Anupama starlife update Friday 22 March 2024

Barkha says it is a wonder everyone wants to become parents. Pakhi is happy that Samar will have a child now. Anuj says we will wait for Dimpy’s baby as well along with Kavya’s baby. Choti Anu is happy. Baa tells Dimpy that good news are not told with fear. Anupama takes off bad sight from them and does their aarti. The ladies begin dancing to mark the happiness.

Pakhi tells Adhik that everyone is happy. Anupama tells that your new life is starting and tells Dimpy that hurdles will come in your way, but the journey will be beautiful, and asks Dimpy to accept the changes. Anupama asks Samar to get ready for the responsibility. Samar says it is a big responsibility, and we need all of your support. Anupama smiles. Kavya says it is the advantage of a joint family, nobody is lonely. Anupama says little Samar will become a father

Later Samar thanks Dimpy and asks why you didn’t tell before. Dimpy says she got test result report there and then she couldn’t stay without revealing the truth before everyone. Samar says you did right and says I am very happy for the good news. Dimpy says she is feeling fear. Samar says happy parents give a happy life to the child. He says we will have a daughter like you. Dimpy says baby shall be healthy. Samar says baby will be healthy. He says I can feel father hood like Toshu and Vanraj and wants to live for the baby. Just then their photo frame falls down.

Anupama is looking at Samar’s pic and crying with happiness. Anuj captures her video and asks her to cry with both eyes. Anupama says she will look bad. Anuj tells that he knows that she is happy that her dear son will become father. She reminisces his childhood and says he used to run around me. She says she hopes Kavya and Dimpy’s baby bring auspiciousness in the house and babu ji’s house gets filled with happiness. She says she feels that Pakhi will give the good news to us soon. Anuj asks her to give the give good news too. Anupama is surprised. Anuj smiles. Anupama gets Baa’s call and Baa tells her that Malti Devi has went somewhere.

Anupama and Anuj come to Baa’s house. Baa gives the letter left by Anupama. Anupama reads the letter in which Malti Devi thanks Anupama for uniting her with her son. She says his happiness lies in her departure from here and she will not give her life, as her life is her punishment. She says everyone taken care of me well, I have to leave from here, Kanha ji will give place to stay to her. She asks her to take care of herself and give love to Anuj. She asks her to ask Anuj to forgive his unlucky mother. The letter ends. Anupama says no mother shall be separated from her son, and no son shall separate from his mother. She says no mother can bear this. Baa says we let her stay here on your saying, don’t know where she went. Anupama blames herself and says I should have taken care of her. Kinjal says she was unwell when she had come, but now she is fine. Samar says what we can do? Anuj tells that it is her habit to leave, I don’t feel any pain. He goes. Vanraj goes behind him. Baa asks her not to worry. Samar says there is a good news too. Anupama hugs him. Toshu says Maa gets convinced with Samar.

Babu ji says it is sad that Malti Devi left, but we have to share the happiness too. Next day, Toshu tells about Baa’s mannat to keep Ganapati next year. Baa says she wants to end this partition and wipe the line. Dimpy says even me. Samar says even me. Anupama takes off bad sight. Babu ji says your Leela is different. Baa realizes her mistake and tells that she will wipe the line. Kavya asks her baby to wait for their welcome too. Vanraj says when everyone is together, then house can’t separate. Samar asks Anupama to make halwa and says he is very happy.

Anupama says I will make all your favorite dishes. Samar says I just need my Mummy and says you and your love is with me, and we shall never separate. Anupama says yes. Pakhi says he is getting so much love.Toshu asks if we don’t have any importance as we are not crying babies. Anupama hugs Pakhi, Toshu, Choti and Samar altogether.

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