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Monday update. Sakshi gives marriage proposal to Payal for Shaurya. She asks her to tell in court that she loved Shaurya and they fought and she got angry and filed this case. Shaurya and Rajnath looks on. Payal asks her she is a mum, can she do this with her daughter, she rejects this offer.

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Sakshi was shocked and tries to convince her again. She says don’t forget, the happiness is in your hands, I don’t want your dad to have another attack, he won’t be alive. Durga thinks so Payal changes her statement. Dev asks what happened tell me. He says you can help me, I want to get justice for Payal.

She asks him why did he sent her that email in which he wrote he will not support her. Dev is puzzled. She shows him the mail and he is shocked reading it. He asks where did she get this. She says in Nitya’s diary, why did he write this, if he loved her, how can he do this with her. He says I did not write or send it, when I was in US, I tried to come here, but the embassy stopped me, my visa had some problem, and I could not contact Nitya, no one was giving me info, till my visa papers got cleared, everything was over here. He says my love, Nitya, she was missing, like she has hidden somewhere. He says I have asked everyone about her, like someone took her from me.

Durga cries. He says I told know what happened with her. He sees the locket and says Nitya please understand, I did not mail you, someone hacked my mail id and sent it, please trust me. Please come back to me. Rajnath comes there and Durga wipes her tears. Rajnath is glad that Dev is fine now. Durga talks to Akash. Akash says Sakshi now knows about Shaurya. CBI officials come. Rajnath asks them what is the matter. They show him the truck driver’s pic. Rajnath says no, who is he. They say he is truck driver who died in the accident, he was a hit man, hired killer. It was not an accident, Dev was tried to kill that time.

Rajnath thinks about Sakshi’s words, Shaurya can’t do this, he can do so much planning. Rajnath says Dev does not have any enemy. They say we will meet in an hour and go to meet Dev. Rajnath gets Sakshi’s call. Durga asks Akash to stop Gautam and make me talk to him. Sakshi thinks about Karan’s words. Sakshi and Rajnath are calling each other. Raima calls Rajnath and he tells her he is very worried, as Shaurya is behind Dev’s accident. Raima is shocked. Durga calls Gautam and tells him that Dev is fine now. Gautam is happy. Durga says you have to tell me was the truck accident or a murder attempt, what did he feel about it.

Gautam asks her to ask Dev. She says you tell me, why did you leave Kolkata. Dev has two attacks and we have to know truth to stop the third one. Gautam tells her everything. Durga is shocked. He says Dev told me not to share this with anyone. Durga says what was I doing till now. She cries and says I was making Shaurya hate Dev, and this happened because of me. She apologizes to Lord for her big mistake.

Sakshi calls Akash. She asks is Rajnath there. He says no, he went in hurry, CBI officials came. He asks can he help her. She says no, thanks and ends the call. Durga cries and tells Dayal that someone hacked Dev’s mail and sent me that mail, they created his visa problem so that he does not come here, how should I regret now. He asks her to fill come colors in her life and Dev too. He asks her to give some happiness to Dev and life her future with him.

Durga sees Dev’s photo and closes her eyes. She imagines herself with Dev at a romantic place.Dev holds her hand and they have a romantic time. Payal too looks happy in her dream and Durga imagines her very normal, just like their old days. Dev says he wants to spend all his life with Durya/Nitya. Dayal sees her smiles and says it shows you felt a beautiful moment now. He leaves.

Sakshi reaches CBI office and is shocked seeing Rajnath there. She thinks to stop him from giving any wrong statement. She asks the CBI officers did they get any new lead. They say yes, we came to know about the shooter. They show them Elena’s pic. He says she is world’s best shooter, no one could catch her, she does not have any address. She left India when Dev was attacked. He says there is an insider in this. Rajnath says commissioner also told this. Sakshi says they can reach Shaurya too. She thinks Rajnath to understand what she is trying to tell him. He thinks what happened to her, is she trying to tell me to keep quiet, but why.

Akash tells Durga that Sakshi is doing something, and gave me a holiday. Durga asks what happened. Akash says they are at CBI office now. Durga says we will find out by our way, so tonight, you have to find out. Akash says fine. Sakshi stops Rajnath from saying anything and tries to prove the earlier accident was not planned. She shows him Karan’s call. Rajnath thinks why is she attending Karan’s call. Sakshi talks to Karan and says yes, your 5 crore cheque will reach you. Rajnath thinks is she hinting Shaurya is involved in all this, if this is it, I need to keep our mouth shut.

The CBI official says its an insider work. Sakshi says I don’t think so, maybe it’s a business rival. Rajnath says yes, I agree with her, like Chaudhary or Mathur. This is definitely business rivalry. The meeting continues for much time. The official says we will find the mastermind. Sakshi says thanks, I will really appreciate if you post two officers at my home, so that it can end soon. Akash comes to Goenka house and thinks the situation is tensed, Rajnath will come to bar after coming home. He connects a mic there and thinks if he sits somewhere else. I have to wait till they come back.

Sakshi tells Rajnath that Shaurya did this, Karan told me. Rajnath says he has become a criminal. She says right, but I m worried as Dev is still alive. Rajnath says what do you mean. Sakshi says if Shaurya tries to kill him again, we can’t save him. Rajnath says whats going in your mind. She says let officers come, then we will sort out. Akash waits for them to come home. Rajnath and Sakshi come home. Sakshi sees Akash and asks what is he doing here, I told you to take day off and go home.

Akash says the situation was tense and I was worried for you. Sakshi says I read faces, are you really concerned or something else. She says you waited here for three hours. Akash says yes, its strange, but I was just worried. Rajnath says work relationships have some boundaries, don’t cross it and be in your limit, you can go. Akash says I followed every instruction, its based on pure trust, if you don’t trust me, I don’t deserve to be here, you will get my resignation tomorrow. Rajnath laughs and says you go home, we will talk later. Akash leaves. Rajnath says we are celebrating today, bring drinks in Shaurya’s room.

Shaurya asks why this celebration, for Dev’s recovery. Sakshi says no, to save the killer of Dev. Akash comes back and connects mic to the tray of the drinks. The servants takes it to the room. Shaurya saks them what are they doing here. Rajnath claps and says you proved you are Goenka empire’s heir. Sakshi says I agree, brilliant planning of Dev’s murder and then cover up. Akash calls Durga and says I m telling you the live stream of their talk, hear it, its shocking.

Rajnath says super executed. Sakshi says this is on another level, he called sharp shooter from Russian, she left India before investigation happened. Akash and Durga hear this. Rajnath and Sakshi smile. Sakshi says CBI told this to us. Sakshi says we are proud of you. She says it needs sharp mind to frame this, you fooled us and CBI too, how did you manage that. Rajnath says yes amazing. Shaurya says you are not in their doubt. Rajnath says how can we cover this up, but this one is brilliant. Shaurya smiles and says you guys want me to admit it, right.

Rajnath says no Shaurya, we are praising you and you are doubting us, not fair. Rajnath says there is no proof, so clean, how did you do it, tell us. He drinks wine. Shaurya smiles and tells all his plan, how he got Elena’s contact, she is pricey, she handles many high profile cases, it was hard to convince her. Akash and Durga hear this. Shaurya says I was very careful. I chose the day when the police was busy in CM’s security. Rajnath asks about threat calls. Shaurya says I did it, so that no one can doubt me. Sakshi says that’s called forward planning.

Shaurya says no, you know what, I did not pay Elena by cheque, I paid her by gold bars, Rajnath laughs and says brilliant but tell me maybe Elena has any plan, she is fooling police, did she not tell her. Shaurya says I m the hero, it was my perfect murder plan, but unfortunately Dev got saved. Sakshi slaps him and says you did this for rs 5 crore bet, for that Durga Thakur. Durga thinks Shaurya tried to kill Dev beacsue of me.

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