Lost in love starlife update Tuesday 25 June 2024

Surekha tells Reeva that whatever happened with Savi was really bad, may god give peace to her family. She insists Reeva that they shall go to Ramtek right now and bring Ishan back home. Reeva says Ishan strictly requested her not to come there and let him manage everything alone.

Yashwant says Reeva is right, let Ishan handle everything there alone and return home. Ishan returns to Savi’s hospital room and finds her missing. Nurse informs that a constable took Savi along to identify the culprits. Ishan thinks if Samrudh informs Savi that he is responsible for her family’s death, Savi will hate her; he can’t let that happen.

Inspector calls criminals caught at the paint factory and asks Savi to identify the culprits. Savi looks at Mandar and Samrudh and recalls all the events happened from meeting them for the first time till the fire accident. Mandar asks Samrudh to stand silently as they will escape law easily, but if Savi gets out of control, she will kill them. Savi trashes Samrudh brutally asking why did he kill her family when she reached his said destiny on time. Police tries to stop her while Mandar shouts to stop her or else she will kill her son.

Savi picks inspector’s gun and points at Samrudh. Inspector asks her not to pull trigger by mistake and ruin her own life. Savi says Samrudh ruined her life and she will kill him today. Ishan enters and snatches gun from her asking her not to become a criminal like Samrudh. Samrudh accepts that he killed her family to take revenge from her. Constables drag him into a room. Samrudh continues that she did a big mistake by sending her lover Ishan there and both she and Ishan are equally responsible for her family’s death. Constable asks him to stop shouting as his voice will not get out of this room. Savi breaks down. Ishan comforts her.

Chavans are shocked to hear that Samrudh killed Savi’s whole family. Asmita says it’s good that Durva escaped from marrying Samrudh. Anvi says Durva was hell bent to marry Samrudh. Shikha says Samrudh must have killed Savi’s family as Savi exposed Samrudh and stopped him from marrying Durva. Surekha shouts enough now, their family is not involved in all this. Yashwant says Surekha is right that their family is not responsible for the massacre, nobody will discuss about this issue in front of anyone again. Servant informs Surekha that Reeva’s family has come to meet her. Yashwant asks him to send them in.

Savi asks Ishan why did he stop her from killing Samrudh. Ishan says she would have become a criminal like Samrudh. Savi says she wanted to ask Samrudh why he killed her family when she reached there on time. Ishan says she shouldn’t ruin her parent’s name and ruin her life. He thinks he needs to inform Savi what had happened there and asks her to listen to him carefully. Constable calls Savi and informs her that her family’s postmortem is over and she can take their bodies for last rites. Savi breaks down again.

Swanand tells Yashwant and Surekha that last time they had arranged Reeva and Ishan’s sakharpuda ritual and then it was canceled because of Reeva, they are apologetic for whatever happened. Surekha says let’s forget the past and focus on the future. Swanand says that is why we want to take care of all the arrangements this time. Yashwant says as he wishes. Swati says they have hired a wedding planner for it. Prateek walks in as a wedding planner. Anvi says it’s good that Ishan’s best friend is a wedding planner. Prateek says he is just a wedding planner and from bride’s side. Swanand says they wanted someone known to organize the wedding.

Reeva walks to them and informs that Ishan told he will return after attending Savi’s family’s last rites. Swanand asks why Ishan is so concerned about his student. Swati says Ishan should have been here to take care of his wedding, how can they allow him in Ramtek for so many years. Ishan helps Savi perform her family’s last rites. Surekha calls him and asks what is he doing still there, he should return home right now. Ishan says he will return only after attending Savi’s family’s last rites. Surekha says that is not his problem and insists. Ishan says he is responsible for Savi’s family’s death. Surekha is shocked and asks what does he mean.

Ishan thinks he should inform anyone about it before informing Savi and says he means Samrudh killed Savi’s family as Savi exposed him in front of them and stopped Samrudh and Durva’s engagement and somewhere he is also responsible along with Samrudh. Surekha asks him not to blame himself. Ishan disconnects call. Panditji asks Ishan to perform Chavan family’s last rites. Ishan says he is Savi’s professor and not a family member and asks Savi to come forward. Panditji says only men can perform last rites. Ishan says it’s Savi’s right and asks her to come forward.

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