A perfect lie 21 February 2020 update

Friday update. Dev is singing a song Durga smiles and imagines him and Nitya. Dev too imagines Nitya and then sees she is not here. Sakshi asks Neil and Durga to dance. Shaurya too sings the song and dances with Shaurya.

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Everyone clap for Dev. Durga says you sang very well Dev, I m sure Nitya will be very happy today. He smiles and says the pleasure is all mine, I just hope your smile always stays on her face. She says I m lucky to get a friend like you. Rajnath and Sakshi talk to Durga. Sakshi says I m sad as you will be going to US far from us, maybe I won’t be able to come in your marriage, so want to gift you something that you always remember me. She gives her a beautiful diamond necklace. Neil says I think she is taunting you.

Rajnath says we will go now. Shaurya comes and says Durga, I m glad meeting you, we will meet again if life gives us a chance, till then good luck and good bye. He says Neil, take care of Durga. He hugs Neil and makes an angry face. He smiles and keeps his hand on his shoulder. H/e says you are a lucky man and goes. Durga sees blood stain on Neil’s sherwani and says blood. Everyone is shocked. Durga asks how did this come. Neil checks. Dayal says Neil…….. Neil says I don’t know, its not my blood, nothing happened to me. Sakshi sees the blood going till Shaurya dropping from his hand. She is shocked.

She says Shaurya. Shaurya turns and says shouts Durga, I love you. He falls. Durga is shocked and very much happy. Everyone is shocked. Sakshi runs to Shaurya. Rajnath says what did he do. Durga looks at Neil. Shaurya stares at Durga. Dev calls the ambulance. Shaurya faints closing his eyes. Sakshi says Raj we have to take him to the hospital now. Neil tells Dayal that our plan is successful. They rush Sahurya to the hospital. Rajnath asks the doctor to check Sahurya fast and nothing should happen to him, he should be alright. The doctor says please calm down, nothing should happen to him.

Sakshi cries having Shaurya’s blood on her hands. The doctor treats Shaurya. Shaurya whistles and opens his eyes. The hospital staff is shocked. The doctor looks at him. Shaurya says doctor doctor…… what happened, are you fine, did he not tell our plan. The FB shows Shaurya asking the doctor to help him in his plan, else he will kill him. He says I m taking risk of cutting of wrist and nothing should happen to me. The doctor asks him to come here in 15 mins. Shaurya says yes, that’s why I chose this hospital. Shaurya stains his clothes too and says I just had a small cut and the rest was done by this blood bag.

Shaurya asks hum to go out and say next three hours are crucial for me. He asks the doctor to do the dressing. Shaurya says fix all cardio meters to me. The ward boy says I saw you in pics and thought how you look in reality, you look a hero, shall I get tea. Shaurya says can I get wine.

Dayal and Durga are on the way and talk about Shaurya’s move. She says yes, he was finding a chance and we felt he is a fool, we did not know he will plan this way. He has shocked even his parents. He says he can go to any level to get what he wants, even against his mum. Dayal says yes, but she is Shaurya’s mum, if he is smart, then she is super smart. Durga says we will go hospital and know everything. Karan asks his girlfriend to hide and not come out. Kangana comes there and looks at the room. Karan asks how are you baby. She says what the hell is wrong, why did you not reply. Karan tries to fool her.

She says if you try to do anything with me, I will tell my family about our relationship. He says what are you saying, I m not happy without you, I love you. She gets Dev’s call and attends it. Dev tells about Shaurya’s suicide attempt and asks her to come to the hospital. She says what and cries telling everything to Karan. He says I will come with Tarun and Rishi, it won’t look good if we go together. The doctor says everyone as Shaurya said, that he is very critical. Rajnath says I will give you everything, but get my son back on his feet.

Rajnath consoles a crying Sakshi and says I promise I won’t let anything happen to Shaurya. Sakshi says Durga Thakur is responsible for this. Dayal and Durga come there. They hear this and does hmmm….. Everyone turn and look at them. Dayal asks how is Shaurya now, what did doctors say. Sakshi looks at Durga.

Sakshi accusing Durga for Shaurya’s state. Dayal asks her to stop it. Sakshi says you stop it, I have full right to question her, I have unfinished business with your daughter. Durga asks what. Sakshi says you act innocent to me, you know what am I asking you, the day you met Shaurya, you are playing with his feelings. She scolds Durga and says I guess you got what you wanted, he confessed his love and tried to commit suicide. Dev defends Durga and calms down Sakshi. Sakshi says Durga can never be our friend. She asks Durga why did she come to hospital, now you will say you don’t love Shaurya and will go to US, so that he gets angry and shoots himself.

Dayal asks Sakshi to stop accusing Durga, and see what Shaurya has done. Sakshi says I know everything about my son. She says if anything happens to my son, you won’t be saved from me. Dayal says enough, you crossed the limit, we left our celebration and came to support you in this weak moment, you are too much, lets go Durga, Neil is waiting for us at home. Durga says no dad, I won’t go till Shaurya gets fine. She says I will answer everything after Shaurya gets conscious.

Shaurya is having a good time inside the OT. The wardboy asks why did he do this. Shaurya says I will tell a violent love story, about a prince who loved a different country princess, but his parents wanted to keep them apart. Suchitra consoles a crying Sakshi. Shaurya says he decided to get the princess. The man asks so this for love? Shaurya says no, for honeymoon. He asks who is the princess. Shaurya says Durga Thakur. Dayal talks to Durga and says we know the truth is something else, but how will we know. Durga says we can know by the people inside the OT.

Dev apologizes to them on Sakshi’s behalf. The man says I will go out for bathroom and will get princess’ news. The doctor says lets take him out of OT. Shaurya asks him to make some reasons. The doctor says do as I say, and we will shift him in room now. The man Shankar sees Durga, who knows him as his mum got well in her NGO. She thinks to ask him the right info. Durga asks Dev to go to Sakshi and he leaves. Durga tells Dayal that she got the want to get to know about Shaurya and goes after Shankar. Dev asks Sakshi to come and pray for Shaurya.

Rajnath asks the doctor how is Shaurya. The doctor lies again. Rajnath says I want to see him once. The doctor says he is unconscious, we are shifting him in room, then meet him. Karan and Rishi talk about Shaurya getting mad, in his game and bet. Rajnath meets Shaurya and cries sharing his pain with Raima. He says I love him a lot, and can’t live without him. Shaurya thinks its good to know you are attached to me, not bad. Rajnath hugs her and Raima consoles him. Shaurya smiles and thinks wow dad, great. Saskhi comes and is shocked to see Rajnath and Raima hugging.

Shaurya thinks stop it guys, if mum knows about you, her focus will go on you, look back guys. Raima says Sakshi and moves back. Raima and Rajnath get tensed. Raima says Sakshi, thank God you came, Rajnath is very much worried, just be with him, he needs you. Raima leaves. Sakshi looks at Rajnath. Sakshi says I did not know your heart has any love in you, that too for Shaurya. Rajnath is relieved and cries. He says Sakshi, we did so much for our son, saved him from every problem and thought of his happiness, but he ….. She says he has failed me, I m lost to him. She cries and says I should have listened to you.

She says I asked him to stay away from Durga and he is in this state because of her, if anything happens to him then………. I will not let Durga live. Shaurya hears this and sees them crying hugging. The doctor comes and asks them to go out as he has to check Shaurya. Rajnath says fine, tell me when he gets conscious. They leave. Shaurya talks to him and asks him to get cold water. Shankar tells Durga about Shaurya doing strange thing for her. He tells her everything and she is shocked seeing the blood bag. She says oh God, even I felt how can he do this, thanks for telling me the truth. Shankar says don’t thank me, my mum is alive because of you, be alert. She says thanks, I will manage, you go to him now. He leaves. She thinks about Shaurya’s drama. His parents think he is in danger, so they are worried, but they will regret that he was born.

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