Anupama starlife update Thursday 14 June 2024

Anupama opens the window and looks outside. She then closes it and keeps hand on her ears. Vanraj, Toshu and Baa’s words echoes in her ears. She gets tormented hearing Choti’s, Malti Devi and Anuj’s words. She keeps her head on her mother’s photo frame and imagines her mother right behind her.

She hugs her and asks why did you leave me? Her mother asks her to go and live her life to go away from her loved ones, and says life is giving you the third chance. Anupama says she couldn’t go twice so can’t go. Her mother asks her to keep trying and says I am dead, but not you. Anupama asks I am fine. Her mother asks her to go to America instead of locking herself in the house. She says it was my dream also to see you going to America. She says I want to see you breathing and winning and asks her to go, and says your new life is waiting for you there. Anupama looks at her passport and ticket. She looks at her face in the plate and thinks she has to start her life again. She says I will be scared as I had stopped for 5 years, but I have to do it for Devika, Maa and myself. She keeps the family members’ photo frame and packs her bags. She hears Choti shouting Mummy and wakes up. She then gets scared thinking about the happenings and tries to sleep. Next morning, she opens the door fearlessly and looks out. The people going from there looks at her. She is about to step out, but stops. She thinks first move is the most important in the journey.

She asks her to take Kanha ji’s name and steps out. She says this house has given me so much, has hid me from this world for 5 years, and tells that now she has to leave to move forward. She locks the door. The boy comes there. Anupama says I was waiting for you and says she don’t want this stuff now. He asks if you are Joshi ben. Anupama smiles. She asks him to give water to Tulsi plant and give keys to Jain bhai. He gives him a box of candies. He asks if you are going somewhere and says bye Joshi ben. Anupama says she is going with a new identity.

Anupama calls Devika and tells that this is new Anupama’s new Number. She says she is going to America. Devika gets happy and asks why didn’t you inform me, I would have come to see you off. Anupama asks if you will scold me before sending me. Devika says I can’t beat you from inside the phone so hear the scolding, and asks how you are feeling? Anupama says she is feeling scared. Devika says you will get hope also. Anupama thanks her for always being with her. Devika says there was a time when the lawn of the house was your world, but now world will be your world. She asks her to message after reaching there and get a new number. Anupama says I am leaving. She ends the call and says Namaste America.

She boards the flight and recalls leaving the flight last time for Choti. She recalls Choti and Anuj’s accusation on her. She takes water and drinks. A lady comes there and sits beside Anupama. She tells that she is going to see her grand child and tells that her son would have booked business class ticket but her bahu must have stopped him. She introduces herself as Jaswinder Kaur/Jassi and asks about her and her children. Anupama stays silent. She tries to lock the seat belt and seeks air hostess help. Air hostess checks the belt and says it is faulty, so we are upgrading you to business class. Jassi says you will go, with whom I will talk now. She says no problem, we will meet in America. Anupama wishes her best and goes to business class.

She sits on the business class seat. The plane is about to take off. The guy sitting beside her, identifies her and calls her Jai shrikrishna Anupama ji. She says Jai shrikrishna Goenka ji. He asks if you are going for the first time. Anupama tells that last time she couldn’t go. He says you will fly even after reaching. The flight takes off. Later Mr. Goenka sees Joshi ben’s recipe, and tells Anupama and praises her cooking skills. He sees the bracelet and rings in Anupama’s hand and realizes she is Joshi ben, but doesn’t tell anything. They reach America. Anupama looks outside and says I have reached America.


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