Unspoken bond update Thursday 15 September 2022


Unspoken bond 15 September 2022: The Episode starts with Nandini saying this family will break if the secret comes out, whom shall I tell about Charmy’s intentions, Rajvi isn’t here. She prays for Rajvi and asks for some hint to know about her. Darsh comes and asks her not to worry, they will find Rajvi. He talks to the inspector. Guard says Rajvi has come back home, I have seen a woman with her. Chetan asks Vipul is Toral that woman. Vipul says if anything happens to Rajvi, then this family will shatter, she has kept us united and strong. Chetan says don’t worry, we will find her.

Vipul says if Rajvi came inside the house, then where did she go, I will not leave Toral. Chetan says our doubt can be wrong, if its right, then Toral can hurt Rajvi more, calm down. Parul says don’t worry, Rajvi messaged me and asked me if you did the project, come we will complete it. Vini says we have to make a drawing of something that people used before, but not these days. Parul says cassette player, people used to hear songs on this before. She thinks to divert Vini. She says you know steam engine railway was used before. She plays the video and shows her.

Vipul sees Toral talking to someone. He asks whom are you talking. She hears the railway sound and shouts stop it. Vipul asks Vini to stop the video. Toral runs. Parul worries. Nandini gets a letter. Toral comes downstairs. She falls. Shobit and Darsh hold her in time. Nandini asks are you fine. Toral cries. She says Guddu saved me. Vipul worries. Nandini asks Guddu? She asks Vipul did Toral call Darsh as Guddu. Vipul asks how will I remember old things. Darsh asks why did you get upset always when its about Toral. Vipul says I m worried for Rajvi, I feel Toral has disappeared Rajvi, guard said Rajvi has come home. Parul asks how did Toral get Rajvi’s phone.

Vipul says it means, my doubt was right. Nandini says look at her state, you think she can do anything. Charmy asks how did she get Rajvi’s phone. She thinks I kept Rajvi’s phone in Toral’s room. Parul plays the recording. Rajvi asks Charmy to leave her. Everyone doesn’t hear Charmy’s name. Charmy thinks when did this get recorded. Nandini asks Jinal to take Toral.Charmy starts acting. She says Rajvi was sounding so scared, maybe she had a fight with Toral and this got recorded. Nandini says Toral didn’t do anything. Vipul scolds her. Darsh says you can’t blame Nandini always, it was my and your decision also to keep Toral here, we should better find Rajvi than playing this blame game, Shobit come, we will find mum.

Nandini thinks did Rajvi say Charmy in the recording, did Charmy kidnap Rajvi, can Charmy fall to this level. Everyone looks for Rajvi.Bansuri unpacks Gunjan’s bag. She gets Rawal family jewellery. She calls Naveen and says what shall I do of this jewellery. Naveen asks her to go and return it to Rawals. She gets a camcorder. Nandini prays to get a hint or proof against Charmy. The papers fly to her. Nandini picks the reports. She says its Charmy’s reports, maybe Darsh picked it by mistake. She checks the MRI reports and says its not done in pregnancy, why did Charmy get this test done. She gets Bansuri’s call and asks why are you worried.

Bansuri says come and meet me. Nandini says yes, I will come. Vini says sorry, I didn’t know you are here, I never saw this room before, who stayed here. Toral stares at the wall. Vini asks her to say something. She runs out. Nandini asks why did you call me. Bansuri says I got this in Gunjan’s belongings, Gunjan didn’t trust anyone, even Rakla’s talks are recorded. Nandini asks why are you worried.Bansuri says something else is recorded in this. Vini gets Darsh to Toral. Darsh asks Toral to come and take rest in her room. He gets Shobit’s call. He says no, I didn’t get mum anywhere, wait for me.

Toral holds Darsh’s hand and hits the wall. He asks what happened. Rajvi’s hand is seen. Darsh asks what do you want to say, I m much worried, please come with me. Nandini says it means Charmy knew that Gunjan attacked Rajvi. She hears Charmy and Gunjan’s conversation. Bansuri says I can’t imagine that Charmy can go to this extent. Nandini thinks I feel Charmy has killed Gunjan intentionally, if she could hold her hand for long, then she could have held her for some more time, Gunjan would have been with us, I understood everything, Gunjan knew Charmy loves Darsh, that’s why Charmy killed her. Bansuri says go home and tell this to everyone.

Nandini says no, if Charmy kidnapped Rajvi, then she can do anything to her, I have to find Rajvi first, Shobit will be hurt knowing this, what about Charmy’s baby. Bansuri says I will come along, Charmy is dangerous. Nandini says no, I need Darsh right now. She thinks I won’t let Charmy get Darsh.everyone talking about Rajvi. Vipul worries and cries for Rajvi. He asks did police ask for Toral. Darsh says yes, they think Toral can tell us about Rajvi, she has last seen Rajvi, they want to question her in the presence of doctors. Dada ji asks Vipul to take Toral. Vipul says okay. Darsh asks why are you tensed hearing her name.


Dada ji asks what will we hide about a nanny. Shobit gets a call from police. He says inspector wants to talk to Toral, kay, dad will get her there. Vipul agrees to go. Charmy comes and asks what did inspector say. Shobit tells her everything. She acts dizzy and asks him to drop her to the room. Darsh asks the guard again. Guard says I was away and couldn’t see the other woman’s face. Darsh scolds him for getting drunk on duty. Guard says I don’t know about it. Darsh asks how can we believe you. He warns the guard and goes. Charmy thinks no one will take him seriously now.Chetan sees Parul and Vini tensed. He says Rajvi will come back home soon, she went in a wrong cab and lost the way. Vini says thank God, I will go and play now. She goes. Chetan says sorry, I didn’t know what to do to keep Vini’s heart, she has seen a lot in her life already.

Parul says Toral’s problem didn’t end and this started, are you hiding something from me, Vipul and you get worried hearing her name, Toral’s relation looks old with this house. He says I can’t answer you, pray that Rajvi comes back, then she will give you all the answers. Charmy says I feel bad for Rajvi, she has lived a royal life, she will die in that room and no one will know, I will knock out Nadini and Shobit, then Darsh will be mine. A lady comes there.Charmy asks who do you want. Nandini says I called her, she will lessen your stress, you are worried, your marriage broke, this massage is a small gift from my side.

Charmy says yes, I need to relax. Nandini asks the lady to start. She goes. Charmy lies on the bed. The lady massages her hands. Charmy closes eyes. The lady sees her phone. Charmy sleeps. The lady takes her phone.Doctor comes out. She says you both were right, she isn’t pregnant. Nandini thanks the doctor. She says you helped us a lot. The lady thanks her for the help at the time of her daughter’s admission. She says I checked messages in her phone, I know the doctor who is helping her, if you want, then I can find out when did she lose her baby. Nandini thanks her. Darsh comes out and sees Nandini and Bansuri.

He says you were saying the truth. Nandini says I had told everything to Darsh…. FB shows Darsh asking what, Charmy is interested in me. Nandini says yes, I m sure that Charmy is behind Gunjan’s death. He says I would have not believed this if anyone else told so. She says Charmy is acting to be pregnant just to get everyone’s sympathy, I feel Charmy is responsible for Rajvi’s disappearance, if we confront her, then she may hurt Rajvi, we have to find out if she is pregnant or not. FB ends. Nandini says at least now, we know that Charmy isn’t pregnant, its time to execute plan 2.

Charmy is sleeping. Someone comes to her room and wakes her up. Charmy wakes up and says Gunjan… how can this happen, was I dreaming. She gets Gunjan’s dream there. She asks how can Gunjan come. She gets bracelet also. She asks who is there. She asks Jinal what happened to the lights. Jinal says lights went out, everyone went out with Toral, they are worried for Rajvi. Charmy thinks to check Rajvi later, how long will she stay alive. She says inverter isn’t working, if anyone hears Rajvi’s voice, I will go and check her once. Nandini scares her as Gunjan. She says Darsh, our plan is working, we can find out where she has kept Rajvi. Darsh says yes.

Charmy goes to check Rajvi. She sees Rajvi tied up in the chains. She says Rajvi is in her place, why am I hearing Gunjan’s voice. Nandini comes there. Charmy hides. Nandini thinks this room always stayed locked, why did Charmy come here. Charmy thinks who is she, someone is intentionally scaring me, I will not leave her. She goes to Nandini.

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