Anupama Starlife update Sunday 1 January 2023


Anupama 1 January 2023: Anupama and Kinjal return Shah house from doctor’s appointment. Rakhi says she was getting bored waiting for them and defeated would be grandfather Vanraj in a table tennis game. She asks Kinjal why did she go to Shah’s cheap and local doctor. Baa and her argument starts. Anu stops her. Kinjal tells Rakhi that her doctor is good and she had informed in the moring itself that she is uncomfortable with a male doctor. Baa says local doctor wo’t be having 5 star facilities. Baa and her argument start again. Kinjal asks her to stop coming there and create a drama if she really cares for her. Rakhi says she just comes here to see her daughter and would grandchild and is not interested in seeing Shah family’s faces. Baa comments grandfather doesn’t even show his face, but grandmother barges in often. She gets emotional and tels Anu she wants to be with her daughter and support h er, doesn’t she have that right on her daughter. Anu says she has complete right on her daughter. Baa asks her to stop her speech and inform what doctor said. Anu reveals about Kinjal’s pregnancy-related complications. Baa says its not a big deal. Rakhi says even she had pregnancy-related complications. Bapuji says father cannot hold a baby for 2 hours, but a mother keeps it in her womb for 9 months, hats off to mothers. Kinjal asks Rakhi to go home now. Rakhi says she will return tomorrow. Baa says she may have to buy been/flute to control nagin. Rakhi says she can, but nobody can control her. She taunts Vanraj next and leaves. Kinjal asks Anu to go now.

Baa reminds Anu that Kinjal needs her the most at this time. Anu says she never backed off from her responsibilities. She then gives moral gyaan to Toshu on the importance of husband’s responsibility, insists him to reconcile with Kinjal, and warns him if something happens to Kinjal, she will not spare her. Vanraj also warns Toshu that he will not support her this time and Toshu should take good care of Kinjal.Anuj eagerly waits for Anu. Samar’s bike breaks down while dropiping Anu home. Anu asks him to hurry up as Anuj must be waiting for her. Samar asks her not to make him wait for too long. She rushes home in an auto. Anuj says she shouldn’t make him wait so long. She starts crying and apologizes him. He consoles her and says he knows she belongs to him now completely and understands her. She says he is understand and it doesn’t mean she should take him for granted and continues that he is the world’s best human who doesn’t show his right, but he has the most right on her; she is busy in something or the other always and doesn’t give time to him. Anuj says that makes her Anupama and he loves her more when he sees that she keeps her happiness aside for her family’s happiness; people say they keep family first, but she truly follows it; she stayed in his house for Mukku and became her mother, now she has to become Kinjal’s mother and he loves her the way she is, etc. Anu asks if he is not angry on her. She says he is not but surely will if she continues crying.

Anuj serves dinner to Anu and starts a dinner date with her. Tu Shayar Hai Main Teri Shayari.. song plays in the background. They are about to start eating when Anu gets Vanraj’s call informing about Kinjal’s emergency. Anuj says he will take her there, makes roti rolls for them, and drops her in auto. Anu feels sorry and says her sorry is not enough for him. He says candle light dinner dates are thing of the past, now its auto ride dinner date. He makes her feel comfortable and drops her outside Shah house.She rushes to Kinjal. Kinjal says she is having stomach pain and is worried for her baby. Anu says mild stomachache is common and they should worry if its severe. Kinjal says okay. Baa says she didn’t listen to her and calmed down when Anu said same. Anu informs doctor about Kinjal’s situation and tells Kinjal that doctor said its normal and she need not worry. Toshu walks out and informs Vanraj, Samar, and Bapuji that Kinjal is fine. Vanraj says he was worried, but Anu comforted Kinjal. Bapuji says when a kid is hurt, he/she wants mother to be around him/her. Anu asks Knjal to rest and tries to leave. Kinjal holds her sari pallu.

GK meets Anuj and asks what is he doing there at night and why did he call him so urgently. Anuj says he doesn’t know. GK asks if Anu is in Shah house. Anuj hugs GK and says Kinjal is unwell and Anuj had to visit her, hopes Kinjal gets well soon. GK assures Kinjal will be fine soon. Anuj asks what if not and his fate betrays him again. GK says he will stop praying god then. Anupama questions Paritosh/Toshu why did he walk out of room, if he is a husband or a neighbor. Toshu says Kinjal needs her. Anu says Kinjal needs even him. He says he already told that he doesn’t need a child right now. She warns to slap him and says they don’t reject Kanhaji and Radhaji’s prasad, he is getting laddu gopal; asks why couldn’t he hold his wife’s hand and support her; wife gives her body, mind, wealth everything to her husband, then why can’t husband give at least time to her; he can become a big businessman and should become a true husband first, etc. He walks to Kinjal. Anu then messages Anuj if he is fine, he shouldn’t wait for her.


Baa calls Anu. Anu walks to her and seeing whole family standing with her asks if something happened. Vanraj says he and Baa have taken a decision. Bapuji and Kavya oppose that decision. Anu asks what decision and hearing their demand to stay at Shah house to care of Kinjal stands stunned. Pakhi and Bapuji insist her not to accept it. Baa argues that let Anu herself deny it. Vanraj says Anu is silent as even she feels its right. Baa argues that she and her son are not selfish. Vanraj says she has to accept this decision and can take her boyfriend’s permission. Samar says her mummy and Anuj’s relationship is not of taking permissions, Vanraj will not understand the quality of relationships. Vanraj says Anu should inform her boyfriend that she is his girlfriend later and mother first. Anu stands perplexed. Kavya asks Vanraj how can he do that. Vanraj says if she has any problem, she may leave the house.Anuj walks out of Shah house and notices Anu standing. They both walk towards each other. Do Pal Ka Tha Yadon Ka Karwaan.. song plays in the background. She expresses her emotional dilemma by tying her pallu to the Shah house gate and reveals Vanraj insisting her to stay at Shah house to take care of Kinjal. Anuj frees her pallu and says let us go home and bring her bag. He says he understands that she is a mother first and if Kinjal doesn’t need her, he wouldn’t let her return to Shah house.

Vanraj hears their conversation from balcony and thinks good people’s problem is they think of others first. Kavya fumes seeing that. Anuj tells Anu that if she would help elders in need, she can help even her children; he doesn’t deny that he has problem with her returning to Shah house, but his problem is not bigger than her responsibilities; she should promise that she will take out at least 5 minutes for him and will be only his Anu. She promises and his temple should be made. He says let us go and bring her bag, they can spend a few moments together at least. He holds her hand and walks along.Kavya suggests Vanraj to hire a caretaker instead of calling Anu there. Vanraj says there is a difference between maid and mother, she knows what happened when she hired a maid. Kavya says there is a difference between maid and caretaker. He says he doesn’t need her advice. She reminds how much problem he had when he was called FIL, now he is jumping with happiness calling himself as a grandfather. He jokes that even she is becoming a grandmother. She says she looks like Pakhi’s elder sister. He says he is very happy. She asks if he will celebrate Shivratri lavishly tomorrow. He says he will not due o family situation but will perform pooja well. She asks about the contract. He says many companies are behind it, but he will get it and it’s so big that he can start his own company. Kavya hopes he gets that contract.Next morning, Anuj drops Anupama to Shah house. Anu asks him to call her after reaching home. he says he can also video call. She reminds that today is Mahashivrati, his meeting will go well and his future will be bright.

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