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Yashpal’s mother tells him that the tea is amrit and says if you sell this tea, then people will stand in queue outside. She says she came here so angrily, and her mood changed after drinking tea made by her. She says your name shall be Annapurna and tells that she will call her Ann. Anupama gets touched by her words.

Yashpal’s mother takes out some money and asks Anupama to take it. Anupama refuses. His mother asks Anupama to take it. Yashpal asks his Bebe to come, and says we are getting late. She says lets go. He asks Anupama to close the door properly from inside and clean the place. Anupama thinks her talent is coming to her use, first dance and now cooking and says may be this America will suit me. Later she thanks God for saving her from Yashpal’s anger, else she would be on the road or in jail.

She then prays to God for Toshu-Kinjal, and says they are in the same country, but don’t know they want to meet her or not. She then prays for Pakhi, and Choti. She says goodnight bappa and rests to sleep. She gets flashes of Aadhya, and thinks what is my relation with her.

Ansh comes to Baa and asks where is Dadu? Baa says he went to Jamnagar for marriage. Ansh asks if they didn’t call you. Baa says they called me, but I don’t have time to go early and has important work to do. Ansh teases her. Dimpy brings tea. Baa tells her that she is taking Ansh to Jamnagar. Dimpy says but he has to study and has homework. Vanraj says his roots will be stronger. Dimpy says but. He says Ansh will go. Pakhi comes there with her daughter. Ansh takes her toy. Ishani starts crying. Pakhi says my daughter is crying baby. Dimpy handles Ishani and asks her not to cry.

Pakhi says history repeats itself, even Mummy used to handle Meenu this way. Vanraj asks why you didn’t tell me that you are coming. Baa says you are not in foreign. Pakhi says she is handling her online store. Dimpy asks if you had talked to Adhik. Pakhi says he calls to talk to Ishani, but I don’t let him talk. She says she don’t want to see him after the divorce. She says when I don’t meet my Mummy then who is Adhik? She asks Dimpy to make cold coffee for her, and bring to her room, and take care of Ishani. Dimpy takes Ishani and Ansh to feed them laddoos. Baa asks Vanraj, if we shall tell her that her mother went to America. Vanraj says why you are taking her name and says she has gone from our minds, heart and everywhere, and asks why you are taking her name.

Aadhya comes to Shruti’s room and asks if I can use your laptop. Shruti says sure. Aadhya looks at Anupama’s photo in her laptop. Shruti comes there and says she is Joshi ben, she works in Spice and Chutney’s restaurant. She says she is an amazing lady and has her own cooking channel, and says AK made food for her, it is her recipe. Anuj hears her and says it seems you are her fan. Shruti says if you meet her, then even you will become her fan. Shruti asks him to see her photo. Aadhya says no, I have to make my school project. Shruti and Anuj go out of the room. Aadhya recalls the childhood incident, and deletes Anupama’s photos from the laptop.

Baa tells Pakhi that Dimpy is doing household work and also handling your daughter, and asks if you can’t handle your daughter. Pakhi says I am working. Baa says even Dimpy has so much work to do. Pakhi says house work is not work, this is work which I am doing, due to which there is a lot of pressure on the head. Kavya comes there and says oh really. She greets Baa. Baa asks about Mahi. Kavya says Mahi is fine, but very weak. Pakhi says growing kids are weak. Kavya says I know the difference. Pakhi appreciates herself for handling business and her daughter, and says who keeps her child in hostel. Kavya says your business is in loss from day 1 and your father is compensating for that.

She says what Dimpy is doing, you can’t go even after 7 births, she has become second Anupama here. Baa says if Vanraj hears then he will fume in anger. Dimpy comes there and asks Kavya about Mahi. Kavya says she is better. Dimpy asks what you will drink or eat? Kavya says not now. Dimpy asks Pakhi to take her coffee. Pakhi says I don’t want to sleep, I want black coffee. Dimpy says sorry and goes. Kavya goes to freshen up. Pakhi says you couldn’t handle your bahus. Baa tells Pakhi that she is trouble for her Papa.

Vikram tells Anupama that this tea doesn’t need publicity. Anupama says I have kept it here, so that it uplifts Sir’s mood. Vikram says don’t burden the tea. Anupama says boss’ murder is good and gave me 1 dollar, as she liked my tea. Vikram says Sir might have got angry and jokes. He then tells that someone broke his heart and since then he is having a broken heart. Vikram says how to heal the broken heart. Anupama says it pains a lot, and we don’t remember how was our life before. Shruti comes there and says Joshi ben. She asks if masalas are grinded sometime back.

Anupama says yes. Shruti says her fiance liked the tea much, and asks if she is Joshi ben and shows her channel. Shruti says I understood seeing your bracelet. She says she will ask Yashpal ji to add Gujrati friend in the menu. Vikram says yes. Anupama gives her masala tea dust. Shruti says ofcourse I need. Anupama asks when you are marrying him. Shruti says very soon and says we are in live in and stays with her daughter. Shruti says morher is mother, not good, bad, real or step mother. She prays for their togetherness and happiness. Shruti asks if you will become my friend and says we have some connection, and we shall capture this moment. She takes selfie with her, and asks about her number. Anupama gives Vikram’s phone number to her. Shruti gets Anuj’s call and says she will go now, but will make her meet her fiance soon.

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