Evil Affairs starlife update Friday 12 July 2024

The Episode starts with Nikki telling Piyush that this is the cave which we are searching. Her dress gets stuck. She pulls her dress and it get torn. Saudamini thinks where to search them. She finds Nikki’s dress piece and thinks they are in this cave. She appreciates herself.

Daayan asks Maha Shaitaan about her plan and asks if you will support me or not. Maha Shaitaan says plan is good, and tells that he has given all the powers to Malik. Daayan tells that what Malik has done and tells that he was ruined falling in love with a girl. She says you are waiting for Malik to regain his power so that he can fulfill his dreams. She tells that she will kill Malik and all the world will be her slave, and then she will give him what he wanted, the key to the hell, so that he can come there from the hell and can become God for everyone, from Devil. She says I can make you God, which Malik can never do.


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