Anupama starlife update Thursday 15 September 2022

Anupama 15 September 2022: Baa gets angry when Anupama requests her to accept Samar and Nandini’s relationship and bless them. Anu apologizes Samar and says she thought of giving a special gift on his birthday, but forgot that one has to gift according to their status and happiness is very precious, she spoilt Samar’s birthday. Nandini asks not to say that. Anu says one has to dream which they can fulfill. Baa shows her engagement rings and asks to fulfill her dreams or else she will continue her long lecture. Anu and Samar happily hug her. Baa asks Nandini also to hug her and jokes not to spoil her hairstyle. Family gets happy seeing Baa’s surprise. Bapuji asks if everyone saw his Leela’s leela/magic.

Mamaji jokes why in every films and serials they present engagement rings instantly, do they carry it every time. Sanjay asks him not to joke during this auspicious moment. Baa says she is happy that children respected elders and waited for approval or else some youngster marry without elders’ blessings. Kavya gets angry hearing that. Baa says she is talking in general; there would be not only age but also thinking difference between elders and youngsters, hence elders take time to chance. Nandini says one thing is common between them, love for family. Baa says she would have forced for marriage, but she wanted to marry with everyone’s approval; she faced the consequences of forceful marriage in her family, now relationship will be with everyone’s approval.

Vanraj reminisces Baa and him disapproving Samar and Nandini’s relationship and says even he approves their relationship; says they say a father should treat his son like a friend if his shoes fit in his son’s feet, he couldn’t become a friend and doesn’t want to become an enemy; he blesses them.Anu asks Kavya if she has any objection as she is from both groom and bride’s side. Kavya yells if she remembered her at last. Baa warns her to stop yelling.

Kavya yells that they had problem that Nadini cannot become a mother in life, now they accepted her suddenly. Bapuji says its good that opinions change. Kavya yells why didn’t they accept her then. Bapuji says they have accepted her, she should remove her angry spectacles and watch things. Kavya continues yelling. Vanraj asks her to reply yes or no. Kavya says she doesn’t have any objection. Baa says then they should celebrate Samar and Nandini’s wedding. Anu thanks Baa for accepting Samar and Nandini’s relationship. Baa says she is happy that children respected elders.

Anu says her children will never leave elders’ hands. Samar says mummy is the only solution for all his problems. Toshu jokes. Kinjal says let us celebrate Samar and Nandin’s engagement. Everyone clap in joy. Baa says she just brought rings as approval and will celebrate her grandson’s engagement in a lavish way. Everyone clap more, leaving Kavya jealous.Anu offers cake to Kavya. Kavya rejects saying she eats only sugar-free cake and asks if she asked her husband V to bring cake while she usually prepares cake herself for all birthdays. Anu says she asked a father to bring cake and not Kavya’s husband, a child’s happiness is most important in the world for a mother, gives an example that a child’s smile is 2000 rs and rest is change and hence they can spend some change for 2000 rs note; a person experiences immense love only after becoming a mother; in school everyone call her Anupama, but she always craves to hear maa, mummy.

Kavya yells that she is taunting that she is not a mother yet. Anu says why will she.Samar and Nandini rejoice. Vanraj passes by and seeing them together apologizes for intruding their privacy. Nandini leaves. Vanraj asks Samar about his dance workshop and says diferences between them creeped up when he grew up, he bought a policy for him when he was just a son for him, he had bought a policy for him when he was child which matured today and he wants to give it to him. Kavya notices him giving envelope and gets jealous. Samar accepts policy and says he will repay mummy’s medical loan with this money, he doesn’t like mummy working hard for money, he wants to build a house for mummy where she doesn’t have to bear anyone’s insult or questions, etc.

Samar says he thought him as a loser, but he is very mature. Samar thanks him and thanks again for his cafe’s cake. Kavya interferes and asks what were they talking. Samar warns her not to interfere between a father and son and stop getting jealous of them. Kavya thinks she thought of separating V from his family after marriage, but they are getting more closer. She asks Vanraj what was he speaking to Samar. Vanraj says when his son’s mother didn’t question him till now, who is she to question him. She yells she is his wife. He says even Anu was his wife and Kavya is his second wife, so she shouldn’t dare interfere between him and his children; says an insurance policy which he bought for Samar long ago matured and he gave it to Samar.

She yells if he had bought the policy, money belongs to him. He warns her again to dare not to interfere between him and his children or else she will face dire consequences.Next morning, Anu wakes up Samar. Baa walks in and says she is having severe knee pain. Baa asks why did she dance last night. Baa says why wouldn’t she dance on her grandson’s birthday. Baa walks to her and taunts. Kinjal gets her boss’ call that she has client meeting at 10 p.m. Anu says Kinjal works so hard. Kinjal says even she does. Anu says she doesn’t have boss over her head. Bapuji says they always respect women as a mother, daughter, sister and should respect her even as a working woman.

Kavya walks down. Kinjal asks her to handle client presentation today. Kavya taunts that she knows to handle client well as she worked under Vanraj before, then with him, and now without him and saas bahu together will crack even this deal like earlier deal and will get incentives and promotion. Vanraj walks in next and sits on baloon. Everyone laugh hearing balloon burst. Kavya yells what is funny in that. They all laugh more louder. Vanraj tells Bapuji that he will share Bapuji and Anu’s cafe business idea with his friend today.

Kavya laughs out loudly and says he took a 12th pass Anu’s help and taunts Kinjal to take Anu for client meeting. Vanraj asks her to give her ideas then as he needs to grow his cafeteria business. She says she will but not today as she has client meeting.He suggests her to look at client’s face more than presentation slides as she does same mistakes always and fails repeatedly. Kavya gets embarrassed hearing that.Pakhi prepares cold coffee and informs Anu and Kinjal that she prepared it herself. Kinjal says how sweetudi. Pakhi asks not to call her sweetudi as she is tired of hearing Sweety from her friends.

She tells Anu that all her friends are jealous of her as her mummy will teach her dance. Anu reminisces her denying to learn dance from her earlier. Pakhi asks when will she start teaching her as its a question of her pride. Anu jokes howmany marks will she get. Baa asks Anu to inform Bhavesh that she and Bapuji are visiting Anu’s mother in the afternoon. Anu gets happy hearing that. Kinjal tells Anu that she gets emotional for small issues. Anu says its a proud moment for her if Sweety feels proud of her and Baa visits her mother.

Samar and Nandini paint their dance academy wall. Their nok jhok starts. They taunt each other and then decide to marry one their dance academy starts. They finish painting and hope Anu likes it. Anu rushes out of house for work when Vanraj stops her. She says she doesn’t need lift. He says she has dhaniya stuck in her hair and helps her. She removes it and laughs, then gets into water and leaves. At office, Kinjal asks Kavya to cross-check her presentation once before presenting in front of client. Kavya asks her to relax as she has done this many times before. Anu teaches dance to students and thinks she needs to prepare different dance moves for Pakhi. Vanraj presents his Anu’s given cafe ideas to his friend. Friend likes it a lot.

Vanraj says its Anu’s idea and Bapuji’s encouragement. Friend says they will reach breakeven point in 6 months itself and asks his equation with Anu after divorce. Vanraj says friends and seeing a young college couple fighting laughs and says don’t know why he is laughing since morning. Samar message Anu to visit academy after her school hours.Kavya starts client meeting and remembers she deleted it by mistake. Kinjal says it may be in her mailbox. Client asks if they will have presentation today itself or some other day. Dholakia asks what is happening.

Kinjal takes over, finishes presentation, and gives credit to Kavya. Vanraj’s friend returns and informs him that he has to close cafeteria business as his father had invested money in it, now his brother is asking property division and his father is demanding to close the business and return his money. Vanraj gets tensed. Dholakia scolds Kinjal and Kavya for messing up with presentation; warns Kinjal that if he loses client, she will not get incentives and promotion and even may lose her job; he then scolds Kavya that she is still in a honeymoon period and should rest permanently at home like her husband; asks Kinjal to find a new assistant as Kavya is going a 1-month unpaid leave.

Kinjal scolds Kavya for her carelessness and asks if she didn’t learn to backup a presentation copy in 9 years of work experience.Anu visits dance academy and sees dance academy ready with her posing painting in the main wall. Samar clicks her pic and says their dream came true. Anu happily prays god, wears ghungroo and signals Samar and Nandini for a mashup. They all 3 dance.

Vanraj on the other side thinks life cannot make such a big joke with him, he was laughing since morning and now is frowning.Kavya remembers Dholakia’s words and cries. After finishing dance, Anu happily hugs Samar and Nandini.

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