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Anupama 17 November 2022: Vanraj ignores Kavya and gets busy on laptop while she tries to talk to him. Kavya tells him that she is trying to speak to him since long, but he is not interested. He says she told him that she will handle his family and house, she is trying her best for him even after Baa asked her to leave her room yesterday and humiliated. He gets a call and walks away ignoring her. At a cafeteria, Anuj tells Anu its good that her and Baa’s differences cleared, it will take time to heal wounds of words, but they will with love. She says he is right, what are they doing here even after their meeting finished. He says this place’s paan milkshake is famous and talks about celebrating happiness with minute things like they used to in childhood, etc. He further says he likes home cooked food, especially from her hands, and just wants paan milkshake from here; gives her menu card to order dishes. She says whenever she used to rarely visit restaurants with family, family used to order. He asks her to order this time. She checks menu carefully. He asks not to look at price like his mother and all housewives and sensing her getting an idea says they will make a rule in their restaurant to let ladies check menu first and select dishes and explains reasoning.

She orders chiku milkshake, and he orders paan milkshake and describes how much he loves it.Anu gets Pakhi’s call and requests her to attend her PTM as Vanraj’s phone is not reachable. Anuj hearing that pays for milkshake without having it and insists to accompany Anu. Anu feels guilty that he is being involved in her daily hustle bustle and says its wrong. Devika waits for Anu outside her house and hides seeing Anuj’s car coming. Anuj drops Anu and says he will forward her meeting details. Devika barges in suddenly. Anu excitedly hugs her and asks when will she stop being a kid. Devika never as she doesn’t want to be boring like them. Devika invites Anuj for tea. He leaves saying he has an important meeting. Devika notices Anu lost in thoughts while preparing tea and asks if its regarding Anuj. Anu says Anuj helped her always helped her from finding her sandal to attending her daughter’s PTM instead of attending his own important meeting, he does so much without expecting anything in return, she dumps all her problems on him in return. She says she is getting too formal, friends are to help each other and friendship gives right to share each other’s problems. Anu says not Anuj. Devika says Anuj likes to help and be with her as he loves her ignoring her family humiliating him, even she would help him in need; there is no formality in friendship, etc.

Kinjal returns home from office and ignores Toshu who is busy watching movies. He says she is ignoring him as he is jobless. She says problem is with not trying for a job and gives example of Kavya who tried her best to get a new job after lost it. He says if one gets a job with running around, papa and Kavya would have got a job by now. She asks if he will by watching a movie. He asks what is wrong with her, she has problem with everything and is not happy with him returning home. She says she would be happy if he had come by himself and not after being kicked out of pent house. He asks if she has problem with him being in one room. She says she has problem with his attitude and if this continues even with him. He thinks she will be without him soon.

Devika continues chatting with Anu and asks if she also loves Anuj. Anu says she is just worried for Anuj and asks not to name her worry as love. Devika asks not to foolishly name her love as friendship and accept it. Anu says she doesn’t love Anuj as she loved Vanraj immensely once and is shattered. Devika says whatever god wants will happen and requests her to just go with the flow listening to her heart. Back at Shah house, Baa waits for Anu messaging her to visit temple with her. Kavya tongue lashes her to stop conspiring against her thinking she will return the house, she called Anu today but should have to take her permission from next time. Baa feels sad and tells Bapuji that without house, she lost her self-respect. She further discusses about their 50th wedding anniversary and says children don’t remember their anniversary and if they remember, they will not celebrate, so they should visit a temple that day and spend whole day in bhajan keertan.


Anu hears their conversation.Kavya notices Vanraj searching something and asks him what is he searching. He continues searching ignoring her. She removes earphones from his ear. He gets angry. She says she was just expecting. He says she shouldn’t expect anything after what she did. In lawn, Anu tries to leave after meeting Baa. Pakhi, Samar, and Kinjal insist her to stay back. Kinjal seeing Toshu’s frowning face asks him if he is having moun/speechless vrat/fast. Toshu superficially asks Anu to stay back. Anu agrees and says she wants to talk to Anuj regarding office work. Baa permits her. Anu calls Anuj who hearing Samar and Pakhi’s laughs asks if she is with Baa, people say right that a MIL becomes more dearer than husband to DIL after sometime. She says designs have come, he should check on his email, she will make notes after going home. He asks her to relax and enjoy with family. She says she will submit notes by morning. He says he is happy hearing laughs and thought they will not reunite after fight, she should avoid place where Kavya and Vanraj stays and visit places where Bapuji, Mamaji, and children stay or else they will forget laughing, she is amazing. He asks her to let him know if she needs doctor’s appointment for Baa.

She says its okay. He says she is amazing, there are good people and also toxic people like Kavya and Vanraj.She says she didn’t understand. He says he just wants her to stay away from Kavya and Vanraj. She greets Jai Shri Krishna and disconnects call.Vanraj joins family. Anu informs them about Baa and Bapuji’s 50th wedding anniversary after 2 days. Vanraj says he remembers. She says she wants them to celebrate their wedding again. Vanraj says just like they got rewedded on their 25th wedding anniversary and laughs with her. Toshu comments some couple stay together for 50 years and some get bored after 1 year. Pakhi says she is excited to see Baa in bridal lehanga. Kinjal asks Samar to check new sherwani collection. Anu asks if they will perform anniversary at her house or dance academy as Kavya wouldn’t let them celebrate here. Vanraj says they will celebrate here itself. Anu reminds Samar pottying on Baa’s wedding sari in childhood and laughs with Vanraj. Kavya notices that and gets jealous. Anu says she just wants Baa and Bapuji to be happy and back to normal.

Baa and Bapuji return. Anu announces that they will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Bapuji says there is no need for that. Samar and Pakhi excitedly say its their golden jubilee anniversary and they should celebrate it. Bapuji jokes its difficult to stay with Baa for 50 years. Baa asks if he is still angry on her. He says he is joking. They all continue their excitement and convince Bapuji. Kavya gets jealous noticing that. Kinjal walks to her room and confronts Toshu for passing wrong comments. He blames her for losing his job and pent house and complains that she doesn’t have time for him, etc. Kinjal walks away fuming. Kavya hears their conversation hiding and brainwashes him that whatever happening to him is really wrong, there is nothing wrong if he takes his MIL’s house, Kinjal is a fool to leave luxuries and stay in this house, a wife respects husband only if he earns and he is a laundryman’s dog who can’t be either of house or ghtat.

He warns her to give some good example. Kavya says she sacrificed her self-respect for her love and finally got Vanraj, and when Vanraj and Anu can forget their past and move on, why can’t he move on. Bapuji with Baa watches their wedding album and discuss the events. They feel happy that their children are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and discuss about their fear during marriage when they were young, responsibilities during 25th wedding anniversary, and now only happiness during 50th wedding anniversary. Bapuji reminds how she was blushing when he praised her beauty for the first time. Anu enters and taunts Baa, making her blush again. She takes their wedding sari and kurta to correct them. She passes by Vanraj and Kavya’s room and stops hearing their argument. Kavya asks Vanraj how can she organize such a big function in her house without her permission. He asks if she will not permit him. She says she didn’t say that. He says she spoke a lot without speaking anything, she already insulted his parents a lot, should he leave her house with his family.

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