academy instead of dance academy. Vanraj olds Pakhi’s hand tightly and tries to drag her away. Anupama forces him to leave Pakhi’s hand and sends Adhk from there. She asks Vanraj to go and let her bring Pakhi home. Vanraj says Pakhi will go with him. Anupama says she will accompany them as whatever he saw is not true. Vanraj drives car frowning. Adhik thinks why wasn’t he careful, there must be a big drama happening at the mad house. At Shah house, Kijal feels uneasy. Leela and Hasmukh make her feel comfortable. Leela waits for Vanraj to return. Vanraj returns with Anupama and Pakhi. Leela asks why did he bring Pakhi back home. Vanraj asks Anupama to share her pearls of wisdom now. Anuj at office gets a call and looks shocked. Adhik asks if there is any problem, he will handle the business deal.

Leela after hearing what happened asks Anupama instead of slapping them both, why did she have coffee wit them. Anupama asks what else she would have done. Leela blames Adhik for brainwashing Pakhi. Anupama says its equally Pakhi’s mistake as she skipped her college and went with Adhik. Vanraj asks why didn’t she slap Adhik. Anupama asks why don’t he see Pakhi and Adhik both are equally at mistake and why don’t he make Pakhi understand instead of Adhik who is not here. Toshu says its Adhik’s mistake and reacts. Anupama asks him not to act like Vanraj and shuts his mouth. Kavya backs Anupama and says Vanraj should control Pakhi.

Vanraj says sautan and saheli are teaming up for the wrong cause. Anupama asks him to solve the issue calmly instead of getting angry. Her speech continues. Vanraj stops her and orders Pakhi that she will not attend college from hereon. Pakhi argues with Vanraj and adamantly says that she will meet Adhik at any cost. She says its not 1970s that he will throw her in a college and stop her from going out, nobody can stop her at all. Vanraj angrily raises his hand but stops. Kavya and Anupama ask Pakhi to go to her room. She walks away crying its not fair, she hates it. Anuj with Ankush returns home and calls Anu. Bsarkha reminds him that Anu has gone for work and asks if all is okay.


He says he is fine, its just a very tiring day. Ankush jokes he would have got energy seeing Anupama. Anuj looks tensed and excuses himself in lieu of getting water. Barkha asks Ankush till when he will work under Anuj and she beg money from Anupama. Ankush says she need not worry as he thought something. Anuj returns. Ankush says he has planned a dinner outside for a change, especially for Anupama. Anuj agrees. Barkha says she will book a table for them. Adhik walks in fuming. Anuj asks if he is angry because of Pakhi. Barkha recalls Adhik’s plan and says his mood is off since the morning, maybe he is missing USA.

Anupama confronts Vanraj and Toshu for shouting in the presence of pregnant Kinjal and senior citizen Hasmukh. Vanraj says she has already left this house, her world is very hifi and this may be normal there, but even now in his world if a dignified family girl has an affair, girl’s father goes to any extent to stop her. He announces that he will send Pakhi out of Ahmedabad for studies. Anupama with Kavya claps and says he is great, just because Pakhi went to a cafe with Adhik, he wants to send her out of Adhmedabad. Kavya says Leela will accompany Pakhi to spy on her. Anupama says the issue cannot be solved with anger. Vanraj asks if it will by her moral gyaan. She says with friendship.

Sara notices Samar tensed and asks if he is tensed regarding Pakhi. Samar asks her about Adhik and says he knows Adhik is her uncle, but he knows she gives an honest opinion. He says Pakhi since childhood is an attention seeker and he doesn’t want any issues between their family. Sara thinks his fear is valid and she will not let Adhik play with Pakhi’s emotions. Samar hope there shouldn’t be much more drama regarding this issue.

Leela asks Anupama not to give them moral gyaan, a house stays a house until father behaves like one and not as a friend Hasmukh asks what if Pakhi elopes due to their pressure, Anupama is right that the more restrict means the more rebellious behavior. Leela says more leniance, the more shamelessness. Anupama says that is why they should find a mid way and before its stood late, they should think calmly. Anuj visits dance academy to meet Anu and thinks he can share his thought only with Anu. Samar and Sara greet him and signal him to sit while they are busy with students. Anuj recalls his past event in the academy admiring Anupama. Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi.. song plays in the background.

Anupama returns. Anuj recalling her slipping over a carpet last time asks if she didn’t slip. She stands confused. He slips and says he was remembering their past meeting in her academy. They both think whether they should share their issue with each other or to as they are are already stressed. Samar tells them that he is going out to finalize students’ costumes for the function. Anuj asks them to go soon or else shops will close. Samar leaves with Sara and students. Anuj takes Anupama inside and asks what she wants to tell about Pakhi and Adhik. Anupama tightly hugs him.

Vanraj sits thinking while Leela tells him that his way of handling is right and Anupama is wrong. She says Pakhi is no more a kid and emotions awake at Pakhi’s age, what if something wrong happens. Anuj after listening to Anupama says Vanraj still has energy to create a drama. He asks why Adhik went to meet Pakhi even after she spoke to him. She says she doesn’t know, he said he wanted to meet Pakhi and speak to her directly. Anuj says as far as he knows Adhik, he is a nice guy, small and intelligent; he will involve Adhik in business to divert his attention. She asks him to decide as she doesnt’ have conscience to think like him.

He says she can see with closed eyes what he can’t with open eyes. He says she senses his every problem and says he got a call from client and learnt that Ankush and Barkha came to India helplessly after incurring huge losses in USA, he thought they came for him, he is happy that they came to seek his help, he is hurt that they hid truth from him, they would have showed their right directly instead, he doesn’t like leniance in relationships. She comforts him.

Barkha asks Adhika what is happening. Adhik says thing. Barkha gets tensed. Anuj tells Anupama that he wants to help Ankush as a brother, problem can come to everyone and one should learn from their mistake and change their attitude, but Barkha and Ankush are continuing their lavish and irresponsible behavior; he knows what they must be thinking now. Anupama says she know what Barkha as a mother must be thinking. Anuj asks her to listen carefully and says he will help his brother and his family, but Anupama shouldn’t give her right of business and property’s signing authority whether he is present with her or not. She asks what does he mean. He says even if Hasmukh, children, or even god asks her to, she will not give the rights to anyone; says he lost the trust on his brother’s family after learning the truth. He asks her again to promise him that their business and house’s signing authority will be with her. She nervously promise him.

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