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Anupama 4 July 2023: Dheeraj asks Anuj to go to Anupama as she needs him. Anuj says he knows, but doesn’t want to put Anupama in more guilt. Dheeraj asks him to open up. Anuj describes the whole incident happened. Dheeraj asks if he is feeling that he shouldn’t have been so vocal. Anuj says he shouldn’t have said so much as he accepted Anupama with her past, her family, and kids unconditionally and loved her the way she is, but it looks a lie for him; he loved Anupama innocence,

Anupama 3 July 2023

simplicity, her truthfulness, and selfless nature and now feels it as her weakness; he doesn’t know why he is doing this. Anupama continues to cry lying on her bed. Vanraj waits for Kavya and thinks what kind of shooting she is doing till late night. He finds her mobile number not reachable. Kavya reaches home with young boys who drop her and leave.

Neighbor see that and start badmouthing about her. Kavya apologizes Vanraj for being late and says her phone batter was dead or else she would have informed him.Samar tells Dimpy that he likes him and spoke what is in his heart. Dimple smiles. Kavya excitedly describes how exciting her first day of shoot was. She asks how was his day and if his parents had medicines, she will show her shoot pics once her phone is on. Vanraj asks who were those people who dropped her.

Kavya says they were her colleagues. Vanraj says she could have taken a cab and why didn’t she pick her call during the day. Kavya says she was busy in shooting and reminds that even he never used to pick call during meetings. Vanraj says meetings and shootings are different. Kavya says he can’t differentiate between work and leaves while continues to show his anger.Anuj tells Dheeraj that he can’t understand why he is putting extra pressure no Anupama. Dheeraj asks him not to stretch the issue then.

Anuj says no husband and wife want to fight, but it happens unplanned. Dheeraj says he knows. Anuj continues to pour his heart out and says he himself is forcing Anupama into a fear of losing him and he really don’t understand it. Anupama continues sobbing thinking Anuj’s friend visited them for the first time and she poured her heart out. Dheeraj asks Anuj to stop thinking being perfect, no person or relationship is perfect, a lifeline or graph of relationship should go up and down or else it can’t continue.

He says Anuj knows his daughter since a few months and developed an unbreakable emotional bonding with her, then how can Anupama leave her children. Anuj says Anupama’s 2 children are specimens.Dheeraj says maybe they are arrogant, useless, shameless or whatever, a mother can leave her children; when Anuj can’t stop becoming his daughter’s father if she does any mistake,

how can Anupama leave her children and family whom she is associated with for years; Anuj is wrong this time and he should act before its stood late; Anupama is trying to convince him, even then he is not ready. He says they are in their mid 40s, young 20s kids are dying during exercise and there is no guarantee of their life; he should not let the hand go away from him or else he will repent his whole life. Anuj asks what does he mean. Dheeraj breaks down saying Priyanka is no more, she is gone forever.

Anuj hugs and comforts him. Anupama holding Anuj’s photo pleads not to leave her alone as he and little Anu are her life.Leela walks to Vanraj. Vanraj asks if she didn’t sleep yet. Leela asks how can she seeing his tensed seeing Kavya’s drama. Vanraj says he can’t stop Kavya as she rejected a high-profile job for him, she need not worry as Kavya will stop modeling after a few days.

Leela says she will not if she gets good money, he has to do something before its too late. Anuj asks Dheeraj why didn’t he inform him about Priyanka. Dheeraj says he and Priyanka married early, he god busy in business and forgot to handle relationships; husbands forget that wives feel alone; Priyanka complained him, fought, and finally left him; men have one problem, they can lose love and money, but not money; he didn’t call Priyanka due to his ego and thought he is happy alone, but they both needed each other like anyone else; one day,

Priyanka’s aunt called and informed that Priyanka has last-stage cancer and wants to meet him one time; he ran to meet her, they both cried inconsolably and realized that if they had forgotten their ego, they would have lived together and Priyanka wouldn’t have died. He continues to pour his heart out and asks Anuj not to make a mistake which he did.

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