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Age is just a number 2 June 2020: Vaidika and Nani are shocked to see Bari Amma walk inside. Sahil also comes there. Bari Amma says since the rent was paid by her money she holds a right to stay with Sahil. Nani doesn’t spare a chance to insult Bari Amma. Sahil asks Bari Amma what she is doing here. Bari Amma says she can’t live without him; she thinks she must see by herself what’s cooking between Sahil and this mature lady.

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Bari Amma sends her servant to kitchen to cook Sahil’s favorite dishes; and use spices and oil from her luggage. Nani wasn’t ready to let her stay, but Vaidika says Bari Amma is right. She paid the rent and may stay here.

Gauri tells Anjana that Bari Amma is staying with Sahil. Anjana was worried for Sahil, as the left over hope would also vanish if Sahil is irritated by Bari Amma. Deepak came downstairs and says Sahil would return home mature. Anjana was afraid what if he doesn’t return home at all? Gauri assures Anjana this won’t happen. Deepak thinks he would be more than happy if this happens.

Sahil tells Vaidika that Bari Amma won’t leave easily. Vaidika says she doesn’t want to interfere in their personal matters, she must only keep his matters to the room as she can’t see her mother insulted. Bari Amma watches from upstairs and goes into the room. Downstairs, Nani was upset by Lal Prasad working in the kitchen and comes to scold Vaidika.

Vaidika says she can’t stop a mother live with her son, and Sahil hired the room for two people already. Sahil heard this, and wonders how he would stop Bari Amma from irritating Vaidika. He thinks about some idea to stop her.

Nani mixes detergent in water and pours it around the washroom for Bari Amma to slip. Vaidika enters the washroom, Nani watches Sahil coming downstairs and save Vaidika from slipping at the door. Bari Amma who had just come out of the room was shocked to see them together. Sahil taunts that this place is too small for skating. Bari Amma says this Vaidika is using a lot of tactics but she won’t let Sahil be fooled. Bari Amma comes to Sahil and says there are a number of poor people in the village he could help. Sahil dislikes her taunt, and says Vaidika slipped in the bathroom. Bari Amma tells Sahil that the lady has a fifteen years old daughter and has lived her life to full. Sahil must return home and also let them all live peacefully. Sahil forbids Bari Amma to overthink else she might have migraine and leaves to meet Karan.

Aarya was applying ointment over Vaidika’s foot. Nani was curt that Vaidika ruined her plan, as she wished Bari Amma to slip in the bathroom. Aarya tells Vaidika that Nani lost her mind since she turned 60. Nani was curt over Aarya now. Vaidika was irritated at Aarya and Nani’s argument. Vaidika accuses herself for not being able to take care of either her home or her family. She wish someone tries to understand what she suffers.
Sahil comes to meet Anjana at the restaurant and asks whose idea was it to send Bari Amma there. Anjana says she never takes her consent, but whatever Bari Amma is doing is right. She says even she wants to come and live with Sahil. Sahil warns to leave the city then. Anjana begins to cry. Sahil promises to return home, but he first wants to enjoy being there. Anjana says Bari Amma is as stubborn as Sahil is, she would make all her efforts that Sahil accepts what she says. Sahil smiles that he agrees to Bari Amma’s demands, hugs Anjana and leaves the restaurant.

Sahil jumps into the room from window. He shows a letter to Bari Amma promises to sit at the shop from tomorrow. Bari Amma insists to return home with her. She says the lady has done black magic over him. Sahil insists she is really innocent, she didn’t stop him. He warns to run from here as well if Bari Amma doesn’t leave; its her choice if she wants to lose Sahil forever or leave the house. Bari Amma thinks for a while and tells him to reach work at 6. Sahil promises but only if she leaves. Bari Amma asks for Sahil’s promise to not get trapped by that mature aged woman; and not have any link with her. Sahil was silent for a while thinking about Vaidika. He smiles while thinking about his promise to Vaidika that he won’t get her hurt. Bari Amma asks him to swear to her life.

Sahil doesn’t swear on Bari Amma’s life and complains she doesn’t value his promise. Bari Amma says he must also value her promise. They smile at each other and hug one another. Sahil thinks he will break Bari Amma’s promise and she might be angrier with him this time but he is helpless as he dearly loves Vaidika.

Downstairs, Bari Amma blesses Sahil saying anyone who would hurt him would suffer. Nani taunts her. Vaidika gets a call from Sunil and asks what did Nishi’s in laws, Raya Shankar Sharma said? Bari Amma hears this and leaves.
Sahil was relieved that Bari Amma has left. Aarya was impressed but Sahil says sometimes one only has two choices, either to get killed or drowned.
Sunil discusses with Vaidika about the tension for Nishi’s in law’s stay. Nani had an objection, but Vaidika welcomes them. Sunil asks if they must arrange tillak her as well? Vaidika assures she will do whatever is possible. Sahil hears the conversation and wonders how one can be so selfless. He wonders what problem Bari Amma has with Vaidika, he loves her.

Bari Amma tells the family that Sahil has agreed to her, he will sit on the shop from tomorrow and return home soon. Anjana was tensed about Shruti, Bari Amma was happy and tells Anjana to go and prepare for celebrations. She stops everyone and asks about Shruti, everyone was speechless but their elder son in law (Prachi’s husband) comes from Allahabad. He had brought Shruti along and tells the family he came on official tour else must have brought Prachi along.

He asks Deepak for some good news but Deepak taunts that it’s not a matter of single person. Anjana thanks Puneet for bringing Shruti back home. Puneet says he turned her phone off, Shruti was trying hard to get a rickshaw when he spot her. Gauri asks if Prachi is in Allahabad. Puneet assures she is. Bari Amma taunts Gauri that marriages fixed by elders are always happy and contended.

Aarya greets Sunil’s daughter (Nishi) in her tillak. Sahil greets Nishi and comes in to find Sunil and wife insulting Vaidika for not making the right arrangements. They question her about the photographer when Sahil boasts about being a good photographer and takes responsibility. Sunil’s wife tells her to wear something nice. Sahil selects a saree for the confused Vaidika complementing that her eyes spark when she wears green. Vaidika sends him at the door for photography of arrival.
Sahil takes photographs at the event. He was awestruck watching Vaidika as she comes out draped in a blue and purple saree.

Vaidika caught him capture her inside the kitchen. He asks why she didn’t wear the other saree. Sahil thinks no one can stop his feelings, and will prove Bari Amma’s consent about him as wrong.
Deepak comes to get a file signed from Bari Amma. She was curt that Sahil didn’t arrive in time according to his promise. He assures Bari Amma to take care of the shop in Sahil’s absence. Bari Amma was hurt that Sahil repeatedly breaks his promises, she will counter this time.
Riya Shankar Sharma (Nishi’s parents in law) gets a call from Bari Amma. She greets him as her husband’s friend. Mr. Sharma invites Bari Amma to the wedding and she promises to come. After the call, Bari Amma recalls hearing Vaidika speak about Raya Shankar Sharma as Nishi’s in laws on a call. She thinks she will now play her side of the game, Vaidika will be homeless and Sahil must return home

Vaidika was preparing for pooja. Mrs. Sharma asks Sunil’s wife if she has lost her mind that this widow is preparing the pooja thaal. Vaidika hears them and calls her to prepare the Roka thaal, she doesn’t remember what’s kept in it. Raya Sharma asks Sunil to wait for a while, they are waiting for special guest. Sahil was taking photos.

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