Aparajita zeeworld update Monday 17 July 2023

Aparajita 17 July 2023: Akshay tells Aparajita that its been 2 days only since we were apart but it feels like its been ages since I came close to you. Aparajita is emotional hearing that. Akshay asks what do you feel? please don’t go away from me ever. Aparajita moves away and asks him to rest, she cries and leaves from there. She recalls how Akshay left her for another woman. Aparajita sits alone and cries in distress. Dadi comes to her and asks what happened? Aparajita says I can’t do all this, your son might have lost his memory but I remember everything, I remember what he did with me, how can I live a life that I don’t want to? how can I pretend to be someone who I am not? I can’t do this. Dadi says God has his way, maybe this is how fate want to rewrite the past? don’t think about the future, I am just seeing your happiness. Aparajita says but there is no happiness, my kids are hiding, I am living a life I don’t want to and Mohini.. she is going through the pain, I don’t want her to go through the pain that I did.. I don’t even know how long this has to go on, we don’t even know if he will get his memory back or not. Dadi says you have to take a day at a time, she thinks I am the first mother so be happy that he lost his memory.

Veer tells Sunil that we have to kill Akshay, I can’t take any risk. I will kill him with my own hands tonight only.Niya comes to Asha and Disha. She asks how is Akshay? Disha says he settled in but we are just worried that he might see us. Niya says at least he is with you, I never lived without him. Disha says we lived with him for years so you can to. Niya gets hurt and leaves. Asha says you shouldn’t have said it, Disha says I just said the truth. We have to take care of him when he left us. Maa must be going through a lot. Aparajita comes there and hears that. Disha says we handle everything in the laundry, how are you? She nods. Asha says I don’t even know how to react to this situation, at least we can how caring he was. Aparajita says this is a dream that will end so understand that and don’t get hurt later on. Asha nods and leaves. Disha asks Aparajita I want to ask something… how will you say no to sleeping in the same room with him? Aparajita says I will find an excuse and will sleep in the lounge only.

She thinks this situation might deepen my wounds but I have to do this otherwise his brain might get damaged. Disha thinks I wish I could help her.The kid Kiara is crying for chocolates. Asha tries to calm her down but she throws her toys at her. Asha says I will get chocolates for you tomorrow.Mohini is worried and tells Manish that I am scared Akshay and Aparajita might share a bedroom together, I have to get Akshay again like I did 20 years ago, I have a plan to snatch him from Aparajita.

Asha is running away with Kiara. Dadi asks what happened? Asha says she is asking for chocolates and not listening to me. Dadi says chocolates are not good for health.Niya comes to Dadi and hugs her. Dadi says you shouldn’t have come here, Akshay might see you. Niya cries and says I am missing Akshay, can I stay here if I request Aparajita? Dadi says I know you want to be closer to Akshay but you will have to hide from him if you stay here. Niya says I am just scared what if he never remembers us? please make me meet him once. Dadi says I will find a way to make you meet him soon, just have some patience and I will lie for you. Just be careful about your mother, I don’t trust her a bit, she might do something in her anger. Niya says we will wait for dad, don’t worry. Dadi says you are so mature for your age.

Veer calls Chhavi and says Akshay will be fine soon, where will he sleep? Chhavi says Aparajita has given her room to him. She will sleep in the lounge. Veer says so he will be alone in his room? Chhavi says yes. Veer says I hope he has peaceful sleep, he looks at the poisonous injection.Aparajita asks Disha and Asha to cook fast and go to their room before Akshay sees them. Akshay comes there to Disha and Chhavi try to hide. Dadi says why are you downstairs? Akshay asks who are these girls? Dadi asks him to just go and rest. Askay asks who are these girls? Aparajita gets scared and says these.. are daughters.. Akshay asks whose? Aparajita stutters and can’t answer him.

Akshay asks Aparajita who are these girls? Aparajita says these are the landlord’s daughters, their parents left for vacations so I let them stay here. Akshay asks what about Asha? She says my parents are out of town too. Akshay says lets have food together then as a big happy family, all look on. Dadi says yes. Akshay calls Chhavi and she replies yes papa? All are shocked. Akshay looks at her and says your name is Chhavi too? I have a small baby who is also Chhavi, I know when she grows up, she will be like you only. Chhavi smiles. Akshay asks where is their Chhavi? Aparajita says she slept already, he nods and leaves.

All family members sit to have dinner, Akshay coughs so Dadi says give water to uncle Asha. Akshay says call me brother, not an uncle. He asks Aparajita why is she sitting far away from him? He asks Asha to shift because Aparajita always sits on my left so I hope you don’t mind. Asha smiles and exchanges her seat with Aparajita. She sits next to Akshay and is about to eat but Akshay stops her and says did you forget? I always make you eat the first bite with my hands only then I will have a taste in my food. Aparajita looks on as he offers food to her, all look on with veiled interest, Chhavi smiles at them. Aparajita eats with Akshay’s hand. Akshay asks others why are they looking at them? she is my wife legally. Mohini and Manish come there. Akshay tells others that love keeps developing in marriage like this only, he offers more food to Aparajita while she feels awkward but accepts it. Manish knocks on the door. Akshay says Manish? Mohini glares at Aparajita.

Akshay hugs Manish and asks where were you? I had an accident and you didn’t come? Manish says I came to meet you here only. Akshay looks at Mohini and tries to remember her name, he says Mohini right? She smiles and says yes. Akshay says you were in the hospital right? She says yes, you didn’t recognize me then? Akshay says I am sorry, I was not well there so sorry sister. All try to stop their laughter at that. Aparajita looks on. Mohini says I am not your sister, I am Manish’s sister. Akshay says we might have met before. Mohini says many times. Akshay says I can’t remember. Manish says its okay, Mohini is a fantastic physiotherapist, she will check. Mohini holds his hand and smiles at him in a flirting way. Aparajita looks away. Mohini tells Akshay that I can take all your pains away. Akshay pulls his hand back so Mohini says I mean with therapy sessions. Akshay goes to Aparajita and pulls her in his arms. He says this is Appu, my wife so teach her your technique and she will handle everything.

Mohini says you really don’t remember anything.. I mean Manish told me that you fell on the ice slabs but you had frostbites which happens only when you are in a very cold freezing place for a long time. Akshay’s head starts hurting and says I was also thinking the same.. he gets dizzy and falls down so Aparajita holds him. Akshay says the freezer truck.. he holds his head in pain. Mohini says try to remember? Aparajita says enough, she holds Akshay and says he is my husband so be careful as you might hurt him. All are stunned to see her take stand. Manish takes Mohini from there.

Manish brings Mohini out of the house and says you want to attract Akshay like you did 20 years ago but you can’t question him about his accident. Mohini says I thought he would remember something or remember me.. I love him and he was calling me his sister? didn’t you see how lost he was in Aparajita and she was showing right on him as her husband. Aparajita comes there and says I was not showing any right on him, I am helping him to recover, don’t you remember what doctor said? if we pressurize Akshay then his brain might get damaged, I know you are desperate for him but don’t do this, I also want to save his life. Mohini says really? by eating from his hands? tomorrow you might share a room with him to save his life and then sleep with him also? Aparajita says enough. I know my limits so stop your thoughts, I am trying to save your husband and my daughters’ father so don’t do all this, I will not sleep in Akshay’s room so don’t worry but don’t repeat this again. Veer hides and hears all that, he thinks my work will be easier now.

Aparajita comes to Akshay’s room and asks him to not think too much. She brings his medicines, Akshay says Manish’s sister was trying to flirt with me, did you see that? I know your husband is handsome but that doesn’t mean she could flirt with me, she doesn’t know that I have a like Appu so I don’t need to look elsewhere, right? Aparajita looks away and gives him a balm for his frostbites, she says you can apply it. Akshay says your hands have magic to make me fine so please apply it. He holds her hand but she moves away. She takes the balm and unbuttons his shirt, she starts applying balm on his frostbites and he winces in pain. She asks him to sleep, Akshay tries to touch her face but she moves away. Akshay says you are blushing as if someone else’s husband is holding you. Aparajita makes him lie on the bed and asks him to take rest. She tries to leave but Akshay holds her hand and says you know I will get peace with your hands only, one on my chest and other on my head. Aparajita caresses his head as he goes to sleep. She sadly looks at him and leaves from there. Veer enters his room through the window and is about to inject him with poison.

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