Anupama starlife update Sunday 16 July 2023

Anupama 16 July 2023: Mohit instructs his team to be ready as they are going to launch a huge project and the one who organized all this will reach soon. Kavya says he has created a huge hype about the organizer. Mohit says she will find out herself. He notices a lady coming and says there she is. Lady interacts with them and congratulates Kavya. Kavya thanks her and addresses her as Maaya. She says whatever she heard about her is less. Anupama signals Kavya that she is looking beautiful and leaves signaling she will meet her later. She searches for water and thinks both familities came across each other even in this big mela and hopes there shouldn’t be any issue again. She thinks she will meet Maaya and clear her doubt. She takes water for Little Anu. Maaya looking at her thinks the more she is eager to meet her, the more she will be nervous after meeting her.

Leela frowns seeing Anupama enjoying with family and says they are giggling after poisoning their life. Hasmukh angrily breaks tea cup and walks away. Hasmukh says there was no need to say that. Barkha and Ankush smilingly interact with friends and once they leave, Ankush frees his hand. Barkha asks if he can’t act for some more time. Ankush says he was acting since year, she prohibited her son from coming here, but just like Adhik is important for Barkha, his son is important for him. Barkha says he sholuldn’t compare her brother with his illegitimate son. Ankush says legitimate and illegitimate are relationships and not children, his son is his blood and responsibility.

Anuj tells Anupama that Little Anu is insisting to fly a kite brought only by Maaya, he is eager to meet her now. Maaya smirks hearing their conversation. Anupama later notices Hasmukh sitting alone and asks why he is sitting alone here. Hasmukh says his family gets angry when he meets Anuapam’s family and hecan’t change his family’s attitude, he feels alone even staying with the family. Anupama feels sad. Hasmukh asks not to bother about him as he will be alright and join family once dance starts. Anuj and Vanraj come across each other. Toshu’s assistants give them Toshu’s business card and say their boss can easily crack any property deal, in fact he recently cracked a deal for Anuj Kapadia. Anuj says that’s interesting. Vanraj says one they are talking about is right in front of them, they are stupid boss’ stupid assistants. Assitants get afraid and run away from there. Vanraj apologizes Anuj on Toshu’s behalf and assures that he will not let Toshu misuse Anuj’s name.

Saamr giftgs a kite to Dimpy and tries too propose her. She stops him. He asks if she is afraid of moving on. She says she has gone through so much that she doesn’t have courage left to move on. He says she knows what is in his heart and he would be expressing it via his dance and she should join him in dance if she accepts his proposal. Leela tears kite and shouts at Samar that she will not let him do all this. Samar requests her not to spoil his private moment. Leela yells its Ahmedabad and not America that he can do anything hidden, Anupama let Dimpy stay in her house and now Samar wants to get her into Shah house permanently, she will not let that happen. She starts using demeaning words for Dimple. Anupama interferes and warns her to stop using such demeaning words for Dimple. Leela yells that she will not let Dimple enter her house. Argument ensues. Samar says he likes Dimple.

Leela yells at Anupama not to interfere between her and her grandson. Anupama says she can say same that even god can’t interfere between her and her son. Leela continues her unbearable accusations and curses. Anuapam tries to give her befitting reply. Vanraj tells Leela that its not the right place to speak all this. Anuj says he is right. Leela continues yelling at Dimple. Dimple says nobody would like to stay at house where Leela stays and warns her not to misuse her age to humiliate others, whatever her and Samar’s equation would be would be their decision and Leela doesn’t have any right to comment. Vanraj asks her to stop as he is trying to calm down Leela. Leela warns Anupama to concentrate on her husband, daughter, and house as anything can happen. Maaya records their video and thinks Leela is right, anything can happen. Vanraj takes her away.

Anuj notices Anupama upset and asks Anupama if she is fine. Anupama says she is, they have come here for Little Anu, so let us concentrate on her. Performances starts. Host welcomes everyone and calls Anuj and Anupama on stage. Little Anu announces her and her parents’ performance. Everyone clap for them. Anuj and Anupama get nervous. Maaya watches them hiding.

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