An Unusual tale Update Thursday 12 August 2021

An Unusual tale 12 August 2021: The Episode starts with Vikram hearing Jia saying she left the cockroach. He runs after them. Jia falls and gets hurt. He gets worried. Reyaan asks what did you do. He says he did not do anything. Jia starts acting. She says talk to my lawyer now. He says fine, first lets see how much you are hurt. She thinks about Samarth who never took care of her being busy all the time, as Vikram takes care of her. He asks what happened. Jia says I m sorry.

He asks why, any new plan. She hugs him and cries. She says you are very good person, I will never trouble you, we will become friends. He holds her and says Jia, you are spoiling my tshirt, move. She says I m really sorry. He hugs her and leaves.The public prosecutor says no one is above the law, money can amend the rules, everyone gets punished. He says Shobha has lied and broke the law, she insulted the court and should be punished. Shobha gets tensed as the judge announces the decision.

The judge says Shobha is fooling the court, and she will be punished for lying in court to become an example for others, law is most imp. He says Shobha will be in police custody and we will announce her punishment in some time, and Samarth will get more term. Mummy ji and Tarun panic.The judge asks them to be calm. Samarth says did the opposition party buy her. The judge says you can’t blame her, if he did this again, she will make more charges on him, and gives him warning.

Shobha asks the lawyer to do something. She apologizes and says she has to take care of kids. The judge says you should have thought before about kids. She says the judge is adjourned for now. Shobha calls out Samarth and cries. Garima hugs Shobha. The police takes Shobha.Nani comes and sees Vikram playing with Jia and Reyaan. She asks how did they become friends. Jia says she tried to become friends, as there is no use to fight.

Vikram says yes and stays annoyed. He leaves. Nani says your past will go very far from your present. Shobha faces media and is taken in the police jeep. She asks Samarth whats happening. Samarth scolds her and blames her for everything. She asks Tarun to help. The media troubles her more. She starts crying.Garima says she is ashamed to call Samarth her brother, you are selfish and won’t think about anyone. She says you can’t love anyone. Samarth says enough, I will slap you. Garima says yes, beat me and send me to hospital.

He slaps her. She cries and says disgusting, I hate you. She leaves. Nani wishes everything should be fine, as she is feeling worried. Vikram gives bad news that Shobha is arrested. Nani is shocked. They look at the kids. Vikram switches on the tv and sees the news.He sees that Shobha gave wrong statement in court and she is arrested for lying in court. He says damn… and shows Nani. She says what about kids. He says kids can hear this, talk slowly. She asks why did they arrest her. He says she supported Samarth and gave wrong statement. Nani says don’t know she was helpless and said this.

He says he hates marriage because of such reasons. He says kids are stuck in this, they were making poster to get back their dad, and now even their mum won’t come.Shobha cries being on the way. Tarun apologizes to Samarth and says he will find some way. Samarth says he will take revenge from judge, she has sent me back here. The lawyer says this happens in high profile case. Samarth scolds him. The lawyer says Shobha is also arrested.

Samarth says get her bailed out, shall we stay in jail forever. The lawyer says Shobha is involved in this case, she is also criminal now after supporting you. Samarth says get her out, you both made this plan, do anything but solve this.The kids welcome papa, we love you drawing. Vikram and Nani get sad. Vikram says the poster is made well and praises them. Reyaan says why did they not come. Jia says I will call mum. She asks Vikram will he come to meet her dad. He says he has to tell something important.

He asks them to be brave as their mum…. Nani stops him and says let their family come. Vikram changes the topic and they smile. Shobha is put in jail. Garima comes to take the kids and cries seeing the drawing. Vikram pacifies her and Nani asks her to take care of kids. Garima thanks them and leaves. Vikram gets worried. Shobha gets troubled by some ladies inmates. She cries thinking about kids.Shobha asking the lawyer to free her. He says I did not think you will be arrested, I m sorry, but I told you the consequences.

She asks Tarun what did you think, why did he not think abut her kids, please do anything, my kids can’t stay without their mum, please get me out of here. The lawyer says even I want you to get free, but its not easy. Tarun says don’t worry, Riddhima will take care of kids. She cries. The lawyer says if you get bail, the opposition party will get new issue, so we have to think well. She says no one thought from heart, what will I do, what will my kids do. Tarun says we will come to meet you tomorrow.

She asks the lawyer to give mobile, she has to make a call. She is not allowed.Nani tells Vikram that she want to do something for kids, how will Shobha be in jail at night. Shobha is given the phone and is asked to make a call. She thanks and calls Garima, whose phone is left with Vikram. She says she has just two mins and asks Jia to be brave. She asks them to be strong, as she is stuck, she will come soon, please manage. She asks is she listening, say something. Vikram says its me. He says Jia has forgot the phone at my place.

He says Garima came and took the kids, are you fine. She cries. He senses her pain.He says I have seen the news. She says she did this for her kids. He says I will one thing, I will take phone to home, call after some time. She says I had just two minds and ends the call, giving the phone back. She cries. Vikram says damn…. He tells Nani that he is going to give the phone back to kids. Jia cries and tells Mummy ji that she won’t do anything, please get mummy back.

Mummy ji says don’t cry, mum will come back, have this choc milk. Garima hugs Reyaan. Reyaan says we miss dad, and how will we stay without mum now. Garima says mum went to dad, as he needs her.Jia says she wants to go to mum. The door bell rings. Garima sees its Vikram. He gives her the phone back. Jia runs to him and hugs him. She says mum and dad went, its only me and Reyaan, how will I be brave, I feel like crying. Vikram wipes her tears. Mummy ji gets angry and takes Jia. She says I m sorry, Jia is upset. He says its fine.

She says thanks and shuts the door on his face. Tarun talks to the lawyer. Riddima comes and asks what did he do, he has trapped Shobha. He says I was trying to help them. She says I want to meet her. He says meet her tomorrow. She says you are reacting as if nothing happened.He says Samarth has scolded me a lot. You don’t start again. She says you did all this, you both have done this. He says come, lets go home and talk.

She says no, you can do this with me, what Samarth did with Shobha, he used to act to love and respect her, but you don’t even act. He slaps her and puts her in the car. Shobha thinks no one will come to help me and my kids. Vikram tells Nani that he has to free Shobha at any cost, he has to do this for Jia and Reyaan.Its morning, Shobha is asked to come to meet someone. She thinks its Samarth and goes. Shobha is shocked seeing the interrogation panel.

They ask about Samarth’s case and asks her to cooperate with them. They ask did she know about his secret affair. What she has to say about him. She thinks about Samarth. She does not tell anything and speaks in Samarth’s favor. They make her panic and shows the girl pic. She thinks Samarth has told her about her. She sees more pics and is shocked knowing he had affairs with many women. The man shows her many girls pics and details. She says don’t show more, I can’t see it. She starts crying and runs out.

Garima talks to Sarika and says first Samarth, and now Shobha. She asks can she drop the kids to her for few days. Sarika says no, send them to Shobha’s mum. Garima says she is old, she can’t handle. Sarika says she can’t handle either and ends the call stating work. Vikram comes to Garima and asks who forced Shobha to lie. Garima says Tarun, but I stopped her. Mummy ji comes and gets angry on Vikram. She says we will help ourselves. He says Shobha is good employee and this is wrong happening with her.

Mummy ji says its good, she will leave her job now, thanks, just go. Garima says how can she behave like this. Mummy ji says enough. Vikram comes home and gets angry. Nani asks him to be calm. He says Sharda has kicked me out of her home. Nani says I will not leave her. He stops her. Nani says leave me. He meets Garima and Reyaan. The kids thank him. Vikram asks them to face the situation. Garima says the kids did not have food since night, how should I manage. He says you have to do it. The lawyer talks to Tarun. Tarun says Shobha believes whatever we say.

The lawyer says we have a legal option, when both the parents are out, law allows anyone to get out, we can get Shobha get bail. Tarun says we have make Samarth free instead of Shobha. Riddhima hears this and is shocked.

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