Anupama Starlife update Saturday 14 January 2023

Anupama 14 January 2023: Anupama receives a parcel and gets happy seeing Anuj’s sent flower gajra in it. She wears gajra and thinks after meeting him, she realized what happiness is. Anuj gets ready for the business meeting. Anupama sent him tea with a message that he likes her prepared tea, so she is sending it to make his day. Kavya continues lying on the bed. Leela walks to her and yells at her for not doing household chores. Kavya requests her to leave her alone. Baa walks out yelling. Kavya receives a text message from Rakhi to meet her. Anupama notices Vanraj in the cafeteria shattered and hopes Vanraj realizes that a person has to pay for his deeds and corrects himself, prays Kanhaji to give him some conscience.Kavya meets Rakhi. Rakhi says she is poisonous but is true, Kavya’s husband jhas only his father’s big house and a big ego. Kavya says she knows, its waste to expect anything from him. Rakhi asks if she will on her husband’s mercy or will herself do something, Kinjal is her only child and she can take care of Kinjal, her baby, and Toshu, but Vanraj’s middle-class values don’t let her do that. She says can offer her a job but with one condition.

Anuj returns home to meet Shahs to discuss wedding plan, but finds no one at home. He walks into kitchen and finds Anu cooking there. He tells Anu they should spend some time together before the pre-wedding rituals start. Anu taunts him and sends him out. Rakhi asks Kavya if her in-laws care about her like the way she cares for them, Kinjal and Toshu’s lives are secure as she is with them, Anuj and Anupama have Kavya, but Kavya has only super-egoistic Vanraj and hence should think about herself. She reminds her big expenses of Shah Family and asks her to divorce Vanraj and walk out of that house; she should now decide if she has to become old Kavya or old Anupama.Anu offers tea and snacks to Anuj. Jaisi Ho Waisi Aajao Sringar To Rehne Do.. song plays in the background. They both enjoy same tea and spend quality time together. Vanraj on the other side tears contract papers and throws them in air. Anuj gets a call, but disconnects it and keeps phone away. She does same. He asks her how was her day. She talks about burger day, potato, and Shah house’s mixer grinder excitedly. He silently listens to her. She asks what is he looking at her. He says at a time of mobile and internet, he feels happy chatting with face to face. She says mobile have replaced relationships in a person’s life. He asks how is the situation at family, was there any drama after Malvika Vanraj, Kavya and Toshu. Anu says Malvika did right, but she feels bad for them. She says she wants to disconnect from Shahs, but her heart longes for them.

Anuj says it hurts that his heart completely belongs to her, but her heart doens’t completely belongs to him. He says he loved only her for 26 years, but she had Shah family in her life for 26 years and they are part of her life now, so he will never ask her to break her ties with Shah family ever. Anupama gets emotional seeing his selfless behavior and asks if she should build a temple for him.Anupama emotionally tells Malvika that she would have kept 16 somvar fast for 16 lives as Anuj is the reward of her prayers. Malvika says her talks are also sanskari. Anu hugs her. Malvika apologizes her for getting angry on her. Anu says its okay. Malvika says she gets angry seeing Shahs cursing Anuj and Anupama’s happiness, even then they both act so kind towards them. On the other side, Rakhi tells Kavya that she explained what she wanted to, now Kavya should think well and take a decision; she should remember that she is helping her because she is a woman and not because she is her samdhan. She thinks there would be drama when a woman for whom Vanraj left Anupama will leave Vanraj, Shah family will shatter and Kinjal will return to her, only then her revenge will be completed.Anupama apologizes angry Anuj. Anuj ignores her. She pins him to a wall and asks what is happening. He says he is angry. She says he looks more cute when he is angry, its good to think about himself sometimes and she is very happy; she and Bapuji will manage Shah family, he should just focus on their wedding. Anuj says he wants everyone to be happy in their wedding, one who wants their marriage and even one who don’t. Anu says they will have to reap what they sow. Anuj says he feels good hearing this new change in her life. She says she will go and check what her father and his mummyji are doing. He holds her pallu and romantically says he will openly romance her in front of everyone during their wedding as its his first wedding and he cannot wait. She shyingly asks him to control. He says he can’t. She walks away saying boy has gone mad.

Anupama with Samar and Kinjal return to Shah house and see Vanraj and Kavya fighting. Kavya tongue lashes Vanraj that she is tired of his failure and attitude, he should do something or else she will. Vanraj shouts she can do whatever she wants to. Anu tries to stop their fight. Vanraj yells at her to mind her own business. Kavya walks away saying Rakhi was right. Samar and Kinjal ask Anu to not interfere in all this and concentrate on her wedding. Anu says she cannot see any drama during her wedding.Anuj prepares food for himself and Malvika and enjoys it. Malvika pulls his legs asking where he is going for honeymoon. Anuj gets a call and excitedly informs Malvika that he got a new project and says now he can fulfill Anuj’s each dream and thanks god. He asks Malvika not to inform about it to Anu as he wants to celebrate it with a special gift.Next morning, Anuj wakes Anu up. Anu in sleep asks him to let her sleep. She opens eyes and notices him as groom wearing a sehra. She says is looking very good as groom. He says that is all. She says he looks to be only hers. He excitedly dances and asks her to join him. She dances with him and realizes it was her imagination, thinks Anuj was really looking good as a groom. She then picks kajal and applies it behind her ear recalling Baa’s curse and thinks nobody’s evil eyes should fall on her happiness.

Hasmukh offers tea for Vanraj. Vanraj asks if he prepared tea for him. Hashmukh says he is his father and can never think bad about him, he stops him from doing wrong as he doesn’t want him to be in trouble, he will support him and even god will if he follows a right path and then nobody can stop him from achieving success, etc. Vanraj gets emotional hearing that. Leela joins them. Hasmukh says he became Anupama’s father does mean he is not Vanraj’s father, he wants to be a good father who stops his children from doing wrong. He suggests Leela to become a good mother and save her son destroyal; his mother used to say that Anupama is Lakshmi of this house, now his son has lost her and can’t expect her back in his life again. Leela silently listens to him.Anuj video calls Anu and gets romantic with her. Anu shyingly asks him to get ready and go to work. Anuj thinks when will he marry. Bapuji over phone invites his relatives who rejecs his invitation saying they will not attend a second marriage. Leela says nobody will attend Daadi/grandma’s wedding, she sounds bitter to him but speaks truth; only 2 guests will attend his daughter’s wedding, one is humiliation and second is accusation; nobody will attend Anu’s wedding, maybe family members will attend, but nobody will give her blessings or shagun, etc. Hasmukh asks if she will attend as her presence matters to him, Anupama, Anuj, and children. Leela says even she will not. Hasmukh thinks he wants to convince her as he knows Anupama’s happiness is incomplete without her.

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