An Unusual tale Update Friday 13 August 2021


An Unusual tale 13 Aug 2021: The Episode starts with Vikram coming to the police station. He says all world’s unhygienic people are here. He says I don’t think they had bath this week and covers his nose. He tells he wants to meet Shobha Sachdev and sits on the bench. A man comes and asks does he have cigarette. Vikram says I don’t smoke. A lady comes and touches him. She says you look like cheese, I will give free service. He says thanks Didi and gets away. He tells inspector that he has to meet Shobha right away.

Shobha asks for water. Vikram comes to meet her and gets 5 mins. She says Sir, you here. He says no, its my ghost. He says why did you give statement for your stupid husband.She says you came as office work is pending right. He says yes, I m dependent on you, Jia and Reyaan are not having food, get out soon. He calls Garima and asks her to make kids talk to Shobha. Jia talks to Shobha on video call. Jia says Reyaan is not well, he is sleeping, why did you leave us and go. Shobha says I m always with you, take care of Reyaan, have food please. Garima makes her drink juice.

Jia says I won’t trouble anyone and take care of everyone. She says till Garima gets married to Sanjay, I have to take care of her. Shobha gives the phone to Vikram. He asks shall I call again. She says no.He says I will try my best to free you. She says its not easy, till Samarth gets bail, I can’t get bail. He says he knows the lawyer Ketan as he is his friend, he will talk to him. She says she did this for her kids and cries. He leaves. Tarun meets Samarth in jail. Samarth asks whats his plan.

Tarun tells him about the lawyer saying any one parent can get bail to take care of kids, if both are in jail. Samarth asks really and starts laughing. Tarun asks whats your decision. Samarth says whats there to think, I can’t be here for one more day, I can handle my case well once I get free, and then free Shobha for the kids. Tarun says fine, I will tell the lawyer. Samarth thanks him. Tarun leaves.Garima talks to Sanjay and tells everything. She says Sarika said she can’t handle kids and asks about him to arrange a good lawyer.

Mummy ji takes the phone and scolds her reminding Sanjay broke the engagement, does she have self respect or not. Garima says I can just share my problems with Sanjay, you want me to tell Ajay against Tarun. Mummy ji says you have gone mad, he regards us family and he will get Samarth out. Garima says yes, Shobha is paying the price, if my inlaws does this with me, what will you do. Mummy ji says Shobha knew this risk, Samarth will come out first and do something for him.

Garima says wake up, Samarth is not like he looks. She leaves. Mummy ji gets a call and says I will come. She meets her friend and says she is having much stress in life. Nani sees her in the park and asks her gang to come. Nani scolds her for sending her bahu to jail. Mummy ji argues. Nani says catch me and show, and runs. Mummy ji says we got the worst neighbors.Vikram meets Ketan (the lawyer) and asks him to make others life better. Ketan asks what did I do.

Vikram says I m talking about Shobha, we all know Samarth is bad, I think she is inncent and gave statement on Tarun’s saying, how can you do this, her kids are crying a lot. Why are you seeing me as if you saw a ghost? Ketan says I did not see you before talking about others problem, it means you are in love with Shobha. Vikram is shocked and gets angry. Ketan asks is there something between you and Shobha. Vikram says have you lost it, you know about my past and asking me this, I feel we are good friends, I don’t know you at all, you have send an innocent woman to jail and asking me do I have an affair with her.

Ketan says its fine, people move on, I asked this seeing your concern for her, you are standing for a woman and fighting for her with your friend, I can’t believe she is your employee. Vikram says she is a mum who went to do right for kids and fell into trouble. He asks him to leave. Its night, Shobha thinks about Vikram’s words and thinks she never felt some stranger will help her when her family is against her, am I doing mistake to trust anyone, but no one has time to solve my problem, he will forget me in few days.

Vikram shows his hairfall to Ketan. Ketan says I can see my old friend again, but I can’t see good hopes, I have to do as per my client and Samarth is my client. Vikram asks you know you are doing wrong about Shobha. Ketan says my duty is for my client. Vikram says we are friends. Ketan says don’t make it difficult for me. Vikram says fine, I will find some other way. Ketan says that I m sure of. Vikrram asks what. Ketan says nothing, the hearing is tomorrow. Riddhima asks Tarun about the hearing. Tarun tells Riddhima to not argue, legal matters take time. She asks him to think about kids, get Shobha bail, I don’t care if Samarth gets bail.

Tarun says fine, Ketan has a plan and we will try tomorrow. She says yes, Shobha will not come out of it. Tarun says Samarth is my boss. She says Shobha is my sister. He says I m going to court for myself to financially secure our future, not for them, think about me and be loyal. He sleeps. Riddhima prays Lord to send some angel to help Shobha. Mummy ji tells the kids that Samarth will get out today. Jia asks mum? Mummy ji says yes both will come home, I will get ready to go court. Nani calls Vikram and he says he slept in office. She says Shobha may have not slept in jail. He says let her family worry, why should we. She asks will you not help her.

He says I don’t have proof, how can I help.Tarun meets Samarth and says Ketan reached court, I will meet you in court, don’t worry. Samarth says I hope I won’t come to jail again. Samarth and Shobha are taken to the court for the hearing. Shobha thinks Samarth will think about him again, prove me wrong Samarth, just once.Sharda and Tarun are in the court and Sharda tells Tarun that she got excited after his call. Samarth comes to the court and meets Sharda and Tarun. Shobha is brought in and they all look at her.

Then its announced that the Judge is coming. Samarth stands in the witness stand. Judge asks Samarth’s lawyer Mr.Sethi to start. He says what happened last time, how Shobha was jailed for Contempt of Court. He says that Law and Justice don’t see emotions but he would still like to shine the light on plight of Sachdeva kids. One is 7 years old and other is almost 6 years. The kids miss their mother, they are crying and they are not eating anything. He doesn’t want to take the court on tangent, but the Court should think about the little kids. Shobha thinks that Samarth is trying to free her.

She thinks that he couldn’t be a good husband but at least he is trying to be a better father. Then Mr.Sethi says that the kids have been missing their father for almost 3 months. Their grand mother and Aunt can take their mother’s place but they have no one in their father’s place. In case when both parents are in jail, it’s a rule that one can be bailed to be with their kids. He urges the Court to let Samarth be freed so that he could be with his kids. If not bail then at least he should be put on parole. Shobha is disheartened to realize that Samarth only cares about his freedom. Court asks Shobha to give her opinion on this. Shobha says that the kids miss their father and he should be with them.

At home Jiya and Rehan are trying to play dice game but Rehan’s heart is not in it. Jiya asks him to throw the dice and not to stress himself. She tells him their Mother will be back soon. Rehan asks her what if she is not back. Jiya assures him that she can confirm that Mom will come back. Rehan asks her how she knows, if she is some President. Jiya tells him she is not a President now, she will become someday. But she has some other way. She asks him to choose a finger out of two. When Rehan chooses, she says he chose the right finger and Mom will back.


Seeing this Garima prays that the kids wish will be fulfilled.At the Court, the Judge says that after hearing everything the Court has reached its decision. Right then a commotion is heard and Vikram comes in and asks the Judge to stop. A constable is trying to stop Vikram. The Judge tells him that whatever he wants to say has to be said in Witness box and asks which side he is on. Vikram says he on Truth’s side.

Vikram stands in the Witness box and says that Shobha is innocent and she shouldn’t be punished for something she did under duress. He tells the Court that Samarth threatened Shobha through Tarun that if she didn’t sign the affidavit then he would divorce her and take the kids custody. He says Tarun had to come his office to threaten Shobha and it got recorded in the CCTV camera. He gives the CD as evidence. The Judge sees the tape and it is proved that whatever Shobha did was for her kids. Judge says that in the light of new evidence, Shobha is found innocent and freed from jail.

Since, the kids will have their mother there wont be need for Samarth to be out of jail. And along with it, Tarun is found guilty of manipulating evidence so he should be taken in custody. Samarth is very angry at Vikram and says he wont leave Vikram. Tarun is taken into Custody. Mr.Sethi asks Samarth to be calm and Sharda is worried. Both Tarun and Samarth are shouting at Vikram and they are taken away.Vikram comes out of the Court when Shobha stops him. She tells him he is hero for her. But that’s not what she wants to tell him.

Vikram asks her if she is going to propose him for marriage. Shobha is shocked, he says then why are you hesitating so much. Shobha tells him that she is saying this to him often, but she really wants to thanks him’Samarth is standing out with his Lawyer and Mother. Samarth is angry that this happened and the lawyer couldn’t do anything. Mr.Sethi says that the guy was Shobha’s boss and he didn’t even know Vikram had that evidence. He says if he had known that Tarun had gone to Shobha’s office threatened her like that, he would have done something.

Samarth says even he didn’t know Tarun went to Shobha’s office. Sharda says that Vikram and his Naani are meddling a lot in their affairs. Samarth angrily tells her now is not the time to discuss that. Samarth asks the Lawyer to clearly tell him if he can handle the case or not. Mr.Sethi tells him that he did all he could, but what he can when they hide such facts from him.Shobha is telling Vikram that when she was in jail, she thought she would only come out next year.

Whenever she thought about her kids inside the jail, she wanted to hit her head on the wall. She did know what to do, wehre to go and whom to turn to. Vikram is getting annoyed and he says her name to make her stop talking. Shobha tells him he doesn’t know what he has done for her. Vikram tells her that she and her daughter are same, always keep crying. Her daughter spoils his tshirts from crying and she is eating his brain by crying.

Garima tells the kids that the Lunch is ready and she has made rajma chawal. The kids tell her they will eat after their Mom and Dad come home. Garima tells them that they don’t know when they will come and they can be late. Right then the bell rings and the kids get happy that their parents have come back. Garima goes to the door and sees through the keyhole that only Sharda has come back. She get sad thinking about the kids. She says she doesn’t know what she will tell them. She opens the door and Sharda goes past her into the house.

She is closing the door when Shobha comes in. Garima is very happy to see her. She asks about Samarth and Shobha tells her he wasn’t bailed. Shobha goes inside and the kids come running to her. She takes them close and starts kissing them. The kids start complaining about each other. Shobha cant stop kissing them. Garima is amtional seeing them like this and comes and asks them to have their lunch. The kids go and Shobha stops Garima. She tells her that she knows Garima cried a lot for her.

In Office, Vikram is telling Mahesh that his whole schedule is meesed up. Mahesh tells Vikram that it used to be handled by Shobha but he will look into it now and goes from there. Vikram calls Shobha who is drying her hair. Shobha is a little shocked to see Vikram’s call. Vikram tells her if her crying, hugging is over she should come back to office. Everything is messed up without her and she cant expect two months leave for her jail yatra. Shobha says he wants her to come back the same day, half the day is already over.

Vikram tells her to wrap up her things and get back to office.Vikram is taking a meeting with Shobha and his other employees. He says they need a new marketing strategy and they don’t have a marketing head. So the ideas should come form them. Everyone stares at him and he tells them he wants them to give ideas now. One employee tells other employee why their Boss is like this, the other employee says because he stays alone at at home, he calls them at such meetings and bores them.

Vikram asks what they are gossiping about and says until they wont finish their work they wont go home.Vikram goes to the window and Shobha goes after him. She suggests he should appoint a marketing head from his current employees. He would have to take new interviews, the new person will have to adjust to his working style. He is not the easiest person to work with and he knows it. Vikram tells her there is not a more sweet, thoughtful and soft spoken person than him.

Shobha tells him he is really nice but his niceness is wrapped in some weirdness so not everyone can adjust to him. Vikram asks her if she is complimenting him or criticizing him. Right then wind blows from window and Vikram says he dislikes the cold air. Shobha tells him the air seems so pleasant. Then Vikram smells Jasmine fragrance and gets agitated. He asks Shobha to close the window and says he has allergy from it. Vikram sneezes and Shobha goes to the window and asks why he hates the Jasmine fragrance so much Vikram says he has allergy.

Shobha tells him that he is lying and lie doesn’t look good on him. She concludes he might have been in love with someone who used Jasmine fragrance. Vikram asks her to leave. Shobha apologizes for hurting him again and goes from there. Shobha thinks that like her even Vikram has been cheated in love, that’s why he cant forget it till now.Vikram comes to his cabin and then he remembers a woman’s giggle and a voice calling him out. He remembers that he was sitting with a woman in a restaurant and says he loves the fragrance of Jasmine. The woman asks him if he only loves the Jasmine fragrance.

Vikram asks her to stop cracking poor jokes. Then he takes her hand in his hand and says that whenever he will smell Jasmine fragrance, he will be reminded of her. The woman tells him that will he be reminded of her only by jasmine fragrance but she cant forget him even for a minute. He looks ordinary but he is only hers. Vikram thinks that Shobha keeps prodding him about his past. He cant understand why women are so nosy. His life is not a tv show where they want to know whatever happened.

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