Lost in love starlife update Sunday 23 June 2024

Savi gets her unconscious family members into the truck via a cart and thinks she will not anything happen to them. She tries to drive the truck but fails and prays god for help. Reeva sleeps on a chair holding Ishan’s photo. She wakes up worried for Ishan and hopes he is fine. She notices his photo frame broken and calls him. Injured Ishan responds with great difficulty in the factory.

Savi drives truck somehow and breaks signals. Police follow her truck. Savi thinks if she stops truck, it will take time to explain police. Police van overtakes the truck and stops it. Inspector walks to Savi, tongue lashes her for rash driving, and asks her to show license. Savi says her whole family is severely injured and needs to be shifted to hospital immediately.

Inspector doesn’t believe her and checks truck. Savi pleads him to let her take her family to hospital or else they will die. Inspector says he will call an ambulance. Savi says she doesn’t that much. Constable says they are not breathing. Savi warns him to stop talking rubbish and pleads inspector that her father is a martyrd police officer whose family is at risk and needs help. Inspector asks constable to drive the truck to Ramtek hospital and asks Savi to come along him in police jeep. Savi refuses and sits with family.

They reach hospital, and Chavan family is shifted into ICU. Doctor asks Savi what happened to them. Savi says Mandar had kidnapped and kept them hostage in an old paint factory and threatened her to reach there and by the time she reached there, the factory blasted. Inspector asks her to tell what exactly had happened. She notices a god’s idol and runs towards it. She prays god to save her family.

Nurse notices her injuries and asks her to get it bandaged. Inspector asks constable to inform control room to send a team to the factory. Constable does. A police team already present there inform that they had got an information that 5 people have been hostaged, but they are not here. Constable informs that those 5 people are in Ramtek hospital now. Ishan stands up with great difficult and walks towards his car. He hears constable and rushes towards hospital.

Ishan reaches hospital and notices Savi describing the whole story to police. Savi runs to him and emotionally hugs him. She says she had told Samrudh that she will reach there on time and she did, then why did Samrudh harm her family. Ishan asks her to control herself, everything will be alright. Doctor informs her that her family is no more. Savi panics more and asks if they died because of her mistake. Doctor says it’s not her mistake as they were brought dead. Savi cries profusely and asks why Samrudh killed her family, she is alone now. Ishan comforts her.

Ishan recalls rescuing Chavan family from Samrudh at first and taking them towards the door when Samrudh stops them pointing a gun at them and threatens to kill him. Ishan pleads him to let them go and shoot him. Samrudh refuses and says they all will die. He shoots. They escape and hide. Ishan asks Vinayak to take his family aside while he diverts Samrudh’s attention. He throws a paint bucket at Samrudh, and Samrudh’s gun falls down. Ishan then trashes Samrudh. Ninad tells Ashwini that he is sure Ishan will punish Samrudh and save them, he sees Virat in Ishan. Mandar hits Ishan’s head from behind. Ishan falls down. Samrudh says last time Ishan escaped, but this time he can’t. Ishan escapes his bullets.

Out of flashback, Ishan still notices Savi crying hugging him and feels he is responsible for her family’s death. He recalls how the bullet hit an oil tank which caught fire. He thinks he needs to inform Savi that he had gone there to help her family, but.. He tells her that he wants to tell her something, whatever happened with her family is actually.. Nurse informs doctor that one patient is still alive. They all rush towards the the patient.

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