Anupama starlife update Thursday 2 February 2023


Anupama 2 February 2023: Anupama feels surprised seeing Shahs at Anuj’s house and asks how come they are here. Anuj says he already told her that they have 3 maikas. Mamaji asks how come 3 maikas. Hasmukh reminds about Kanta’s house. JK reveals that Anuj couldn’t see children’s sad faces and hence called them here. Devika further reveals that Anuj made a drama of car tyre puncture to delay reaching the house so that they could reach here first. Samar and Pakhi say they wanted to know where Anuj will keep their mummy post marriage, they were faking their smile during bidayi, but here they were genuine. Pakhi says they would have missed her, but thanks to Anuj that their post-bidayi sadness ended soon. Anupama thanks Anuj. Anuj says he cannot see her tears.

Anupama and Anuj then try to touch GK’s feet. GK asks them not to touch the feet. Devika jokes that they are not that young and may sprain their backs.GK gives Anuj’s mother’s jewelry to Anupama and informs her that Malvika returned all the business and properties to Anuj and Anuj transferred everything to Anupama. Anuj says he considers her as his life partner both by heart and soul, from hereon she will be the singing authority of Kapadia Empire and soul decision maker of both his house nad business. Anupama shocked says she cannot take such a big responsibility. Anuj says she can and will maintain all the expenses of Kapadia empire and house.

Anupama chats emotionally how she had to give a calculation of even 100 rs she spent, etc. Anuj makes her sign the papers and also himself signs them. GK then asks Anu to start the day by singing office’s first cheque. Anuj says its time to show her authority.Anupama signs a cheque of 11 lakh rs. Kavya stands stunned seeing that. Samar says they should start post-wedding rituals now. Anuj says he will start by showing the Kapadia house to Anupama. Devika asks Anuj if she can join them. Anuj jokes at her to be in her limits as he is her brother-in-law now. Devika mocks him back. Anupama feels blessed to marry Anuj.

Further, Devika thanks Kavya for the support she showed for Anupama and praises for changing herself for good. Kavya says Anupama is lucky to get Anuj and hopes everyone gets a similar life partner like Anuj. Devika reminds Kavya that she already has Vanraj. Kavya says even Anupama had Vanraj. Devika stands speechless hearing that. Anuj shows his house to Anupama and gets romantic with her. They both congratulate each other for becoming husband and wife. He kisses her cheek and forehead, and she feels shy.

Youngsters make arrangements for post-wedding rituals and decide to play games. They make Anupama and Anuj cut the jaggery first and distribute among them and ask to describe each other’s favorite things. Anuj and Anupama give different answers and feel disappointed. Hasmukh says its okay if they don’t know each other completely. Devika says life opens a new page each day and they learn new things about themselves and their partner.

Vanraj calls Toshu and asks him to bring everyone home soon as they need to visit Leela’s mother as she is suffering from severe dehydration. He tells everyone that post-wedding rituals are finished now and they should go home. Pakhi says she doesn’t feel like going. Hasmukh says they will be back soon. Devika says even she will go as the celebration is over. GK says he will visit temple as Kanhaji heard his biggest prayer. Anupam and Anuj are left alone at home and emotionally hug each other.


Anuj enjoys dinner with Anupama and says 95% bride and groom won’t be knowing the menu of their wedding, they are having same food even for dinner. She asks if they should throw it away then. He says they can have it. He asks if GK had his dinner. She says she took dinner for him, but he was tired and slept having only milk. He finishes dinner. She offers her pallu to clean his mouth. He says he will spoil her habit. She says it’s not and tries to leave. He holds her pallu. She feels shy. He says she looks tired. He says even he. Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai.. song plays in the background. He helps her in the kitchen and remove her jewelry romantically looking at her. He then lifts her and takes her to the bedroom.

Next morning, Hasmukh performs pooja while Samar prepares tea. Vanraj and Leela return home from Leela’s mother’s house. Pakhi asks how is grandma. Vanraj says she is fine now and mamaji stayed back to take care of her. Kinjal with Toshu joins family. Vanraj offers her medicines and says what if her mummy is not here, he will take care of her. Leela notices Kavya busy over phone and thinks something is wrong.Anupama gets ready while Anuj is still asleep and plays hide and seek with sunlight on his face disturbing his sleep. He opens his eyes. She fixes his specs. He smiles looking at her. She feels shy. Kavya calls Anirudh and speaks to him. Leela catches her and scolds her for speaking to her ex-husband. Family gathers, and Hasmukh asks what happened.

Leela says their bahu was hiding and speaking to her ex-husband. Kavya says she will speak to Anirudh openly now as she was waiting for Anupama’s wedding, she will even call Anirudh home. Vanraj shouts at her. She shouts back. Vanraj says he thought he would start afresh and take care of his family, but she never lets him in peace. Kavya asks if he realized now how it feels when they ruin their partner’s peace and break their heart. She says Anupama helped her a lot, so she was silent till her wedding was over. He asks what she needs.Anupama performs tulsi pooja and prays god that she has new house, new life, but old relationships and prays for Hasmukh, her children, and Anuj. She does pooja singing bhajan.

Anuj and GK join her. Kavya hands over divorce papers to Vanraj, leaving everyone in shock. She says she just needs exit from his life with mutual consent. Leela shouts why is she still here then. Kavya says she will stay in this house till the divorce and even Anirudh will visit her. Leela says she will slap her and Anirudh. Kavya says they should stay together till the divorce without any drama and walks away. Leela shouts she cannot tolerate her son’s insult in her house. Anupama performs kitchen pooja and continues her long self-obsessed speech.

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