An Unusual tale Update Wednesday 11 August 2021


An Unusual tale 11 Aug 2021: The Episode starts with Shobha coming home and thinking about Tarun’s words. She hugs Jia and Reyaan. She says I love you and hugs them tight. They ask what happened to her, did she fight with anyone, is she fine. She cries and leaves. The kids go to find out what happened to her. She shuts the room door and cries thinking about Samarth and her. She thinks nothing is more important to her than kids. She comes to meet Tarun. Riddhima welcomes him.

Shobha gives the papers and says she has signed it. He says congrats, as Samarth is getting out of jail, see I did what Samarth said, he knows you very well. I did not do anything. He says look at the positives, just say the statement in court and your life will be back on track.Shobha says it won’t be on track now, after the message Samarth has sent through him. She asks about the court case. Tarun says he will inform. Shobha leaves. Riddhima asks what did Samarth say. Tarun says he said he will divorce her. She says how can he do this.

He reminds her the marriage vows. She defends Shobha and he scolds her. He says go and get snacks for me. He cools down. He says the real game will start now. Shobha comes to meet Samarth and thinks about Tarun’s words. She thinks she can’t seek an answer when she is so weak.Shobha goes back home. She meets Vikram and he says he is coming to take her. She thinks about Nani and says she will come. He says no, I will manage.

She says I want to help. They bring Nani out as she went in teenager party and is drunk. They make her sit in the car. Nani asks why did you make me sit here, I will drive. Vikram says yes, see first. Nani says will he agree to what he says. He says yes. She says I chose a girl for you, she is perfect for you, my mood is good because of her. She says she is more beautiful than Shobha. She asks Vikram to meet her once, as she looks Miss World. She says she is coming, see her.

The lady Dukhi meets them, and she has squint eyes. Vikram leaves in his car. They are on the way. Nani asks what does he think. He says what can he feel if her name is Dukhi. Nani jokes on him and Shobha laughs. Vikram asks why is she laughing. Shobha says its second time. They bring Nani home. Nani calls Vikram Sadu and she stumbles. Shobha takes her inside. They make her sit on the sofa. Vikram says he saw something in conference room, I don’t interfere, but I m asking can I help you.

She says no one can help me, its only me who can help myself, its tough to manage ourselves, thanks.Shobha comes home and hugs her kids, while they are sleeping. She kisses them and cries. Samarth is in jail and thinks tomorrow morning will bring Shobha’s statement and my freedom, this is last night in jail. Its morning, Vikram calls Shobha and says he can’t come office, and asks her to give file to Mahesh, as Nani had hangover and he is trying to make lemon juice. She gives him many tips. He looks in fridge and thanks her.

Nani holds her head and says I have much ache. Vikram says I m getting your hangover juice and gives her the tomato juice. Nani says blood and gets shocked. He says don’t overact, have this.She asks who gave this idea. He says Shobha told me, I was talking about office work and she told this. Nani says then it will be good. She says you need a woman. He says don’t give philosophy, I don’t think I need anyone. She says run, you have to stop somewhere and marry someone.

She says I will call Nisha and go on jogging. Reyaan goes to open the door. Shobha says she is getting late. Mummy ji scolds her. Its Tarun, and Mummy ji asks him to have food. Tarun says get halwa, its good news, Samarth can be freed today.Mummy ji gets glad and asks Garima to get ready. Tarun tells Shobha that she can’t fgo office, as she has to go court to give statement, did she change mind. She says I changed mind when he cheated me, now I think just about kids, where to drop them.

She tries calling friends and says she will drop them to her home. She tells Mummy ji that she will drop kids and come. Nani and her friends are in lift singing. Mummy ji sees them and argues. She taunts Nani. Garima calls Mummy ji. Nani gets angry and leaves. Mummy ji says I can’t believe this, Shobha is helping this woman. Garima says we are going for Samarth’s bail.Shobha gets a call and comes to know her friend is not available.

She says what to do now and calls Riddhima. Nani meets her and complains about Mummy ji. Shobha says I m stressed, I have to go court and there is no one at home, my friend has emergency and not free. Nani says leave them here, we three will enjoy. Shobha says no, they are energetic. Nani says she is more energetic. Shobha thanks her for the favor. Nani says I will get the company. Shobha asks them to be good kids, and not disturb Vikram’s belongings. She gives the phone asking them to call on Garima’s number.

Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh…………..plays………….Samarth brought to the court. Tarun asks him not to worry. Samarth asks where is Shobha. Mummy ji says she went to drop kids to her friend, she will come soon. Nani plays with the kids and gives them snacks. Vikram meets them and says you guys have took the home on head. Jia says no, jus few things. Vikram says it’s a real gun, keep it back. They have a talk and he leaves. Nani and kids joke on Vikram saying what names they kept for him. Nani gets her friend’s call and says she is coming. She asks Vikram to take care of kids, as she has to go.


Tarun says Shobha is not taking the call.Shobha comes and says she went to drop kids and she backed out, so left somewhere else. Samarth taunts on her friend to break trust. She taunts him on breaking her trust. The lawyer asks Samarth that the media will point on Shobha and her character, are you ready to take risk. Samarth says you get me out, do anything. The lawyer says its fine. Shobha gets annoyed and says big risk is to marry, this is nothing. Samarth says come.

Vikram plays with the kids. Jia and Reyaan ask him to show how to become a hen and makes him sit. They fool him and laugh. He gets angry and says oh you did not know it, come on do it. Jia says she wants water. Vikram says sit here, don’t be naughty. He talks to Mahesh and asks him to get the file, and he will send bank account details. He gives them water and asks them to sit quiet. He goes to his room. Reyaan asks Jia not to go. Jia says she will get chocs, its her right.

She shows a cockroach toy and leaves it on the floor. Vikram comes back and is scared seeing it. He asks them to call watchman to kill it. Jia picks it and goes towards him.He says he is not afraid, but keep it away. They scare him and he moves back. Jia asks why is he scared. He runs to his room and says keep it away. Jia says it won’t do anything. Vikram jumps on the bed and says throw it in dustbin. She throws it and says its gone. Vikram smiles and says now I can be fine, why did you both get up, you won’t get choc now.

Jia smiles and says great, we saved your life and you did this. Reyaan says the cockroach will have friends, we will call them. He says no, I will get a choc. Jia says no, we want to play in the home. He says this is called blackmail. She scares him and he says fine. They leave. He says Jia is like Shobha, both are after me, always troubling.The court case starts. The lawyer says like its seen in footage, Samarth was at home with his wife, and it proves he is innocent.

He says Shobha has signed the affidavit and she stated that Samarth was with her all the time. They ask Shobha to come and give her statement. Shobha holds Garima’s hand. Garima signs no. Shobha goes to the witness box. She is asked to say about her relation with Samarth. She thinks of how Samarth scolded her. She looks at him and says its all fine, he is a very good husband, he loves me and my kids a lot, he also respects me a lot.

The other lawyer says I object, and asks was Shobha with Samarth. Shobha is asked again. She thinks of the video clip. She panics and the lawyer asks her to tell the truth. She cries and says my husband is innocent, he loves me and my kids, and can’t keep any relation with any other woman. The lawyer asks was he with her. She says yes. Samarth smiles. Shobha says he was with me that day, it was our marriage anniversary and he was with me all day.

She says she never saw any stain on Samarth before and he is innocent, his opposition party has done this.She says he did not reveal any country secret, and was not with that girl. She says someone wants to blame him, not thinking how will it affect me and kids, husband and wife relation is made by them, and it needs respect. Mummy ji smiles. The lawyer says thanks, that’s all. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh……………plays…………. The public prosecutor stops her saying he has some questions for Shobha. Nani asks Vikram to make noodles for the kids.

He says he won’t do women’ work. Nani says then get one woman at home, if you say, shall I talk for Dukhi. He says hello Nani, I can’t hear you and ends the call.The lawyer asks Shobha to clarify things, as Samarth was found in the hotel room with that girl. He says Shobha is fooling the court by giving wrong statement to save her husband. He says he has a witness here who will give statement against Samarth. Samarth is shocked.

He says if the hotel footage is true, then how did the home footage came, as Samarth can’t be in two places. He says he has one more question why did they not give the footage before, the answer is they have made the fake footage, it’s a lie. Samarth and Tarun worry. He says Shobha is lying in court to save her husband, she is supporting a traitor. He says he has cheated country and her, and Samarth is a fraud and she knows about this. Shobha says what are you saying. He says lying is a crime, you can get arrested, and I should say she should be arrested to give wrong statement. They are shocked.

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