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Broken Bonds 20 February 2023: The kids play hide and seek. Shubhra comes to Chandrani and says I am with you so you get your son and kids get their father. I don’t want anything. She says we will get the whole package. Shubhra says I can’t forgive Kuldeep after all that he did.

Kuldeep and I can never be one. I will stay here with you and the kids. Chandrani says you and Kuldeep fought the whole world for your love. It’s lost in time. I will find it back.

Chandrani says where are you going Kuldeep? He says had to discuss a business matter with samaira. She says this isn’t the time. This is family time. Shubhra take him to the room. Why are you awkward? She’s your wife? She sends them to the room.

Shubhra and Kuldeep are in the room. Kuldeep says you didn’t tell Biji? Thanks for that. I don’t wanna lose Biji. You did a favor on me. I will try to keep her happy. Did you see? She is so happy with the kids as if she knows them already. I am very happy that she’s here. Let’s make her feel special. We can take her out.. Shubhra says we?

There’s no we. We became you and I the day you broke my trust. When you insulted me and this marriage. There’s no such thing as we. I am only here for Biji and doing this drama for her only. He says don’t forget Biji went away from me because of you. So don’t say that. Samaira calls him. He says I will come upstairs once Biji sleeps.

Kuldeep sneaks upstairs. He comes to Samaira’s room. Chandrani sees him going. She says he still went there knowing I am here? Roli says who were you talking to dadi? She says to your dada ji. Roli says you’re the writer of this Ramayn. You can change anything whenever you want.

Madhura calls Shubhra. Shubhra says we are very happy. The kids are happy Chandrnai is here. She say we both miss you a lot. Aaju baa says only you miss her. She’s dead for me. Madhura says we know you are full of hatred but why do you keep uttering bitter things all the time?

Scene 2
Phirki wakes up Samaira and Kuldeep. She says your mom is up. Kuldeep says oh god what will I do now? samaira says calm down. Take this shawl downstairs. Kuldeep sneaks downstairs. Roli says papa is here. Rishi says dadi should we pack our bags? Kuldeep says bags for what? Chandrani says we are going. Phirki says where?? Are they leaving? Samaira says thank God. Rishi says pack your bags Roli.

Chandrani says what were you doing there? Kuldeep says business work. She says what time was that to work? And you Shubhra where was your husband? You didn’t know. Shubhra says foreign clients have different timezones. Chandrani says show me the work you were doing. Samaira tries to find a laptop. She says get some files. Kuldeep says Biji.. Chandrani says show me. Where are the files? Kuldeep says it was a discussion. Chandrain says it could happen anywhere. Shubhra says he has to work. I can’t disturb him. Chandrani says this isn’t okay. I have decided, we are leaving this house.
Episode ends. Kuldeep says what? She says we have to go. We can’t take Samaira’s favour. If you don’t agree I won’t ever talk to you.

Scene 1
Samaira says Shubhra is doign all this. Your Biji is plotting all this. He says I won’t hear a word against Biji. Shubhra is helping me hide all this. Samaira says tell your Biji about our relationship. If you can’t, I will tell her. She comes out. Shubhra says to Kuldeep Biji is calling you. Samaira says I will tell your Biji. Kuldeep says are you crazy? biji will leave me forever. Shubhra says yes. She slapped him for working with you. What will she do? Samaira says so you will leave this house in her fear? Kuldeep says I love her but you don’t understand relationships. I am going. Let’s go Shubhra. Shubhra waves goodbye to Samaira. She locks the door in anger. They leave the house and come to a house.


The kids are excited. Chandrani does Kuldeep and Shubhra’s arti together. They touch her feet together. Chandrani asks Kuldeep to pick Shubhra and bring her inside. Shubhra says kids are here. Chandrani says so what? We will send a video to Madhura. Kuldeep picks Shubhra and takes her inside. They look at each other. Chandrani sprinkles flowers on them.

Phirki says don’t be so angry. Samaira says Kuldeep never spoke to me like that. Phirki says what if he leaves you and starts living with Shubhra? samaira is angry. She says you are right. He didn’t care about Shubhra but he loves his mother. We have to play another game. That Shubhra can’t win from me. I have to play a well-designed game.

Scene 2
The kids play with Chandrani. They see the photos together. Shubhra says lunch is ready. Chandrani says to Shubhra smile at least. I will make Kuldeep forget that witch. Kuldeep comes. They eat together. Chandrani asks Kuldeep to make Shubhra eat. Phirki calls Kuldeep and says samaira hasn’t eaten. She is so weak. She left without eating. Kuldeep thinks about the deal. He says I have to go to office. Shubhra says it must be Samaira. Chandrani says I have to teach her a lesson.

Scene 3
Kuldeep comes to the office and convinces Samaira to eat. They make each other eat. Kuldeep says professional and personal life should be separate. She says I can’t work. You’re not with me. This will kill me. Samaira calls shubhra and leaves the phone. Shubhra picks the call. Kuldeep says please eat. I had to leave the house because of Biji. I had no other option. I had to do this drama for Biji. I love Biji but I love you too. You can’t cancel deals. I don’t want any loss in the business because of all this. Shubhra gets teary. Chandrani hears it. Samaira says it’s valentine’s day. I want you to celebrate this day with me.

Kuldeep says I will make an excuse of meeting and celebrate the day with you.

Chandrani says Shubhra.. She says I am okay. This isn’t new for me. I hope you’re able to see your son’s face and not try to patch us up Their family photo falls. Chandrani picks it. She says you can’t hurt my DIL Samaira.

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