Anupama starlife update Friday 16 September 2022

Anupama 16 September 2022: Baa discusses with Bapuji its good that Anupama’s mother got discharged from hospital. Anu excitedly returns home and offers them prasad. Baa asks what happened. Anu starts crying. They get worried and ask what happened. She informs that her dance academy is ready. Baa and Bapuji thank god. Pakhi excitedly hugs Anu. Samar says the crying session will continue now. Vanraj cries remembering his friend informing him about closing his cafeteria business. Kavya packs her stuff in office after Dholakia suspends her and cries vigorously.

Toshu returns home from work. Pakhi informs him that mummy’s dance academy is ready. Toshu congratulates Anu, Samar and Nandini. Anu says Samar and Nandini worked really hard and says she will take them to dance academy tomorrow as its goo late. Baa and Bapuji pray for Anu’s success and ask her not to worry about house work as they will distribute it. Anu says Kinjal will be very happy. Pakhi says even papa and says she mummy will be a celebrity and she will be a famous star kid like Suhana Khan, says he will handle mummy’s social network sites. Anu agrees. Anu then distributes work among with with Samar and Nandini as teachers, Pakhi as social media manager, Toshu and Kinjal as management, Baa and Bapuji as account head and principal to keep the children in discipline. Baa jokes.

Bapuji thanks Anu for getting them back to work as they had become like a rusted furniture without work. Anu starts crying emotionally again. Samar says no more emotional talks now.Vanraj sadly returns home and watches family’s excitement. He reminisces his friend’s words and his family’s supporting words for him. Kavya with Kinjal gets out of office, throws her office stuff in dustbin and requests Kinjal not to inform family about her job loss. Kinjal assures her. Vanraj enters home acting as speaking to his friend over phone when phone rings. Family notices him and concerned asks if something happened. Vanraj hugs Baa and informs that his friend has decided to shut the cafe as his father had invested in it and due to family conflict, his father demanded money.

Bapuji says that means his friend’s father saved family unity. Vanraj says he is jobless again. Pakhi hugs and consoles him. Anu says what if one door is closed, god will open many more doors for him.Kavya returns home and hearing cafeteria getting closed continuously blasts Vanraj that she knew this would happen, Vanraj instead of searching a high-profile job showed immense interest in working in a cafeteria, etc. She continues her unbearable yelling and calls Vanraj a zero/loser. Baa warns her to shut up. Kavya shouts she cannot stop her as they all failed and continues shouting at Vanraj. Toshu and Samar warn her to stop yelling at papa as its not his mistake. Kinjal says someone makes a mistake and company has to suffer.

Kavya shouts even at her to shut up and continues shouting at Vanraj that he left his management job and joined a cafeteria and soon he will open a roadside tea stall. Vanraj says he will open a pani puri stall or anything in which he can earn with his loyalty and hard work and why is she bothered when she has a corporate job with good incentives and promotion.Rakhi enters asking Vanraj not to scold Kavya and taunts Toshu to bring a scissor from office as Vanraj has to cut his time without job, its really sad that both Mr and Mrs Shah lost their job on the same day. Kavya gets nervous hearing that.

Rakhi says she gets information from her sources and blasts at Kavya that because of her mistake, Kinjal lost her promotion and she herself lost her job. Anu feels bad for Kavya and says she can understand her pain as she had lost a job for a day. Vanraj and Bapuji console Kavya. Rakhi tells Anu that she should be happy that Kavya lost her job. Anu says getting out of a house is difficult for a woman and succeeding in her job is more difficult, she feels really bad for Kavya as a woman. Rakhi says she should pity for an ill fate but not for a silly mistake, Kavya didn’t back up her presentation. Kavya says she didn’t have time for that. Rakhi says she and her husband can sit on terrace and watch neighbor’s house getting painted. Kavya says she is dismissed for a month and didn’t lose her job completely.

Rakhi gives her an example and says Dholakia just gave an excuse and remover her from job permanently. Kavya shouts its all because of Anupama. Family stands shocked hearing that.Kavya blames Anupama for the loss of her job. Shocked Raghav asks Anu if she is supporting this man and asks Kavya how is Anu responsible. Kavya says Anu eyed on her husband and her job. Rakhi asks how can she blame her incompetency to Anu. Baa says she should stick chilli lemon on her husband then. Kavya continues yelling that they will never believe that Anu is the reason for all her problems, she always taunted about her not working at home, because of which she made a mistake at office. Baa says they never let her work as they respect a working woman and she is alleging Anu instead.

Kavya yells they all think Anu is better than her. Baa says its her perception and with her arrogance, irritating nature, and insecure behavior, she is really lesser than Anu. Kavya continues yelling at Anu. Kinjal warns her next. She blames Kinjal next for her job loss and says she jealously got her out of job even not bothering about her promotion. Rakhi warns her to mind her tongue as Kinjal didn’t get promotion because of her mistake. Kavya yells that the whole family is responsible for her job loss. Vanraj says if she blames them, then she is responsible for his job loss as she always degraded his job. Kavya yells that she gave so many years to the company and was kicked out for a small mistake. Rakhi tells Anu that they both are same as they like Kavya crying. Anu warns her to stop insulting a person in problem if she cannot respect her at least.

Rakhi says she has mahaanta/greatness syndrome which makes her support a person who insulted her. Anu warns her to stop doing wrong if she cannot do good. Kavya walks away crying.Rakhi offers job to Vanraj and asks her to join her office if his cafe is closed. Vanraj says she cannot follow samdhi samdhan’s relationship without taunting, then how will she follow boss and employee relationship. Rakhi comments rope is burnt, but not the strength. Vanraj says he lost his job and dignity, but didn’t lose dignity in his own eyes and will not lose it by working at her place. Rakhi yells that all responsibility will be on Toshu and Kinjal as Anupama’s salary is very less and she cannot buy 2 weeks’ sabji properly with it.

Toshu and Kinjal ask her not to bother about their house. Rakhi says it takes 2 extra thalis to become middle class. Anu says it doesn’t matter to them as they don’t demand silver plates, rich knows to drag the blanket and poor knows to hide his/her feet, poor knows to run the house and be happy with less money, Rakhi can join them with one more thali as they will not mind serving her. Rakhi says she will have difficulty managing sautan and samdhan. Anu says she doens’t have to bother about them and should leave if she is getting late. Rakhi leaves fuming. Kinjal emotionally hugs Anu. Nandini feels bad for Anu.

Toshu consoles Kinjal. Kinjal says she just didn’t get a promotion, but Kavya lost her job in a company in which she worked hard for years. Toshu asks her to cheer up and work hard so much hard that her mistake is hidden with her good work and progress. Kinjal says she got a second chance, but papa and Kavya lost their job for 1 mistake. Toshu says he can understand as in childhood he used to see papa introducing himself as Vanraj Shah senior manager and his designation was most important to him, he cannot imagine what papa must be feeling. On the other side, Kavya blames Dholakia and Kinjal for her job loss and shouts everyone is behind her. Vanraj says even he lost his job twice and she should stop overreacting. Kavya blames Anu again. Vanraj warns her to stop blaming Anu and Kinjal.

Kavya continues shouting and says she was bearing his expenses after his job loss. He says he was bearing his own expenses. She says she bore their wedding expenses. He says she was eager to get married. Baa and Bapuji get disturbed hearing their fight in living room. Anu calls them both and asks them to stop shouting as it will affect Baa, Bapuji, and children. Kavya shouts what she should do then. Anu says shouting is not a solution and if they still want to fight, they should lower their voice.

Vanraj walks away from room and sadly sits in lawn. Bapuji walks to him and asks him not to worry as ups and lows are part of life. Vanraj hugs him tightly and cries that he failed. Baa gets emotional seeing him crying. Anu ask her not to worry as Bapuji is with Vanraj and takes her in. Vanraj tells Bapuji that he is suffering because of his sins and says he troubled Anu and Bapuji a lot, Anu’s curse worked. Bapuji says Anu will never curse anyone and says he didn’t lose for the first time and reminds him about losing a year during high school because of his hand fracture and then next year getting better marks, losing many interviews and then getting better opportunities, etc. He says he can cry how much ever he wants to by hugging his father or lying on his mother’s lap, but he wants his hard working and determined son back who never gets afraid of challenges.

Vanraj touches his feet. Bapuji asks what doe he do when his laptop stucks. Vanraj says restart. Bapuji says he should restart his life again and even support Kavya as she is also emotionally labile now. Baa walks to crying Kavya, consoles her, and asks her to sleep as there is no solution for problems but sleep helps. Kavya lies in her lap. Baa prays god to protect her children.Rakhi calls Kinjal and insists her to separate herself and Toshu from the house. Kinjal says its their family issue and she shouldn’t interfere.

Rakhi says she is not asking them to separate from family and just walk off giving their expense share; she couldn’t live without spa and parties, but now she is stuck in family issues and Kavya’s problem is not her problem; if no one else doesn’t bother her.Baa will as she is an elder bahu; she should think practically, get out of that house, and live in her own pent house with Toshu. Anu hears their conversation.

Rakhi sees Anupama hearing her and Kinjal’s conversation and asks Kinjal to give phone to Anupama. She tells Anu that living separfately is best for Toshu and Kinjal. Anu says she can understand her concern as a mother; everyone likes being with family for peace of mind, but when there is no peace of mind, its better to live separately; she just needs her children’s happiness. Kinjal asks if she is angry on her. Anu says 3-4 years post marriage are best as they live for themselves and then get busy with children and hence so she should find time for herself; they are not staying in different cities and so Kinjal can visit her anytime; family can get closer by staying separately. Rakhi thanks Anu and hopes Kinjal understands her at least. Anu gives coffee to Kinjal and leaves. Rakhi says now Anu also permitted her and soon rest of the family will.

Vanraj reminisces Anu and Bapuji’s encouraging words and thinks he should go ahead. He pampers and kisses on sleeping Kavya’s head and walks out of room. Baa with Anu goes to visit Anu’s mother and on the way looks Anu engrasped thoughts and asks what happened. Anu remembers Rakhi’s words and says nothing much. They see a pickle and savory stall in front of Anu’s mother’s house and find Bhavesh behind the counter. Bhavesh says Maa didn’t want to sit idle and do something. Anu says its good and gives her reasoning. Bhavesh says he doesn’t like maa working at this age, but is letting her work for her happiness.

Anu asks where is a question of age here. Baa says samdhan will not fall ill if she keeps herself busy and says Anu got positivity from her mother. Anu gets an idea and excitedly rushes home asking Baa to reach home in her own pace.Back home, Anu excitely tells Vanraj that she got a business idea for him. Whole family gathers. Kavya fixes a job interview for her and Vanraj and asks Vanraj if he can attend a job interview at 12 noon tomorrow. Vanraj happily agrees and then asks Anu about her idea. Anu hesitates seeing the situation. Bapuji says nothing important. Vanraj insists. Anu suggests that if his friend his selling his cafe, he can buy cafe equipment, find a place, and open his own cafe.

Kavya yells if opening cafe is like opening a masala box, if she wants V to smell masalas like her, cafe needs funding and employes, she should keep her waste the house outside in dustbin and not provoke her husband. Samar and Toshu warn her, but Anu silences them. Kavya continues insulting Anu. Vanraj says even Anu’s idea was right, he needs huge funds to rent a cafe and other expenses. Toshu says if they find a place, they will find investment. Vanraj thanks Anu for the idea and thanks Anu for tomorrow’s interview; he says he knowingly or unknowingly hurt them most, even then they are concerned for him; he wanted to start his own busines, but is not finding a place.

Anu says place.. Baa asks her to speak or else she will speak. Vanraj asks what is it. Baa says Anu wants to open cafe along with dance class in karkhana/factory. Toshu says that is a good idea, they will have 2 parallelly running businesses. Kinjal and Pakhi also back him and say they will get free footfall for both dance classes and cafe and can buy equipment from Vanraj’s friend. Samar gets angry hearing the idea. Mamaji jokes. Vanraj says its a brilliant idea, he would be an entrepreneur. Mamaji jokes again. Bapuji asks him to discuss it once with his wife before taking any decision. Kavya yells that her husband will not open a roadside dhaba and sell sandwiches, no more discussion now. Vanraj says discussion will end and work will start now and requests Kavya to let him pursue his entrepreneur dream, he knows she hates Anu and is opposing for that reason, but should agree for his sake.

She agrees and says though she is not in its favor, he has to arrange funds himself and let her see if she or him will be proven wrong. Vanraj thanks her

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