Anupama starlife update Monday 23 January 2023

Anupama 23 January 2023: Rakhi says looking at this engagement, she feels. Kavya completes her sentence saying hope even they would have got someone like that. Malvika tells Anupama that she looks absolutely gorgeous. Devika says Anu is looking so happy, she feels happy seeing that. Pakhi says they look like a celebrity couple walking on the red carpet. Samar says their MaAn is not less than a celebrity. GK says his Anuj is not less than a real-life celebrity. Jignesh jokes Leela is a real-life villain. Kinjal and Kanta start the engagement ritual and perform Anupama and Anuj’s aarti followed by Jignesh, GK, Malvika, Devika and others. Anupama walks to Leela and seeks her blessing, but Leela refuses to bless Anupama.

She sadly returns back to Anuj. Pakhi clicks selfies with Anupama and Anuj followed by othersRakhi asks Leela if she will not perform Anupama and Anuj’s aarti. Leela yells. Rakh says she will for sure. She performs Anupama and Anuj’s aarti and says she has written a poem for the jodi on such a good poem’s engagement ceremony. Rakhi humiliates Anupama and Anuj through his poem, leaving everyone angry. She then throws money over them. Everyone stand stunned seeing that. She asks them not to look at her like that as she just performed Anupama and Anuj’s nazar. Anupama collects the money. Kinjal, Devika, Malvika, Samar, Sanjay, Dolly, and others help Anupama to collect the money.

Anupama confronts Rakhi for disrespecting money in the name of performing nazar and asks Samar to feed the poor with this money. Jignesh jokes on Rakhi.Leela and Vanraj taunt Rakhi for trying to insult Anupama and getting insulted by Anupama instead. They both taunt that Anupama is enjoying everything a seonc time. Rakhi comments Anuj started buying second hand stuff after becoming poor. Anuj gets angry. Anupama thinks Anuj came here happily, she will not let him be unhappy today. She dances on Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare… song. Anuj joins her, recalling their first meeting and dance. Anuj signals her team to join them. They all dance with her and enjoy including Kavya, leaving Vanraj and Leela burn in jealousy.

Rakhi taunts Vanraj and Leela that one more team member went to the opposite team.After the dance performance, Anu reminds Anuj about their dance on the same song during their first meeting. She gives a befitting reply to Rakhi, Vanraj, and Leela with her long speech and feels proud to choose Anuj. She recalls all her moments with Anuj starting from their friendship to falling in love with him. She recalls in between the nightmares she went through with Vanraj. She then apologizes Anuj for everything, says love is on both sides now, and says I love you Anuj. Her team claps for her. Irritated Leela asks them to stop their celebration and end it by exchanging the ring. Malvika and Meenu taunt her that she is a big jalkukdi/jealous lady who can’t see others happy.

Malvika with everyone takes Anuj and Anupama to the backyard and insists them to play a puzzlle game before exchanging rings. She, Samar, Kinjal, Devika, Dolly, and Toshu explain the game rules and asks them to find the names of the family members from the puzzle out there. Anupama tells Anuj that when they are together, they can do anything. They both start finding names. Vanraj looks at the engagement rings and grins. Anuj Searches Anupama’s name in the puzzle. Vanraj points it, stunning everyone.

Vanraj taunts Anuj that its weird that he saw Anupama’s name in a puzzle, but Anuj couldn’t. Hasmukh replies Vanraj didn’t notice Anupama for 26 years, what is the use if he notices her name now. He asks Anupama and Anuj to c oncentrate on their puzzle game. Anupama and Anuj search MaAn and complete the game. Hasmukh complements that both chose family first and then themselves and advice them not to forget themselves among the family and walk holding both family and love’s fingers. Anupama nods yes. Malvika says before they both throw shoes on us, we should perform their engagement. Everyone laugh.

MaAn find their engagement rings missing. They all search for rings. Everyone looks at Vanraj. Vanraj asks if they think he stole the rings, they watch TV serials a lot and imagine he stole rings, he can be hero and villain but can’t be so predictable. Anuj and Malvika warn him not to play a game now. Dolly asks where did the rings go then. Meenu says rings are with her as she took them for cleaning after ketchup fell on them. Malvika thanks her for cleaning the rings. Leela says they unnecessarily doubted her son. Vanraj says their fear is obvious as he is Anupama’s ex. Hasmukh says let us start engagement now. Malvika gives rings to Anupama and Anuj.

Vanraj taunts who must have thought that masala bearing hands will wear diamond ring one day and asks Anu if she washed her hands or still has masala smell. Anuj replies its a pleasant smell and he is lucky that it’s comes from his Anu’s hand, which Vanraj doesn’t know the value of. Hasmukh says it’s good that their nazar is ward off now. Malvika insists Anuj to recite a shayari before engagement as Anuj became a shayar/poet because of Anupama. Kinjal also insists and recalls messaging Anuj to make Anu feel special today as she is nervous. Anuj recites a long emotional shayari for Anupama. Everyone feel emotional hearing that and clap while Vanraj and Leela frown. Anuj says Anupama is his world and its most beautiful than everyone.

Anupama says she has the most good fate among everyone as she belongs to him. Anuj asks her to promise him that whenever she looks into mirror, she should remember that someone lives just looking at her. Anupama gets more emotional.Samar asks if they can start engagement or continue emotional chat. Anuj says they will and puts a diamond ring in Anupama’s finger. Everyone claps for them. Anupama then puts ring in Anuj’s finger. Everyone claps again while Vanraj and Leela frown more. Leela walks away yelling that she is burning from inside seeing their happiness. Kanta offers her sweets. Leela asks if she is sprinkling lemon on her wounds.

Kanta says lemon are costly now and salt is enough for her. Leela says she learn taunts from her daughter. Kanta says at least she learnt something from Anu, but Leela didn’t. She taunts there is a saying that old parrot cannot learn anything, but Leela should try at least. Leela says she become a hot chilli from a gulkand. Kanta says she should have long ago and warns Leela to dare not try to ruin Anupama’s wedding or else a girl’s mother is Goddess Durga too and can destroy the evil. She asks Leela to take back her curse or else the curse will turn back on herself. Leela stands stunned. Kanta offers her sweets again. Leela throws the bowl and it falls on tulsi plant. Kanta gets happy seeing that while Leela . Leela gets more jealous and frustrated. Anuj and Anupama spend quality time together and hug each other.Anuj plants a kiss on Anupama’s forehead.

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