Evil Affairs starlife update Friday 17 May 2024

The Episode starts with Nikki putting the match sticks on the floor and makes sindoor rolis. She sharpens the trishul and it sparkles with divinity. She opens the book and starts reading hanuman chalisa. Piyush comes there and sees her sleeping on the bed. He thinks he was worried unnecessarily, this is called love. He comes near her and kisses on her cheek. Agar tum na hote plays….He goes. Nikki gets up and continue reading it.

Kapalika swallows the evil power snake and tells that to win the war, one needs to find the power of enemy, and now I know my enemy and that’s why Nikki will be killed first and then Baldevi. She says Malik will be angrily, but I will get the army of bahus for the rasmein. She opens her mouth and snake comes out, then the snake goes in her mouth.

Nikki gets ready in red color clothes with Bindi and sindoor. She says Sister Anita had said that where there is darkness, let there be light. She says I will hold the truthful candle to spread the light of purity in this darkness. She says I will get all my family freed. She tells that she will trap Kapalika using the holy things and asks God to give her strength to trap her, to face Malik to get her family freed from this evil. She says jai bajrang bali.

Suguna checks Aarohi. Prateik tells Sumitra and Vikram that Aarohi didn’t sleep all night, don’t know what has happened. Suguna asks Prateik to get Ashwagandha and other stuff. Prateik says he doesn’t know. Piyush says I will get it from jungle and goes. Aarohi says in her unconscious state, don’t do this Nikki, stop it. Vikram asks Prateik if she said something. Prateik says no. They get worried. Saudamini hears them. Sumitra says it seems Nikki is going to do something which she shall not do. Just then they hear shank voice and then Nikki singing bhajan.

Nikki is singing bhajan holding microphone. Everyone is shocked. Nikki challenges Kapalika and says today I will call you here. She sings hanuman chalisa. Vikram says she will take our lives. They rush out. Saudamini says what Nikki wants to do? Rachna and others get scared. Aarohi is gaining consciousness. Vikram shouts choti bahu…

He asks her to stop singing. They all come downstairs. Vikram shouts at her. Sumitra asks have you gone mad and wants to kill us. Nikki says she wants to call Kapalika here, so that she takes her to Malik, and she will ask Malik why he has made them as his slaves, and will ask him to leave us from our slavery. Vikram asks do you know that destruction can happen in our house. He asks what do you know about Kapalika and Malik. Nikki says I don’t know about them, but knows how you people became his slaves.

She says she learnt about their ancestor Vishwajeet because of whom they became Malik’s slave, and says his story is written in Malik Puran. Sumitra asks did you read it? Nikki says she didn’t read it, and tells that she had met the tantrik who was on the river side, and came to know about Vishwajeet. She says she wants to ask Malik, why they can’t live their own life. Vikram asks her to be quiet. Nikki says I will lose golden opportunity without your support and asks them to let her call Kapalika.

Sumitra asks do you know, who is Kapalika and how powerful he is. Nikki tells that Kapalika is Malik’s partner, and he is powerful due to us. She says we shall go under God’s shelter to get saved from Malik’s slavery. She asks them to trust her and sing hanuman chalisa with her. Vikram asks them to make her quiet. Everyone signs her to stop. Saudamini looks on. They see the light flickering? Prateik says Kapalika is coming. Vikram says this girl will destroy everything and says before Kapalika comes and kills us, we shall go and apologize to her.

They go out and sees Kapalika coming. They sit down, bending their heads infront of her. Kapalika asks what is happening in this Palace, and says you people are doing puja, you have taken God’s name. Vikram says we just worships Malik and says Nikki is worshipping God. Kapalika says Nikki will be killed today.

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