Anupama starlife update Tuesday 2 January 2024

Anupama 2 January 2024: Anuj eagerly waits for Anupama. Pakhi and Adhik walk in first. Anuj asks if Anu didn’t come. Pakhi says mummy is coming, they came in first to welcome mummy. At Shah house, Leela asks Dimpy to clean Kavya’s room as Kinjal is making Pari asleep. Dimpy murmurs if she is a broom to clean other’s rooms and goes to clean Kavya’s room. Vanraj asks Samar if he can go to Kapadia house as he feels Maaya will create a scene. Leela says he is right. Kinjal asks what if Maaya attacks Anupama again. Samar says he or Samar should go there. Dimpy says they need not worry as Anuj will handle Maaya.

Anupama 1 January 2024

Vanraj says he trusts Anuj but not Maaya and he doesn’t want Maaya to trouble Anupama.Ankush shows some important file to Anuj and jokes that Anuj’s wait is ending soon. Anuj says he feels as if his heart is beating, but he is not breathing; asks him to keep the file carefully. Ankush keeps file in a cupboard. Once he leaves, Maaya checks that file and looks shocked. She shouts why Anupama is given so much importance. Pakhi thanks Adhik for behaving normally during Shah’s farewell party. Adhik says his brothers understood that he wasn’t normal.

Pakhi requests him to behave normally even during Kapadia’s farewell party and asks him to let her check company accounts. Adhik gets angy and shouts if she thinks he is doing a fraud and twists her hands. Pakhi requests to leave her hand as its hurting. Adhik warns her to stay away from his work and leaves. Barkha notices that and scolds Adhik for being physically abusive towards Pakhi. She warns him that he will be in jail if Pakhi posts in social media and Anuj will kick them out. Adhik says Pakhi was interfering in his personal space earlier and now in his professional space.

Barkha asks him to go and apologize Pakhi. Adhik refuses and leaves. Barkha thinks everyone have gone mad here.Shahs worry for Anupama when they learn that she hasn’t reached Kapadia house yet. Kinjal says Anupama will visit temple first and then visit Kapadia house. Anuj enters Kapadia house. Anuj gets happy seeing her. Bini Tere Sanam Mar Mitenge Hum.. song plays in the background. They feels extremely happy looking at each other. Little Anu runs to Anupama calling her mummy. Anupama emotionally pampers her. Little Anu gifts her a hand-written note. Pakhi thinks Anupama shouldn’t know about Adhik’s behavior.

She hugs Anupama and cries. Ankush signals Barkha what happened. She nods she doesn’t know. He asks Pakhi why she is crying. Anupama asks same. Pakhi says she got emotional after reading Anupama’s letter. Anupama asks where is Adhik. Pakhi says he is busy with some office work.Bhavesh and Kanta walk in and surprise Anupama. They say Anuj wanted to surprise her. Ankush says Anuj will perform Anupama’s aarti now. Pakhi clicks pics and sends them to Shahs. Vanraj says Anupama reached Kapadia mansion.

They notice Maaya missing in the pic and hopes she stays away from Anupama. Anuj is about to perform Anupama’s aarti when Maaya throws it away and shouts at Anupama. Anuj warns her to shut up. Maaya shows him some papers and asks what is this. She shouts that he is mad behind Anupama and reminds that he had left Anupama and had come to her just some time ago. Anuj says leaving Anupama was his biggest mistake of life and Maaya is biggest mistake and curse of his life. Maaya again shouts at Anupama and calls her a fraud. Kanta and Bhavesh warn her to stay away from Anupama. Maaya’s drama continues.

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