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A perfect lie update Friday 20 March 2020

A perfect lie 20 March 2020: the girl dances infront of Shaurya and he too  sings with her. They sing Huwa Chokra Jawaan re....

A perfect lie update Friday 13 March 2020

A perfect lie 13 March 2020: Durga tells Shaurya that she will drive and they leave. Meanwhile Dev is thinking about Durga’s connection with...

A perfect lie 21 February 2020 update

Friday update. Dev is singing a song Durga smiles and imagines him and Nitya. Dev too imagines Nitya and then sees she is not...

A perfect lie 18 February 2020 update

Tuesday update. Durga hears Shaurya talking about Dev trying to open the rape case. Sakshi slaps him and asks does this reason make him...

A perfect lie 17 February 2020 update

Monday update. Sakshi gives marriage proposal to Payal for Shaurya. She asks her to tell in court that she loved Shaurya and they fought...

A perfect lie 14 February 2020 update

A perfect lie Friday update. Shaurya Rajnath and Sakshi are going home. Rajnath talks to commissioner and asks him to keep him informed. Sakshi...