Evil Affairs starlife update Thursday 11 July 2024

The Episode starts with Vikram stopping Piyush and tells that he doesn’t know what answer to give to Daayan, why Nikki is sent to hospital and says if you also go then what I will say. Piyush says let me know. Vikram refuses and asks Prateik and Bhavani Singh to catch him.

Piyush signs Sumitra. Prateik and Bhavani take him to room. Piyush climbs down from the balcony and goes in his jeep. Saudamini sees Piyush going, and takes someone’s bike and goes behind him. Daayan asks Maha Shaitaan to come infront of her and asks him to accept her big gift. She beheads herself.

In the ambulance, Doctor tells that she has less time and if there is a delay then she will die. Aarohi tells Sumitra that she has risked Nikki’s life and says if Piyush doesn’t reach her in time then? Sumitra asks what you are saying, and tells that this is the fight against Daayan, and if I could then I would have done it on myself, but Nikki is the only one who can do this.

She hopes Piyush doesn’t fail. Vikram hears and asks what is she saying? Saudamini follows Piyush. Vikram says Piyush is locked in his room, then how he will fail. Sumitra says I mean to say that he shall control himself else he will fail and we all will fail. Piyush shouts asking driver to stop the ambulance. The driver stops the ambulance. Piyush tries to get inside, but Doctor stops him.

Sumitra asks if you are doubting me as Vikram doesn’t believe him. Vikram says he is not doubting on her. Aarohi says whatever Mummy said is truth. Piyush gives injection to Nikki. Doctor comes and says she is no more. Piyush asks Nikki to come back. Nikki gains consciousness. Doctor asks what is happening? Piyush says he doesn’t have time to explain and says sorry. Saudamini is walking as the bike stopped on the way, and sees ambulance and doctor and staff having tea at the stall. She checks in the ambulance and asks Doctor. Doctor tells that the patient’s husband came and took her. Saudamini thinks heart attack didnt happen to Nikki, she had acted, it was all their plan. She silently sits in the ambulance and drives off while the doctor and the staff are shocked.

Nikki and Piyush are in the jeep. Sumitra calls Piyush. Piyush gives call to Nikki. Sumitra apologizes to Nikki for risking her life without her knowledge. Nikki says everything is fair in love and war and tells that they shall get victory. Sumitra says such a courageous girl you, you can never defeat. She asks her to return with Maya before Chaaya returns.

Maha Shaitaan appears and tells that he is happy with her and keeps her head back on her body, and asks what does she want? Daayan smiles. Piyush and Nikki are on the way to reach the cave. They have the tea on the way. They reach the place and searches for the cave. Nikki recalls, identifies the cave and tells Piyush. Saudamini reaches there.

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