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Imlie 16 September 2022: Satyakam with his men rushes on bikes towards city to bring a doctor to treat Imlie. They see Aditya traveling in a car and head towards him, but stop seeing police. Police stops Aditya’s car and showing Satyakam’s pic ask if he saw them. Aditya says no and says he is a journalist from Delhi and is returning home. Police asks him to drop them to drop them till bus stop and get into car. Satyakam asks his man Chandu to go and inform jamai babu about Imlie’s condition and seek his help. Chandu stops Adi’s car and informs him that Imlie is severely ill and needs his help. He says Imlie had suffered a severe infection a few days ago and is on medicines, they should continue her medicine and take care of him. Chandu says Imlie is calling him.

Adi says Imlie knows he is going on an important work and will not stop him, asks driver to drive away.Vaidya treats Imlie and says he stopped her bleeding, but he cannot do much and they need to take her to city. Satyakam reaches and lifting Imlie on his back walks into jungle with Mithi. Mithi pleads to keep her eyes awake and see Dadda carrying her on his back. Imlie says Dadda became Jhansi ki rani. They hide seeing police searching Satyakam. Satyakam seeing her condition says he will surrender himself to police. Imlie stops him and gives her promise to run away. He hides. Mithi carries Imlie on her back next. Police stops them. She pleads inspector to let them go as her daughter is severely injured. Inspector checks Imlie’s gundshot wounds and says they are Satyakam’s people and should tell where he is.

Mithi says she doesn’t know where he is and to let them go. Inspector orders constables to detain them and over walkie talkie informs others that Satyakam escaped, but his 2 associate mother and daughter duo are caught, daughter must be around 17-18 years old and incurred gunshot. Aditya hears that conversation and realizes they must be Imlie and Mithi.Mithi confronts inspector and warns that she will kill him if something happens to her daughter. Inspector angrily tries to slap her, but Adi enters and stopping him asks if he will not show his power on a man. Inspector asks who is he. Adi says he is a new paper’s chief executive reporter and can destroy his career if he dares to touch his wife Imlie. Inspector gets afraid.

Mithi asks Imlie to wake up as jamai babu has come. Adi rushes to Imlie and pleads her to keep herself away. He asks inspector call ambulance or jeep. Inspector says it will take at least 1 hour. He lifts her and asking Mithi to return home trusting him carries Imlie on a cart pleading her to open eyes and blabber as she does. Malini calls him, but he rejects her call. Malini gets sad seeing that. Nidhi tries to prepare Imlie’s style for Adi and Imlie but fails. Aparna says she feels worried for Imlie.

Adi calls ambulance and asks to reach his location, but they say they may take 20 min more. He says he doesn’t have time, so they can wait near check post. He continues pulling cart asking Imlie to keep blabbering like she does reminiscing all the incidents of scolding her. Rain starts and cart tyre breaks down. He lifts her and runs asking her to fight with him. She opens eyes and says he can scold her for the last time. He gets emotional and calls her jhalli. She calls him shahri langoor/city baboon. They both laugh. She falls unconscious again. He continues to wake her up.

Aditya continues chatting with Imlie trying to keep her away. She collapses. He tries his best to make her awake and cries hugging him. Ambulance arrives. He gets her into ambulance. Malini decorates her room. Aparna enters. Malini says she decorated room for Aditya, hopes he likes it. Aparna says she is looking so beautiful that Adi will look only at her and not decoration. Malini shies. Medical team give defibrillator shock to Imlie to revive her. She breathes again. Adi notices it and informs them. They fix oxygen mask on Imlie. Family enjoys tea and Aparna says Imlie will chat continuously for 2-3 days when she returns. Adi via nurse’s phone calls Malini. Malini asks if he is fine and switches on speaker.


Adi says nothing is fine here, Imlie incurred a bullet in Pagdandiya and he is in hospital and taking her to a Delhi’s Sanjog Hospital. Dhruv says they all will reach before and finish admission formalities. Adi tells Imlie that he didn’t ask her, but fate forced her responsibility on him, and seeing the recent incidents, he cannot run away from fate and will follow his responsibility towards her for life, so she cannot leave him easily.Mithi returns home. Her friend asks if Satyakam took Imlie to city. Mithi says police was searching Satyakams, so he had to leave, but jamai babu came on time and is taking Imlie to city for treatment.

Friend asks her not to worry as everything will be fine soon. Mithi prays Seeta maiya to save Imlie. Adi continues trying to wake up Imlie. Imlie opens eyes. He gets happy and says they are reaching hospital soon. She holds his hand and asks to remove her bangales, mangalsutra and sindhoor. He does same, but cannot wipe out sindhoor. He reaches hospital and takes Imlie on a stretcher. Family joins him worried for Imlie. Doctor asks nurses to take Imlie to ICU. Tauji asks if Imlie will be fine. Doctor says he needs to do some tests and her chances of survival are grim.

Aditya reminisces Imlie saving his life during firing and telling she saved him for the family who loves her so much and rest of the incidents in Pagdandiya. Aparna and whole family ask he is fine and how was Imlie shot, where was he then. Malini says he should inform Imlie’s family as they would also be tensed. She thinks of diverting family’s attention and asking Nidhi and Rupal to bring children from school asks Aparna and Badima not to worry as Imlie will be fine soon. She takes Dhruv to reception to finish admission formalities.

Mithi waits for Adi’s call in post office. Postman requests her to go as he is already 2 hours late to close post office and may lose his job. Dulari enters and yells to let Imlie die. Mithi warns her that she will kill her if something happens to Imlie. Postman insists her to leave, and friend takes her towards door when Adi calls. She hurriedly picks receiver. Adi says its him. She asks how is Imlie. He says she is fine and is in ICU, asks how was Imlie shot while she was fine when he left her with Mithi. Mithi describes how villagers got suspicious that Adi wants to leave Imlie in Pagdandiya and return to Delhi, so Suhas wanted to check for Adi in lodge when Imlie resisted and during their tussle Suhas fired bullet by mistake which hit Imlie’s chest. Adi reminisces Imlie returning his money saying when he is not her, what will she do with his money, she telling he will return to his home after tonight but this night will be dark for her whole life, etc.

Mentally unstable old lady walks to him, who thinks him as her son Mayank, and asks if he came back. Adi sits in front of her and says he is bad. She says when he has a good friend like Imlie, how can be bad. Adi pours his heart out and says he couldn’t be with Imlie when she needed him the most and couldn’t save him. Malini walks to him.

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