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Titu asks Dimpy not to worry and says we will search Ishani. Vanraj asks him to stay away from his family and says Ishani must be somewhere here and will be found. Pakhi asks where is she? Dimpy says I searched her everywhere, but didn’t find her. She tells Vanraj that if Dimpy handled her this way.

Titu says it is your responsibility to take care of your daughter. Pakhi says Dimpy was taking care of all the kids. Baa says first search her. Ishani comes there with Adhik and says I am here.

Beeji brings Anupama to her house for the lohri celebration. Anupama says it is very beautiful and says it seems you have brought me to India, in American taxi. Beeji asks if you are missing India and says people might think that I am making you cry. She introduces her to the guest. Anupama sees a lady having the paranda/hair extention and says she had tied it with her daughter. Beeji asks her to try it.

Titu and Dimpy send the kids from there. Vanraj asks Adhik how dare you to come here. Adhik says I came to the mohalla garden and it is public place and not shah garden. Vanraj asks him to stay away from his daughter and says you knows well what I can do for my daughter. Adhik says I came to meet Ishani and not Pakhi, even you know that a father can do anything for his daughter. He says you used to come to my house to meet your daughter. Vanraj asks her not to become hero. Adhik says I am not becoming hero and asks him not to become villain. He says according to the court orders, I am sending divorce alimony to her every month, and is allowed to meet Ishani once in a month, but why you are not letting me meet my daughter.

Beeji ties paranda to Anupama’s hair. Anupama says festival is festival amidst the place. Vanraj asks him to leave or if he wants to have jaggery and chikki. Adhik says if Mummy had done what you are doing then? He says what Mummy couldn’t do, destiny has done and tells that first it separated Samar and then Toshu bhai. He says you show or not show, but you might miss them both, you might cry in closed bathroom or stopping your car on the side and cry. He says the difference is that you cry alone for your sons, and I cry for my daughter and plead infront of everyone. Pakhi says enough, you met Ishani and now leave. He asks her to keep her low down.

Anupama walks and hits someone with paranda accidentally. He asks her not to hit others with hunter. Anupama says I didn’t see you and says sorry. Beeji says but I saw and scolds the guy for not meeting her. He says Samosa would have got cold. Beeji introduces him as Deepu, her younger son. Anupama wishes him happy lohri.

Adhik tells that Pakhi wanted rich husband and when Anuj left from here selling his everything, and she left me. He says I loved her, now I have to pay her compensation for loving her. He says it is his right to meet Ishani and will not plead now. He will take back his rights. Pakhi threatens to file Police complaint against him. Titu says you can’t do this. Vanraj shouts asking him not to interfere. Titu says you are doing wrong with Adhik. Vanraj asks Adhik to leave. Adhik asks him to call Police and says if you call Police, then I will reach court. He says bring it on, so that Pakhi like girls know what a father can do for his daughter. He goes.

Beeji tells Anupama that Deepu/Yashdeep is not like Yashpal. Deepu says he talks like Amitabh Bachchan, pride and prestige. Anupama takes off bad sight from them and tells that they reminded her of her son Samar. Beeji says I talk about you in the house, but Yashpal doesn’t respond anything, so she tells everything to Deepu. Deepu says he will be her boss for few days. Beeji says Yashpal has gone out for few days. She says he doesn’t know cooking. Anupama says we are there for cooking. Deepu says he is relieved. Anupama thinks he is her new boss now.

Anuj is with the clients. The clients tell that they shall visit the restaurant Spice and Chutney to have food. Anuj sees the photo and sees Anupama’s back and thinks to find out hiding from Aadhya. Aadhya feels bad that she has to lie to Anuj and wishes Anupama shall leave or get deported from here. Anupama asks Beeji to take the box and gifts her laddoos. Beeji cries and says you got all the Punjab here. She blesses her. Anupama asks her not to cry. He tastes the laddoos and says superb, fantastic. He asks from where you bought it. Anupama says I have made it. Deepu says she is best cook than Bhaiyya. Anupama thanks Beeji. Deepu says it is mind blowing.

Kinjal asks Toshu how he can avoid his own mother and asks how he will feel if Angel ignores him. She feels bad and says Mummy must have felt so bad, and worries for her. Anuj thinks of Aadhya’s words.

Beeji asks Anupama to dance as everyone is dancing. Anupama starts dancing on lohri song. She imagines Anuj dancing and dances with him. She comes out of imagination. Anuj looks at Anupama’s photo and says he tried a lot to forget her, hate her, but couldn’t do it. He says I can’t hate you, and tried a lot and even left country, but couldn’t forget your memories. He says I couldn’t love Shruti, though she loves me. He says Shruti is perfect for me, and says only one name is written in my heart. He asks why did you leave choti and me.

Anupama writes Anuj’s name on the papers and burns it, says be happy Kapadia ji. Shruti comes there and hugs Anuj. She asks if you are seeing GK’s photo. She tells that she never loved anyone like this before and she didn’t have motherly feelings for anyone like she feels for Aadhya. She says they shall go out and says she will wear jacket and come. He hides Anupama’s photo in the photo frame.

Anupama touches Beeji’s feet. Beeji asks Yashdeep to drop her. Anupama hugs Beeji and goes. Baa tells Pakhi that what matters if Adhik meets Ishani for sometime. She tells Vanraj that the problem is in Pakhi and not in Adhik. She says Pakhi drags Ishani in court. Pakhi argues with Baa and asks her to shut up. Baa slaps her. Vanraj says Baa. Baa asks Vanraj to clear the mess and do patch up with Adhik. Pakhi threatens to end her life if Adhik is allowed to meet Ishani.

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