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Age is just a number 1 October 2020: Vaidika was alone in her room. She was in tears and was thankful to God. Pankti’s mother was in the corridor, upset about her trick. Usha comes to drag her aside and agrees to her point of view.

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Sahil and Pankti must be together and God has sent her for this purpose. She share an idea with her and leaves. Pankti’s mother was thankful. Vaidika notices her room had been locked from outside. She goes to check and knocks at the door.

Sahil was in the mandap when the bride arrives in a veil. Everyone was happy to see her dressed up. It was Pankti under the veil. Prachi goes ahead to remove the veil but Bari Amma stops her. Pankti was tensed and wonders what sin her mother wants her to commit. She wonders what she must do to stop all this.

Pankti’s mother was silently apologetic to Vaidika, but decides that her daughter is worth being Sahil’s wife not Vaidika.
Vaidika was knocking at the door of her room out of tension.

Mandagini brings Aarya and Guddu to a decorated room and says no one would now ask them to stay away from each other. Guddu and Aarya look into each other’s eyes. After Mandagini has left, Guddu comes to sit beside Aarya and claims himself to be the luckiest man in the world.

In the kitchen, Mandagini asks Usha about her plan further. Usha says they must let Aarya and Guddu come close to each other. Then Aarya would be heartbroken here, while Vaidika and Sahil’s relation would break there.

Aarya and Guddu get intimate.
Pankti’s mother watch Sahil sit with a veiled bride. She thinks the family will hate her from today onwards, but she accepts it for the sake of her daughter. Sahil and Pankti take the seven wedding rounds. The Pandit announces the sindoor ritual. Sahil removes the veil. Pankti’s mother was shocked to see Vaidika under it. Sahil fills sindoor in her hairline and cheerfully tie the mangal sooter. The couple go to take blessings from everyone.

Pankti now stood beside her mother. She tells her mother it was a crime what she wanted, she could never have interfered in Sahil and Vaidika’s life. When the lights were off, she brought Vaidika from her room. Vaidika saved their life, she can never betray Vaidika. She deters to forget her mother like she left her father.
Sahil asks Vaidika if there is something that worries her. If someone is creating trouble for them again. Vaidika promises to tell him everything once she has spoken to a person.

Aarya asks Mandagini why Munh Dikhai so late? Mandagini tells her that Guddu’s friends wanted to come with gifts. The taxi drivers now come inside with boxes of gifts. Guddu comes to accept their greetings and gifts. The neighborhood ladies also join them to congratulate Aarya. Guddu introduces Aarya with his friends who work as taxi drivers with him. Aarya was shocked to hear that Guddu is a taxi driver. She asks how he can be a taxi driver, he claimed to work in an office.

How can these taxi drivers be his friends? Guddu says he told her that he is a taxi driver as he lost his job, and is looking for another good one. Aarya was clueless and says she didn’t get any letter, how would she know. She questions if he didn’t consider talking to her about losing his job and driving a taxi instead. She shouts at Guddu for betraying her.

Guddu explains to Aarya that he was afraid she would deny marrying him, he realized his mistake and wrote a letter for her. Aarya argues she didn’t get any letter. Mandagini and the neighborhood ladies all insult Aarya. The neighbors tell Aarya that marriages work with compromise, at least Guddu is earning something. They accuse Vaidika and Aarya’s character who always wander around men.

Vaidika questions Pankti’s mother how she even thought that she can part Sahil from Vaidika. Sahil is her husband. Does she even understand how disgraceful it would have been for Pankti if her plans were accomplished? Pankti’s mother was stubborn and says she will never apologize Vaidika, what she considers as wrong is actually right in the eyes of society.

Pankti’s mother says Sahil and Vaidika have never lived as spouse, they are differed by age, generation gap and difference of opinion and thinking. She would never be able to stand with Sahil with an increasing age. She considered Sahil and Pankti’s relation as a perfect match. Vaidika tells her that her love with Sahil is greater than any other argument.

Even Pankti agrees that their love is superior to any other think. Her mother says their unique marriage will one day prove to be a bone of contention for them. Doesn’t Vaidika wish to see Sahil happy and spend his life with an age fellow wife?
The drivers clarify to Guddu that they are astonished to see his wife’s behavior.

Aarya forbids anyone to interfere in their personal life or point out any problem in her brought up. She tells Guddu that he has broken her trust and has hidden a truth from her. The drivers were now angry and tells him to send his wife packing. Aarya goes into the room.

Sahil sat with Bari Amma and Nani watching their photos. Vaidika comes there little upset. They turn to see Aarya stand there in tears. Everyone was worried to see her suitcase. Aarya says she has ended that relationship, Guddu kept her in dark. Guddu comes there and requests Aarya to listen to him, it’s a misunderstanding only. Sahil drags Guddu behind and says his daughter cannot be lame, Guddu must have a solid reason as Aarya returned home the same day.

Aarya complains that Guddu isn’t any corporate worker, he is a taxi driver. Guddu tells Vaidika he didn’t lie, he didn’t hide the truth. He lost his job when they had shifted, he had hidden the truth from Aarya only to think she might leave him. He had told Aarya already as he had written a letter. Aarya says she didn’t get any letter at all. Guddu asks why would he lie or hide anything deliberately, Aarya would have known about his work already. If he had to continue his lie why would he had invited those taxi drivers home?

Guddu tells Sahil he is his inspiration for love. Vaidika says she believes Guddu, she can see true love for Aarya in Guddu’s eyes. Aarya herself claimed that she can see Sahil in Guddu. Guddu was only protecting her; when we love someone we must believe the other as well. At times one has a make compromises and sacrifices as well, Guddu is her husband and she must have faith in him. It’s not a solution to leave your house.

Sahil was now furious and tells Vaidika that Guddu came here only because his truth was caught, he demands Guddu to bring the letter. Vaidika tells Sahil he has bear a number of problems for their love as well, why he won’t let Guddu and Aarya to face their problems. Sahil argues that this compromise is an old school thought. Aarya doesn’t need to be a coward.

Vaidika argues that it’s not about fear, it’s about love. Sahil was angry, he tells Vaidika he always dared to love but Vaidika was afraid of society and restrained to love him back. Today also, she is afraid of society because her daughter returned on the day of wedding. Today, he can sense the difference in their generations and thinking, until Aarya has forgiven Guddu she won’t go with Guddu; Aarya is his responsibility as well. He pushes Guddu out of the house. Sahil tries to explain himself to Vaidika but she was now angry and stops him with a signal of his hand. They watch her go inside.

In the room, Vaidika cries badly. Sahil drinks excessively while on the stairs of Agarwal house. Vaidika wonders why this happened, they fought so much and that right after wedding rounds. Sahil was drunk and says why she is so angry that she didn’t come to him, they can’t fight this way as their love is extremely special. They have faced a lot together. He decides to go and speak to Vaidika.

Pankti drinks water and wonders why the taste was strange. Pankti’s mother watch her and thinks what she did was right, it’s what Usha told her. Sahil comes to the hall and see Vaidika in place of Pankti as they were dressed alike. He comes to speak to her as if Vaidika. Pankti’s head banged badly. Sahil takes her to out-house where they will be all alone. Pankti’s mother thinks even Sahil isn’t conscious, if they spend this night together then everything will be fine. She thinks she is only selfish in her daughter’s love and feels apologetic to her as well.

The next morning, Vaidika comes to the corridor looking for Sahil. She wonders why Sahil didn’t as well come to make her up. She stops by a room and was shocked to see Sahil and Pankti on the same bed. Nani and Bari Amma’s warnings against Pankti haunt Vaidika

Vaidika was shocked to see Sahil and Pankti on the same bed. The warnings of her elders echo in her mind. She walks closer to Pankti but her hands tremble and her belly aches. A vase breaks in the room.

<< Age is just a number 1 October 2020

Nani and Bari Amma sat together and discuss their TV dramas were left because of all the happenings. Bari Amma reminds her about the new rules, its last date was 31st January. They decide to speak to their cable operator to subscribe the family pack. Nani goes to see why Vaidika didn’t wake up today till so late.Vaidika was in severe pain and runs out of the room crying.

Pankti wakes up and was shocked to find herself in bed with Sahil. Her head bangs extremely bad. She wakes Sahil up by sprinkling water over Sahil, and questions how they are in a room together.
Nani comes there suspicious and wonders what did Vaidika see, she seemed so tensed. Nani was shocked to see Sahil and Pankti together in the room.

Sahil says he came here with Vaidika jee last night, where is Vaidika. Nani slaps Sahil and blames him for celebrating wedding night with this Pankti while filling Vaidika’s hairline. She now comes to accuse Pankti’s character, she was thankless to all Vaidika had done for her. Pankti tries to explain herself but Nani drags her outside. Sahil calls on Vaidika’s phone but couldn’t connect. He was tensed and hysterically runs across Agarwal house finding Vaidika.

Nani brings Pankti downstairs and blames her for destroying her daughter. Pankti’s mother comes to protect her daughter.
Sahil was unable to find Vaidika anywhere.
Pankti says it’s surely someone’s trap. They were unconscious. Usha peeks from behind a wall, enjoying the scene. Bari Amma wasn’t ready to let Pankti stay in this house. Pankti takes their attention to Vaidika. Bari Amma warns that she won’t spare her if something happens to Vaidika

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