Kulfi the singing star update Friday 16 December 2022


Kulfi the singing star 16 December 2022: Murphy walks with food, and says we were 3 when we left Chiroli, Kulfi sees chirpy feeding her kids, and joins them and says even me and my mom use to have food this way. Kulfi gets emotional. Murphy says kulfi you miss your father so much why don’t you just patch up with him, Kulfi says I can never forgive them please never talk to me about them let’s go to Mia’s home.Chirpy and Pammi start fighting. Kulfi steps in and removes the fight,Dharmendra says you are so pure hearted. Kulfi says I feel like singing shall I, and begins singing. Kids force Murphy to sing, he sings really bad, all stop him.

Bebe says kulfi next time you will visit us, we will watch movies together, Kulfi says done deal,Murphy thanks Rajesh and others for help. Murphy says kulfi let’s go, Mia must be worried, Kulfi takes everyone’s blessings.Kulfi says to Murphy your family reminded me of mine, I wish this disease had some medicine because going to that family is more painful, Murphy says atleast some day you will forgive your father, Kulfi says no.Sikander sits alone thinking of kulfi, and sings. Kulfi alone singing her pain out. Vikram walks to kulfi and says you are singing in big party tomorrow we will need Murphy too and calls him, Vikram tells Kulfi will be singing in cookie Dhillons party, this will increase our contacts, reach there on time. Sikander says good that Cookie Dhillon is a mess, I have to manage this again.

Lovely stops Sikander, Sikander asks what are you two doing here, Lovely says we decided to meet here I did message you, you didn’t read my message then what are you doing here, Sikander says I read message, Lovely says then why ask what we doing here, sikander says I meant let’s go inside sit, Lovely asks what’s in this bag, sikander says it’s a friends.Mia says let Kulfi wear a dress she is Comfortable with, Vikram says okay, but kulfi understand you need to step out of your comfort zone, Kulfi says I get it but we can make our own path, Vikram says even I did but I was pushed behind and your father went ahead of me,this is the truth accept it, this time I give it to you, next time it’s as I say and leaves. Kulfi asks Mia is it that for success we need to behave against our wish, Mia says I knew you would bring this question, and yes it’s the truth, Kulfi asks but how will Issues to do something I don’t like.


Sikander gets a call from Vikram, Vikram says get here in 5 min or else forgot the job, lovely asks Sikander what’s wrong, sikander says washroom and leaves. A waiter sees Sikander change to Murphy. Vikram assigns Murphy his job. Kulfi in her room, listening to songs and says these lyrics I don’t like. Murphy walks to kulfi and says you look so pretty, Kulfi says I have to share something personal, Murphy says but we are work friends we need to be friends for this, Kulfi says okay and says let’s be friends, before kulfi could say the songs lyrics, Vikram takes Kulfi away, Lovely makes sikander call but he rejects it.

Kulfi says Vikram she didn’t like the song, Vikram says enough of the drama kulfi. Sikander going to Lovely the waiter helps Sikander thinking he is with India on secret mission. Sikander is asked by Jimmy will amyra and he will perform together, Lovely says off coarse they will and diverts the topic, and goes to song lists, sikander thinking about kulfi.Vikram in talks with cookie, cookie says let’s hear Kulfi, Vikram calls Murphy, sikander says I will be back, Lovely says I’m sorry, Jimmy gets irritated. Vikram asks Murphy to get quickly to for song arrangements. Sikander rushes to kulfis venue. Mia introduces kulfi. Jimmy and Vikram along with lovely and Amyra notice bracelet in Murphy’s hand. Murphy says I bought it road side.

Vikram says Jimmy sir good to see you look Kulfi is here, Kulfi sees Lovely and goes in shock, Mia notices it, Lovely thinks god if I knew Kulfi was here I would never have come here, Kulfi gets disturbed, Kulfi thinking how will I sing, audience wait for Kulfi to sing, Vikram says kulfi start cmon, kulfi starts singing but is scared.Cookie hears kulfi and says she is talent, I was right look at her Jimmy she is talent, Jimmy says she sings well but if would smile a bit would be delightful, Murphy gets angry and attacks him, Kulfi and Amyra see sikander, amyra says dad, Kulfi remembers how she bonded with Murphy but he is sikander. Sikander looks at Kulfi, and walks to her, amyra shouts and stop him, but sikander still walks to kulfi, Vikram stands in between and yells at him, says what do you think of yourself you cheat.

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