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Anupama 21 February 2023: Anuj takes Anupama to ta roadside stall and says he wants to say her that everything will be alright, but he can’t and just knows that like every time she has to bear the burnt and act strong as she has to handle everything. He says he will always be with her to protect her, but when it’s a question of her children, he doesn’t have right on them as their real father Vanraj and Anupama have right on them. He says he would have fought with Vanraj for Pakhi and Adhik, but wouldn’t have been ethical as only Anu has a right to fight.

Vanraj pampers sleeping Pakhi and apologizes her for getting angry on her. He says a few days of tears are better than whole life’s retention, she is too small to realize the truth. He says its his mistake that he bought her up like a princess, but now he doesn’t have anything and he is trying his best to give her the best education and a better life partner; Adhik and his family are wrong for her and he will not let her keep any relationship with Anupama’s family at any cost. Once he leaves, Pakhi opens her eyes.

Anupama 20 February 2023

Anupama says she doesn’t say that they should encourage children in these issues, but times have changed and they cannot force children and ask if its the age to do all this, but truth is this is the age. She talks about the restrictions during her times and gives a long speech on upbringing of children, parent’s wrong way of upbringing, children being more intelligent and way ahead of their times, but sometimes getting out of their path, etc. Anuj says its their duty to show them the right path with love and not force. Anupama says Sweety will understand if she explains her with love, he with Barkha and Ankush should explain Adhik.

She says we need to explain them that we are not stopping them but just want them to focus on their studies first and wait for the right time. Anuj says who will handle Vanraj and asks her to talk to Adhik. Anupama says even he has right on her children. He holds her hand and says he is confident on her. Agar Hum Kahen Aur Woh Muskurade.. song plays in the background. He cheers her up, and they walk holding each other’s hand. She thanks him.

Samar offers tea to Vanraj and says he must have noticed that their relationship was bettering since a few days as hew as right, but today he is wrong as he was wrongly shouting on Anuj and Anupama without their mistakes. Vanraj asks what would he have done if they were in his place. Samar says his mother taught him to differentiate between right and wrong. Vanraj thinks his mother taught him, but herself forgot and is just looking at her in-laws.

Anupama offers tea to Adhik and says at his age, everyone this they are right. She says she didn’t question him then but saw him and Pakhi in a room. She asks what is in his mind for Pakhi. Barkha interferes and says she explained Adhik not to meet Pakhi again and Anupama need not take stress. Adhik says he likes Pakhi and always met her in front of the family members, once they decided to meet alone at a coffee shop but couldn’t, they like each other for the time being but their feelings may change over time. Anupama asks if he just likes Pakhi, why did he take her to a room, to just say that he likes her or he had any other intention. Adhik nervously stammers that he just took her to talk to her.

Anupama asks what would he do if a boy takes his niece and sister-like Sara to a room. She says young generation don’t know the meaning of decorum, they should think once about their family before doing anything and think if their family would feel proud of them or ashamed them. She says a person’s compass to find the right direction is his/her family and one should question themselves if their family would feel proud of them if they do that; she doesnt’ want him to behave mature like of her age, but every age has its own responsibility and his responsibility is to study well and make a career for himself; he would lose the career window if he loses his focus, etc.

She continues explaining him and asks him to speak to Pakhi as a true friend and help her focus on her studies and career, they have a long life to think about relationships later. She asks if he felt bad with her words. He says not at all, he though her generation would never understand him, but she did understood a lot. He hugs and thanks her and promises to speak to Pakhi and explain her; he says they are good friend and if their friendship moves further, he will inform Anupama first and if they ever meet, it would be in front of whole family. Anupama thanks him and looks at Anuj. Barkha stands fuming seeing Adhik’s behavior towards Anupama. After some time, Adhik video calls Pakhi and asks why is she speaking slowly.

She says Leela is sleeping in her room and she came to bathroom to speak to him. He says we need to talk. She says she is afraid of that word as she knows he would talk about parting ways and she doesnt’ want to lose his friendship. Leela wakes up and thinks Pakhi must be in bathroom. Adhik says its wrong to lie to their families. Pakhi says families won’t let them meet, so its better they don’t inform their families. Anuj tells Anupama that she handled everything well, Adhik understood and will make Pakhi understand. Anupama says she will speak to Pakhi; though Pakhi will understand that the differences between both families is not good, she will explain Pakhi once again. Anuj says she need not worry as both children will not do anything wrong.


Adhik over video call tells Pakhi that he doesn’t know what is right or wrong, they both should just listen to their heart. Leela tries to hear what is Pakhi doing and once Pakhi opens the door asks what was she doing. Pakhi asks what do people do in bathroom, she will not lock the door next time. Leela thinks she is her grandmother and knows her plan. Anuj helps Anupama remove her jewelry and make her sleep pampering her. Pakhi and Adhik smile lost in each other’s thoughts. Next morning, Anuj recites a shayari looking at sad Anupama. He dances in front of her on Ye Ladki Mere Saamne Mera Dil Liye Jaaye.. song. Anupama joins him, laughs, and thanks him for bringing back smile on her face. Anuj says he brought smile on her face so that he can breathe freely, he will never let his moon hide behind sadness.

They both prepare tea and snacks. Anuj informs that he called Kinjal in the morning, she is alright, and sks about Pakhi. Anupama says she messaged Pakhi and even she is fine. Anuj hopes Pakhi stays calm. Anupama hopes Vanraj stays calm.
Pakhi walks down while family is having breakfast and fears recalling Vanraj’s reaction. Leela says Pakhi was in the bathroom last night for long. Pakhi says she should set a timer outside the bathroom like microwave. Toshu warns her to behave. Pakhi says she is going to college. Vanraj says he will drop her to college from hereon and will pick her back. Pakhi looks frustrated. Kavya asks him not to do that or else Pakhi will meet Adhik hiding like they all did before. Vanraj says Pakhi will not do that and says when he didn’t listen to Leela regarding this issue, why would he listen to her and she should stay out of this issue as she doesn’t have any right.

Barkha notices Anupama writing a note for Anuj to return home early tonight and keeping it in his lunchbox. Anuj suggests her to write a note for Ankush. Barkha asks if she is tensed regarding yesterday’s event. Anupama says she was, but Anuj calmed her down. Barkha says Adhik his more mature and will explain Pakhi. She then says since all her friends are in USA and she feels bored at home, she is planning to open a boutique. Anupama congratulates her for the idea and asks her to implement it. Barkha says starting a business needs funding. Anupama asks her to make a detailed proposal, they will discuss it in the evening. Barkha gets angry hearing that. Adhik notices that.

Samar calls Anupama and informs her that Mr Shah insisted on dropping Pakhi to college. Anupama says Pakhhi will get more rebellious with Mr Shah’s act and asks him to handle Pakhi somehow. Samar says Pakhi has gone on Mr Shah and wouldn’t understand. He asks if she is coming to dance academy, they will discuss fur there there. Anupama says she is coming and thanks why Mr Shah does that. Adhik tells Barkha that he feels angry whenever she is wronged. Barkha asks what does she mean. Adhik says she is a Kapadia bahu for a namesake and has to beg for everything. Barkha says he hurt him the most. Adhik says he is following her path and planning to make Anuj give the authority power to Barkha and Ankush which he gave to Anupama. She asks her to be specific. Adhik explains that Pakhi loves him immensely, Anuj and Anupama immensely love Anupama’s children especially Pakhi, and Pakhi will visit this house often.

Barkha asks if he will marry Pakhi. He says he didn’t think of long term, but today he likes Pakhi and Pakhi will visit this house to meet him; Barkha should influence Anupama via Pakhi and she should encourage Pakhi to have a relationship with Adhik for her own sake. Barkha recalls Anupama controlling the finances. Anupama passes by and doesn’t listen to their conversation. Vanraj drops Pakhi to other college and says he will pick her back in the evening. Once he leaves, Adhik picks her up in his jeep and leaves. Anupama and Anuj travel in an auto spending quality time together. He gets out at his office. Auto breaks down midway. Anupama is shocked to see Adhik and Pakhi together walking holding each other’s hands. They both visit a cafe shop where Adhik shows his fake fondness for Pakhi and trap her with a vested interest. Anupaa follows them and looks angrily at them.

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