Lost in love update Sunday 10 December 2023

Lost in love 10 December 2023: Virat messages commissioner from Sai’s mobile. Commissioner reads it and asks Kadam to order a sniper to take a position near plane’s door. Terrorist notices Virat and points gun at him.

Virat overpowers terrorist and then attacks Bheema and other terrorists. Geetanjali tries to attack Virat. Sai counterattacks Geetanjali asking if she will kill her daughter and family. Geetanjali tries to pick a gun. Savi kicks gun away. Sai picks gun and points at Geetanjali. Police enters plane and asks passengers to come out one by one. Omkar with his family gets out first leaving Bhavani and others. Sai tells Geetanjali that love means sacrifice oneself and not others. Police arrest Geetanjali and her team and take them away. Ashwini tells Sai that she and Virat should reunite as even fate wants them to reunite. Sai sends Ashwini and says she and Virat will come later.

Bhavani asks Savi to accompany her. Savi says she will come with her aayi. Bhavani leaves. Sai asks Savi to go with others. Savi says she will stay and protect her aayi. Sai says everyone saw how brave she was, now she should go. Savi asks why she doesn’t want to come. Sai says she needs to help others and asks Satya to take Savi along. Satya says he will if she promises that she will return to Virat after getting out of her as he doesn’t want to sacrifice her love over her responsibilities like his aayi did, they both have kids and should become a family again.

Sai promises him. Satya asks Savi to take him out and let Sai come behind them. Savi walks behind Satya. Sai stops and hugs her followed by Virat. Sai says she loves them both a lot. Sai asks Savi to take care of Vinu until she returns. Savi pinky promises and leaves with Satya.

Virat asks Kadam about the casualties and instructs him to shift dead bodies to morgue. Chavans return to base camp and get happy seeing Vinu. Satya asks Vinu if he is fine. He nods yes. Savi hugs Vinu tightly. Vinu asks where are Virat and Satya. Virat searches for Sai. Terrorist says he should go and meet his love as she is waiting for him. Virat asks what did he do with Sai. Terrorist loses consciousness. Virat notices Sai unconscious with a live bomb jacket over her. He tries to wake her up in vain. He find a phone and informs Kadam to send bomb squad into plane as there is a live bomb there.

Tu Bin Bataye Mujhe Lechal Kahin… song plays in the background. Sai dreams about Ashwini returning to plane and giving her a flower bouquet. Sai asks why did she return. Ashwini says to congratulate her for reuniting with Virat as Virat informed her about it. Ashwini with family enters next and says Virat can’t stay without Sai and hence she has to marry him. Ashwini says let’s make Virat and Sai’s wedding arrangements. Satya, Savi, and Vinu also join them.


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