Kulfi the singing star update Tuesday 21 February 2023

Kulfi the singing star 21 February 2023: Amyra and Kulfi having fun packing together, Sikander says it will be great fun, Loveleen annoyed she sees Sikander’s pouch with all ID and cards, and slowly takes it away, Sikander starts looking for it, and asks lovelies for it, Loveleen says I don’t have it, Amyra and Kulfi start looking for it as well. Kulfi sets upset aside, Sikander says sorry to her, and tries to explain the situation, Kulfi remembers that Sikander has only 30 days and starts crying, and Sikander tries to calm her down.

Sikander talks to her mother say I’m trying so hard but nothing is working, says I want to reach Chandnaur asap for Baba, I lost you I don’t want to lose baba. Sikander dreams about time spent with Nimrat, Sikander wakes up and says sorry to Nimrat, and says my daughter so eagerly wants to go Chandnaur but something happens I don’t want to break her heart I want to take her to Chandnaur.

Sikander wakes the girls and tells them that they are going to Chandnaur m and thread-trippingrippinging Loveleen hears that Kulfi thanks her mother, and looks at the countdown on the paper, Loveleen sees her do that and says this means she knows Sikander is dying and now Sikander has 22 days left and the doc told her, and in that case, he will not go anywhere, he will stay here and make the company a success, I have to do something.

Loveleen keeps Sikander’s pouch down the bed and calls him says look I found your pouch and asks can I come too, Sikander says sure, Amyra is very excited. Loveleen thinks I won’t let you reach Chandnaur this is all my plan. Loveleen thinks of ways to cancel the plan and puts the wrong direction of the GPS so that after some time she can say I’m tired after such long travel let’s go back to Chandnaur.

Sikander and their family leave. Sikander says I think the route is wrong oh god we are in the wrong direction, Kulfi says to turn the car and let’s go back, Loveleen says this triptotoo let’s go to Mumbai, it’s all a bad sign, Kulfi insists on Chandnaur. Sikander says I will make decisions and we are going to preetbagh, here the location we have reached is had radhaballavi famous food dish, my college was here and since we are here let’s go. Kulfi insists on Chandnaur. Loveleen think let me waste some time here and all will automatically go to Mumbai.

Kulfi insists on going Chandnaur, Lovely and Amyra convince Kulfi to let Sikander have his favourite dish, kulfi finally says yes. Sikander says my childhood was spent here, and tells his childhood stories to girls and talks about his friend Joggi, Sikander says Joggi is reason SSG today, and I miss him, i haven’t seen him in ages, a man walks to Sikander at aloo puri stall.

Sikander and Joggi hug eachother, they go Joggis house for food, Sikander asks how could you manage same food, Joggi says I married the owners daughter and calls his wife Shila, she greets everyone and leaves, Sikander asks why is she so shy, Joggi says she is mad about you. Sikander plays guitar and sing at night during bon fire, Sikander very happy, Everyone applauds for Sikander, Shila praises Sikander, Sikander asks how are our friends. Kulfi asks Joggi to tell more about school friends, Joggi tells about bitto , Noori and mirchi, amyra likes the story.

Sikander asks how are our friends, Joggi says let’s plan a reunion, they will rush to you after finding you here, Sikander says I have to leave for Chandnaur next time, I promise, Lovely says I think we have to go Mumbai and focus on our label, Sikander says 2-3 days won’t matter we will go back and work.
Sikander wakes up and finds his friends starring at him, all sit together and chat, mirchi says I miss college days, bitto says we have one thing,EFT. Sikander asks what, bitto shows a picture. Sikander says this is JJ, Joggi says right you were so much better than him but he use to trouble us so much specially you. Sikander remembers college days where he always stood runner up and Joggi first.

Sikander says I regret I lost to him, he bribed judges and won, boys say we are defeating him, Sikander says kulfi won’t agree don’t plan, Kulfi wants me to go Chandnaur, Mirchi says I will talk to Kulfi you just see what we do. Kulfi and Amyra packing, they walk out with bags, sikanders friends arrange breakfast for them, Sikander introduces them to Kulfi Amyra, Sikanders friend start serving them and play extra attention to Kulfi, Kulfi says there is something fishy here, why so much attention, what you guys want, bitto and others tell her the story very dramatically, Amyra gets influenced, Kulfi says we will first go Chandnaur, and baba why are these people behaving like kids, we are going Chandnaur.

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