Zara’s Nikah update Wednesday 30 September 2020

Zara’s Nikah 30 September 2020: Zara and Kabir are on beach. Zara runs around and enjoys it. Kabir is tensed. Zara hugs him and says marine drive is pretty, Kabir nods. Zalima plays. Zara takes selfies with him. Zara says lets go to Juhu.

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Zara and Kabir are walking on beach. Zara says I want to ride a horse. She runs to it. Kabir lifts her and makes her sit on horse. Zara asks horse owner to give horse rope to her husband, she asks Kabir to take it, its her dream. Kabir sighs and takes rope. He starts giving her horse ride. Zara says I love you Kabir, Zara loves Kabir. Zara asks what happened seeing him tensed. Kabir says you wont listen to me.

Zara says just tell me. Kabir says leave your position at national sharia board. She says you are joking? he says no, I dont want you take responsibility of those girls, I saw you taking that forcefully, I saw how you take position, you talkesd to Head priest, requesting him to give you that position. Zara says trust me, it was given to me. Kabir says I have a valid reason. Zara says you dont want girls to be educated? they can be independent. Kabir says I am not against women getting educated but how they get education, you cant give it, your thinking sways away from religion and its teaching.

Zara says my thinking can be different but my aim. Kabir says enough, I told you what I thought, I dont you linked with this project at any cost, I have taken my decision, just remember that our happiness is related to you not taking this project, you will not run women school, you will handle my house, he leaves.

Zara is in hotel room and sees news that Zara got position to educate women and bring modern education to girls. Zara says this is a difficult test, one side is my husband and otherside are girls that should have education, I wont let them be depedent on others. She recalls how head priest told her that she has to sign file project by 12 in morning tomorrow otherwise it will be nullified. Zara says I wont let my relation suffer or not leave those women without education, I will beg and make Kabir agree. She calls Kabir but he doesnt pick up, she says he is that angry? She goes to find him.

Zara finds Kabir swimming angrily in pool. She sees 6 empty coffee cups. Kabir asks her to go to sleep. Zara says no, I will sit and have coffee with you, I will get ill but I wont move away. Kabir comes out of pool and says you wont let me sleep peacefully, she gives him towel. He takes it. Zara takes his photo and says I will show it in sharia board. He is in shorts only. Kabir asks her to delete it, she says no, he snatches phone from her and doesnt find any photo. Zara says I was joking, I am hungry, lets go and eat something, please. Kabir leaves from there.

Ruksaar comes to Amaan’s room and finds him sleeping on bed. She glares at him, she takes bag and finds compass. She smirks.

Scene 2
Kabir and Zara are in room, Kabir calls reception and asks for headache medicine but Zara ends call. She says I will give you a head massage. Kabir asks her to open the windows, she does and her project contract blows away. Kabir holds papers and reads it. He says you have till 12 tomorrow morning to sign and submit, you need my signature too. Zara says my husband will solve my trouble like always. Kabir says its about thinking, Kabir can do anything for Zara but my idealogy is my identity and I cant compromise on it.

Zara says you are my identity, you can be angry with me but you cant let me lose my identity. Kabir says no this project will define gap between our hearts, I dont want you to submit this project in board, you have to decide if you choose this project or me, you have 10 hours to decide, it will show if my words matter to you.

Ruksaar have made designs on Amaan’s cheek with marker.

Zara says to Kabir that I understood, you go to sleep, we will talk in morning. Kabir says there is nothing to talk, you have to decide if you want happiness with me or happiness outside. He goes to sleep. Zara is tensed and thinks that I wont let Kabir go away nor my dreams.

Kabir has a headache. Zara pulls his head on her lap and massages it. She thinks I cant imagine my life without Kabir but women are looking up to me and I have to educate them, dont know how I will fulfill both duties.

Zeenat comes to Amaan’s room and sees cartoons made on his face. She asks who did it? She asks where is Ruksaar? He says I dont know.

Kashan shows Zara and Kabir’s project news in newspaper. Ayesha and Alina are happy. Alina says we knew about Kabir’s project but Zara’s project has given us a surprise. Shahbaz calls Ayesha and says Kabir and Zara have surprised us. Ayesha says I pray for their success. Zeenat comes there and says Ruksaar is not in house. Kashan says she must be here. Zeenat says I searched everywhere but she is nowhere. Kashan says I will go and check.

In morning, Zara is sleeping on Kabir’s chest. He wakes up and finds her like that. She wakes up and moves away. She says sorry, you had headache and I massaged it then I slept. He nods. Kabir hears phone ringing. Its Zeenat calling, he goes to take it, Zeenat says Ruksaar.. Ayesha takes phone from her and says Shahbaz told you to not tell anything to Kabir about Ruksaar.

She asks her to tell Kabir that Ruksaar is fine and will be coming home soon. Zeenat is tensed and says on call that Kabir its a happy news, Ruksaar is better and till you return, she will be home. Zeenat ends call. Kabir smiles and prays to God. Zeenat asks Ayesha why you made me lie? Ayesha shows her Kabir and Zara’s photo in newspaper and says they are working for this nation, we shouldnt make them worry in this condition.

Kabir takes Zara’s feet and says I slept on your feet whole night, I will just massage it. Zara looks on as he massages it. She says why are you so nice? Kabir says because you are with me, you were miffed last night so what happened after call came? Kabir says Zeenat called and said that Ruksaar is awake and she will be home soon, I will divorce her and then.. he smiles at her.

Zara says give me a minute. She leaves from there and brings her contract file. She says before that, sign this project paper. Kabir looks at it and says you get stubborn on every topic, our days are limited and you are still worrying about all this, I thought I will enjoy time with you here but you brought Ruksaar between us first and now this project, I am requesting you as a husbant to leave all this and become mine completely as you say. Zara is sad. Kabir says I cant make you understand more than this, if you still think you can do this project then you are free to do this project, he leaves.

Kashan calls Zeenat and says I checked your old house but Ruksaar is not here.
Alina says to Ayesha that I checked hospitals but Ruksaar is nowhere.

Zara is in cafe and sees Kabir sitting on other table and eating breakfast. She silently drinks her juice and glances at him.

Kabir comes to his hotel room and looks at Zara’s project file.Zara is in cafe and recalls how priest said she has time till 12 and how Kabir asked her to leave the project.

Ayesha gets a call and says what? Ayesha tells Zeenat that we have found Ruksaar.

Scene 2
Kabir says to manager that we have to submit project file at 12 and its 11:30AM already. Zara comes there and says I will go with you, I have to submit my project too. Kabir glares at her and goes with her. Zara smiles. Kabir says to Zara that you proved your stubbornness is more important than my love. Zara says can I ask you a thing? A woman should listen to God and Prophet or her husband? Kabir says God and Prophet.

Zara says I am doing that, God has asked us to share education and knowledge with others, if I dont share it then isnt it against God? I spent my years to gain it then why I shouldnt share it? Kabir says I am not against women getting education, my problem is that you have wrong eduction, I dont want them to have thinking like you, you want them to learn modern education but you need to learn right thinking before training others. Zara says one day you will realize that there is nothing wrong with my training and my thoughts. Kabir says if you think you are right then I wont stop you, submit this file. He sits in car. Zara is tensed.

Zeenat comes to school and sees Ruksaar playing with kids. Teacher says she came here in morning and didnt say anything, she is just observing things. Zeenat thanks her and thinks to talk to doctor about this.

Zara and Kabir are on beach. Zara says lets be happy. Kabir says you took that file, I am not asking you anything, let me be. Zara says people dont have same thoughts, we dont know who is going to heaven or hell. Kabir says what is the solution? Zara says our elders worked together when they had different thoughts, we can separate our professional lives from personal lives, like when we are at home, we will live like husband and wife deeply in love but when we are at work, we will work as per our thoughts, this way we wont fight. Kabir looks on.

Kaun tujhe plays, Zara tries to enjoy with Kabir, she hugs him and tries to make him smile. He finally smiles and hugs her. They both sit near beach. Zara rests her head on his shoulder. He kisses her hand.
Kabir stops Zara and asks what type of coffee she wants? She says anything will work.

Kabir and Zara are sitting in cafe. Zara says you will divorce Ruksaar? Kabir says I have promised you already, trust me when Ruksaar is awake, I will divorce her. Zara holds his hand and says then you will be mind completely and mine only. Kabir kisses her hand and says then I will be yours completely. Zara nods. Rain starts, Zara runs and starts dancing in rain, she pulls Kabir and dances with him. Kabir smiles and enjoys dancing with her, they are both laughing and enjoying, sab tera plays. Kabir lifts Zara in his arms and twirls her around. He caresses her face. Zara puts dupatta on their heads.

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