Evil Affairs starlife update Thursday 16 May 2024

The Episode starts with Nikki thinking what they will do, if she don’t reach on time. She says Bhavani Singh will search her, and what she will reply to Papa. Just then Aarohi throws rope in the well and asks Nikki to hold it and climb up. Nikki holds the rope and climbs up. She thanks Aarohi for the help after coming up.

Aarohi sees the trishul and gets shocked. Kaal Mukhi tells Kapalika that Malik likes Nikki as both of them are of Shatabhisha nakshatra. Kapalika says even Rachna is of Shatabhisha nakshatra, but Malik is not affected by her. She says Nikki’s stars are superior and that’s why Malik is affected and she has baldevi’s powers also. Kaal Mukhi says Baldevi made Nikki take birth when there was superior stars in Shatabhisha nakshaktra. He says as per shaitaani kundali, she will become Malik’s enemy or his wife.

He says until wife and woman’s power unite, till then nobody can become powerful. He says Malik is taking his real avatar because of Nikki’s rasmein. He says we shall go and tell Malik about this and asks her to come. Just then Kapalika attacks him on his back and takes out his heart, killing him. She says she can’t tell Malik about Nikki. She says he will accept her fully as he always say she is his precious. She says Malik is mine and I will marry him and will become his wife. A demon hears her. Kapalika says Malik shall not know and asks him to be tight lipped.

Aarohi checks the bag and finds holy book and idol, and asks what they are doing with you, it is not allowed in our Bhurangarh and asks her to throw them. Nikki says I will face Malik using this, I will face his right hand Kapalika. Aarohi asks what you are saying? Nikki says Malik is ruling on us, as he is feeding on our fear, he gets power from our fear, we get scared and he scares us. She says I will call Kapalika to break this circle.

Kapalika says I have to kill Nikki before Malik comes to know. Aarohi asks Nikki, what she is doing when she is doing the rasmein. Nikki says this is the only way to get out of Malik’s clutches. Aarohi asks what do you know about her? Nikki says I know 500 years old secret and says nobody knows what will be the end. She says there is no end to greed, and tells that Malik will never leave us as he wants us to be his slaves. She says we have to fight to get saved from this slavery. She asks her not to tell anyone at home and gives her swear. She says I will fight with Kapalika for my family and says I am coming and will end all the fears. Kapalika says I will come there and will kill you. She says I am coming. She comes to the cave and looks at the water. She cuts her hand and makes her blood falls down. She asks all the evil powers of the world to support her in the fight with the goodness. A snake comes out of the circle.

Nikki keeps all the things on the bed and thinks what to do with this stuff. She thinks she doesn’t have phone also. She says Ms. Voice, can you help me, and says next time I will not hear when you ask me to do anything. She comes back to her room and recalls going to the temple on a school trip. She recalls asking Pandit why roli and haldi are splashed on the idol. Pandit ji says evils run away from the goodness and ties holy thread on her hand. Nikki thinks her goodness will fight with the evil, and thanks the voice for putting this thought in her mind.

Piyush thinks of Nikki’s words and gets worried for her and feels guilty. He thinks whom she thinks her as her family can go against her, but will never go against Malik. He fears that she might take any wrong step for his family. He thinks to check on Nikki.

Aarohi is worried and couldn’t sleep in night. She thinks what to do, shall I tell everyone. She thinks she has promised Nikki and thinks she has done which no bahu could do till now. Her innerself asks if you want to lose your baby. She shouts no. Prateik wakes up and thinks Aarohi what has happened? Aarohi is worried for her baby and faints. Prateik gets worried.

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