Kulfi the singing star update Friday 3 February 2023


Kulfi the singing star 3 February 2023:;Sikander gives Black money to Raju to convert it into white money, Tejaswini following him. Kulfi and friends rush to Sikander and request him to teach music, Sikander thinks im on wrong path now, and only someone who is pure hearted can teach music, Sikander denies to Kids, Kulfi forcefully hands him guitar, Sikander gets emotional, he panics memorising all the wrong he has done, Kulfi hugs him and asks is everything fine and wipes his tears. Kulfi says just forget everything and sing a song for us. Sikander says I cant and leaving, Kulfi starts singing their favourite song.

Kulfi the singing star 2 February 2023

Raju meets a guy, he sees Tejaswini and runs saying Police, Raju sees Tejaswini and runs away. Tejaswini follows him. Kulfi walks to Sikander with Guitar and makes him hold it, Sikander has flashes of him burning the warehouse and breaks the guitar strings, Kulfi surprised. Sikander keeps guitar aside goes in his room and locks himself, he puts his hand over diya and says don’t forget you are dying don’t become weak. Kulfi says I will always be with baba come what may, make him happy. Kalti asks Kulfi what is wrong, Kulfi says nothing.Kulfi says I will always be with baba so that he wont do anything wrong. Sikander sees Kulfi coming and says oh no she shouldn’t learn about my disease, Sikander faints on bed, Kulfi thinks he is sleeping, Kulfi says baba I know you are in pain and not feeling good too but don’t worry I wont leave you alone, I know you are a good man, you will never do wrong, but I want y old baba back, the one now isn’t the real one.

Raju hides, he gives Sikander a call, Kulfi sees Raju mummys call and thinks may be both are upto some wrong again no I wont let that happen, Sikander wakes up and picks the call, leaves the room. Raju informs police is after him, Raju panics, Sikander says don’t worry don’t take tension im coming, Sikander has his medicines, Kulfi says I wont let him go and says baba please don’t go please stay here, Sikander says I will come back, Kulfi says don’t go, stay here, we will stay always together and get back to as we were before, Kulfi insists, Sikander pushes her.
Sikander meets Raju, Raju gets upset over him says when I needed you most you weren’t there for me, Sikander says what are you saying, listen to me, enough of nonsense, Sikander says you think I left you alone so police catch you, Sikander says I pushed my daughter away to reach you.

Kulfi with injured head she hears Himmat excited about kartarpur gurdawara open for visitors of India and says this time I will visit, and shows kids photo, Kalti says Kulfi look such pretty is this place, Kulfi looking for Sikander says later. Raju says you are scared for Kulfi but what about my Kalti Chooja you behaved so selfish, Kulfi sees Raju and Sikander fighting.Sikander says to Raju this is not me, I’m turning into devil, I swear on my music, I was on my way to save you, I love you, I would never do this to you, I cant do this but I have to I don’t have option, my poor daughter is in so much pain but I cant see that, Raju says I know your problem, Sikander says we aren’t talking about our problem, no one should ever talk about it, Kulfi thinks their poverty is why Sikander is behaving this way. Raju says im sorry I was scared for m kids, Sikander says same here.


Amyra Kulfi Sikander get ready for album launch. They arrive at the menu, Kulfi Amyra very excited, Amyra says its so grand, Jimmy in the audience, Mohsin greets Sikander, Sikander introduces girls to him. Mohsin says Sikander take over I will be back soon and leaves, Sikander addresses media, Jimmy signs waiter and he adds some drops Mohsins drink, Mohsin has it. Sikander describes his album, Sikander invites Mohsin on stage, Mohsin feels dizzy while going on stage.
Himmat excited about going Kartarpur, she talks about it with Shantatai. Mohsin, dizzy not in senses starts talking out of control, Sikander asks him to be seated, Mohsin talks to media, says this will be million hit album I assure, dare anyone doubt on it and faints, media makes fun of Mohsin, Mohsin insults media and faints.

Media questions Sikander, Sikander says release is postponed and I apologise on his behalf, Sikander sees Jimmy in audience and understands its his deeds behind Mohsins behaviour.Amyra and Kulfi working to cheer Sikander, Amyra rights song for Sikander, Kulfi helps her complete the lyrics and both decide to sing together. Raju with Sikander, Sikander says with this album launch I thought all will be good, but no god wants me to stay on this devilish plan, and curse god. Sikander makes Jimmy call, Jimmy asks liked my gift, Sikander says I waiting for the gift, Jimmy says I knew you kidnapped Fateh, Sikander says you are so slow you are still at Fateh, I burnt your warehouse, stole your CDs, will destroy you, Jimmy says look what I will do to you.

Amyra gets call saying your babas life is in danger save him if you can and before its too late, Kulfi asks where he is, caller says old house, girls rush towards the house. Kulfis pic falls near Himmat, Himmat says where did this Kartarpur Gurdwara picture come from. Girls reach house, lights go off, they get scared, Amyra asks who is it, they starts calling for Sikander, Kulfi says we have to find baba, Amyra says lets search whole house, they walk to music room, they feel someone is in the house and get scared.

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