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Anuj thinks of Anupama and asks Shruti, how she can be so sure that this Joshi ben and that restaurant Joshi ben is the same, with whom your suitcase was changed. Shruti says her voice is definitely different in the video, but she is wearing the same bracelet as the lady, I crossed with her photo which I have.

She says she has so much famous channel, then why she work in that restaurant. She asks him to make something choosing any of the recipe from many recipe. Anuj thinks what is happening to me, it is like someone threw the stone on the stagnant water, why there is so much restlessness in himself.

Chef says you are a good chef and working here as the cleaner. Vikram says in this arrogant guy’s restaurant. Anupama says you shall not say this, he is our boss and we shall respect him, and tells that our house runs due to him. Vikram says his restaurant runs because of us. She says no work is small. Chef says he prohibited us from making Gujrati food. Vikram says if you stay here then will get mad like our mad boss, says you deserve better. Anupama sees Yashpal standing and hearing them. She tries to sign them to stop, but in vain.

Chef says I have been working here since 3 years, but never saw smile on his face. Vikram says you will not see him smiling even if it is 30 years. He don’t know the meaning of smile and says when he was born, he must have scolded the nurse and asked why the room is messed up. Yashpal shouts and asks why you all are laughing. Anupama gets worried that boss might throw me out. Yashpal tells that it is my restaurant and staff is mine too. Vikram says we are talking about you. Vikram says you have made kitchen as gossip area and making fun of boss. He tells Anupama that one rotten Apple spoils all the apples. He says this haven’t happened before. Anupama says sorry sir and goes.

Yashpal asks Vikram if he has so much problem from him then why he is working here. Vikram says I love you sir and then says I hate you sir and says our relation is love hate kind…Yashpal says what? Vikram tells that Anupama ji has the online cooking channel and has lakhs of followers. Yashpal looks at the video. Vikram says it is your good luck more than her helplessness, that she is working here, she has mother’s magic in her recipe.

Anuj feeds food to Aadhya. Shruti whispers to Anuj that it is Joshi ben’s wonder. Aadhya thanks him and says she will eat food in her room. Anuj says Aadhya didn’t tell me what had happened till now. She says when they reached teenage, a parenting guide shall be available for parents to understand them. Shruti says grand parents handle such things in India, as the kids stay with their extended family. She says we shall make her meet the counseller. Anupama thinks she can’t lose the job.

Shruti hugs Anuj and asks why he behaves like 80’s hero. Just then she receives the message from her mom asking her, if she talked to Anuj about marriage. She apologizes to Anuj and tells that you know Indian parents. Anuj asks her to tell her that they will come after 2 months to India and then can talk about marriage. Anupama coughs and gets worried. Shruti hugs Anuj and gets happy. Anuj thinks Shruti is important in Aadhya’s life, so he shall not delay the marriage.

Dimpy gets Titu’s call and gets worried. She recalls Vanraj’s threat. She calls him, but ends the call. Titu calls her back and asks her not to say that she has called him by mistake. He says he is returning day after tomorrow and asks her to meet him, says he misses her a lot. Dimpy tells that her husband is dead, and she has a 5 years old son whom her family loves a lot. She says my Papa don’t want me to talk to any guys and asks him not to call her or message, and says you are ruining my life. She asks him to go today itself. Tapish says I will not call or message you.

Other chef records Anupama’s cooking video. Vikram asks her to show her face. Anupama says she don’t want to show her face. Vikram says ok and asks what you will make now. Anupama tells that something which will cheer up the upset children. She cooks the food and puts the video. Shruti gets the notification and checks. She sees Joshi ben new video and says this is what we wanted. Anuj starts making it. Vikram says you are a rockstar.

Anupama hears Yashpal’s mother scolding him for not seeing her call or message. She says she made rotis for her, and then waited for him. He says he was busy. She says you don’t move even a spoon and says you are busy. He says there are other works too in the restaurant. He says don’t come to my restaurant. She says I am not old and 60 years like you, but I am young 80 years old and says even guys turn and look at me when I walk in the lane. Anupama asks Vikram about her. He says she is his mother and whenever sir gets late, she comes here. Yashpal asks Vikram to make tea for his Maa. Vikram says he is getting late to go on date. Anupama asks him to go and says she will make tea. She thinks to tell Yashpal that Vikram made tea.

Yashpal’s mother sits to have tea and says his restaurant is clean and sparkling, everything is in place and asks if he changed the staff. He smiles. Anupama brings tea and serves to Yashpal’s lady. She says Vikram bhai made tea and went. Yashpal’s mother drinks tea and says I have tasted everyone’s tea and knows it. She says you have made this tea. Yashpal says she is Anupama, she works here as cleaner, and she don’t make tea. His mother says Annapurna reaches the kitchen anyhow.

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