Titli Starlife update Sunday 12 May 2024

The Episode starts with Garv and Titli getting married. Maina sends pics to Koel. She says you should have got her along. She recalls Manikant asking Koel not to come along. He says our headache got less, right. Garv fills sindoor in Titli’s maang. Pandit says marriage is complete, now take the blessings from elders.

Garv and Titli take blessings. Garv says I didn’t apologize, I didn’t send that message, you decide now, you want to bless us or not. Titli asks what are you saying. Manikant says we made a mistake to come here, you don’t need us. He leaves. Hiren asks Paresh not to worry. He says we will take our bahu home.

Koel catches a maid gossiping about her. She scolds the maid. She cries. Everyone gets emotional for Titli’s bidaai. Jaishri asks Titli to love everyone and win their hearts.

Titli hugs her and cries. Koel says I wanted to attend Garv’s marriage, he is my son also, I wanted to bless him, I will prepare for his welcome. Chintu gives Kanha ji idol to Titli. They cry and hug. Titli hugs everyone and cries. She says I will miss you all. Alpa argues with Hiren. Hiral gifts a bracelet to Titli. She says keep it as my sorry. She makes Titli wear it. Titli smiles and hugs her. Hiral smiles. Titli’s bidaai rituals are done. She leaves with Garv.

Koel sees the family members and asks where are Garv and Titli. Maina says I will talk to you later. Koel worries. Titli pacifies Garv. He says Manikant didn’t come to bless us on his own. She puts the ghunghat and says I m saving myself from the fire of your anger. He says you are a drama queen. She says just yours, I missed mumma a lot. She cries. He consoles her and gifts her a family pic. He says I know you are missing your parents, they are with you. She hugs him and cries. She asks about the blood stain on his sleeve. She says I know you spilled the sauce. It starts raining. She says it was raining during our first meet. He says yes, we should celebrate our marriage.

They dance in the rains. They have a moment. They come home. He says I will call Dhara, everyone would be sleeping. Koel welcomes them and asks why did you get drenched. She scolds Koel. She does their aarti. She says I heard something happened there, Manikant came home in anger. Titli holds Garv’s hand and signs him. Koel says Maina didn’t tell me anything. She blesses them. Titli asks why didn’t you come. Koel gets sad.

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