Anupama starlife update Tuesday 25 June 2024

Dimpy is working in the kitchen. Kavya comes there and asks Dimpy not to become machine, and go and rest. Dimpy says the work is over and asks her to go. Kavya says we will do the work together. Dimpy asks her if she is missing Mahi. Kavya says I always miss her, but it was difficult to leave her this time.

She tells that we were independent few years back, and we had our identity. Dimpy says we wiped it for our children. Kavya says we can’t make our motherhood as an excuse, and says it was we, who was weak. She says you are bearing this for Ansh and I am bearing for Mahi, but truth is that we didn’t have the courage to leave alone, and that’s why you have chosen this abusive sasural and I have chosen this disinterested husband.

She tells that when she was coming here, Mahi was not leaving her and tells that her 5 years old daughter is in depression and she couldn’t study since a month. Dimpy also cries and asks her to bring her home. She says if I bring her here, then it will be very painful for Mahi, as Vanraj is just Ansh’s Dada and he will never love her and Pakhi is staying here, she might say something. She says she is good in hostel, and says she might not have family’s love. Dimpy says she shall get mother’s love, and says Babu ji and I are there to love her. She says not just Mahi, you also needs her. She asks her to take risk for her and think about it.

Aadhya is standing outside and looking at Anupama who is working in the restaurant. She says I hate this woman then why did I come here? Anupama turns and looks back, but Aadhya hides. She comes out and sees Aadhya standing. Aadhya gets tensed. Pakhi comes to Dimpy and throws bottle at her and asks her to bring water. Kavya says let her get it. Dimpy says atleast she can shower her love on Ishani and says she couldn’t become Ansh’s mother.

Kavya says yes, we became mother, but we couldn’t become. Anupama calls her bebli….Aadhya asks what? Anupama says I felt you are my daughter bebli and that’s why I called. She says sorry and asks if she needs anything. Aadhya says you can’t make anything fine and goes from there. Her keychain falls down and Anupama sees her name on it, and thinks Shruti’s daughter name is Aadhya.

Ansh and Ishani are playing. Baa says she is getting sleep and asks Kavya and Dimpy to handle them, and goes. Kavya tells Dimpy that Ansh comes to you, when Baa and Vanraj sleeps. Just then they see Titu coming there. He says hi Kavya, I was coming from there. Ansh says it is my ball. Titu gives him ball. Ansh says he is Ansh and says nice jacket. Titu asks shall I get it for you. Ansh says who are you? Titu says your uncle. Ansh hugs him. Vanraj looks at them from his room window. Dimpy gets worried. Titu asks Ishani who is she and asks her to come to him. Ishani introduces herself. Titu shows them magic. Vanraj comes there and catches the ball. The kids tell that he was showing magic to them.

Vanraj says now I will show magic to him, and asks Dimpy to take the kids inside. Ansh says no. Dimpy takes them and gets worried for Titu. Kavya says Tapish was going from here and that’s why stopped. Anuj is waiting for Aadhya and asks where did she go? She says nothing important. She sits in the car, Anupama’s saree thread is stuck in her bracelet. Vikram comes to Anupama and asks her to come.

Vanraj asks why did you come, if you don’t love your life? Titu says for Dimpy and says she asked me to stay away from her, but my heart is not listening. Vanraj says you knows well, what will be the consequences. Titu says I will not stop coming here. He asks if you hear random stranger’s words. Vanraj says Dimpy is my bahu. Titu says Dimpy is your prisoner, and says she is here being afraid of you, but I am not afraid of anyone. He says I am clear and loves her a lot, though I couldn’t tell her. He says I have worked hard and established myself, so that I can come infront of you and say that I love your daughter Dimpy.

Dimpy and Kavya are shocked. Vanraj says don’t you dare, if you utter a word then I will pull your tongue, and says Dimpy is this house bahu, and I don’t care what you think or say, and says Dimpy is my daughter now and Ansh is my life. He says neither Dimpy will go nor I will let Ansh go anywhere. He says this time I am making you understand, but if you are seen here, then I will not leave you. Titu says your regard Dimpy as your daughter, it is good, but you have been controlling her and even caged her breath. He says I know Dimpy likes me, but is silent due to me. He asks her to think her as his daughter and then think, you will understand how wrong you was. He says if ever thought, if you was not there for her, then what will happen with Dimpy, she will be so habitual to your cage that she will forget to fly, and then what will happen with your grand son, who will take care of him. He asks if you ever thought about it. He says I am not a father, but I know that fathers are not so selfish. Vanraj gets shocked.

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