A new life update Thursday 14 April 2022

A new life 14 April 2022: The Episode starts with Dada ji asking Pritam to come tomorrow. Pritam smiles and leaves. He talks to his friend. He says my address will be Sakhuja house, I had managed, people are good, Amrita has seen me before, she is a pregnant lady, don’t worry. He leaves on the bike. Kabir says Pritam took Angad to the hospital, he is good, maybe that girl was a thief, he was following her. Amrita says he saved Angad’s life, his crimes are forgiven. Kabir says then I m also forgiving him. She takes haldi milk for Angad. She gets the lep. Nimmo says I will apply it. Kabir jokes. He asks how did accident happen, mummy, did you ask him. Amrita asks Angad the same. Angad says Meera called and disturbed my mind, I was lost and met an accident.

Angad asks Kabir what did you do. Kabir says I went to Meera’s office for the interview, she came there and spoiled it, I didn’t get the job, I didn’t know she works there. Angad says don’t lie. Kabir says I didn’t know about her company, I just knew that your marriage was happening with her, it won’t happen now. Nimmo says Meera snatched your job. Kabir says I didn’t scold her, I just left, you can ask her. Nimmo says she knew your job was imp, even then she did this, stay away from her.

She asks Angad not to talk to Meera again. Kabir says I have no interest in Meera. Meera comes home with pizza. Apa says I made shahi paneer for you. Naveen says we won’t have paneer, I don’t like it. Meera asks him to say sorry to Apa. Naveen says sorry Apa, now can I have my pizza. Meera says its time to celebrate. Apa says I m seeing you happy after long. Meera says I will tell you, come, I m celebrating Kabir’s defeat and my victory. He says thank God, you accepted that Kabir is useless.

Meera tells everything. Kabir says I respected old ties and didn’t say anything. Apa says Meera, you should have respected old ties. Naveen says she did right to take revenge. Kabir says Angad’s accident happened because of Meera. Amrita asks how did hatred fill in her heart. Apa says hatred makes a person shallow. Meera asks why did Kabir come to my office, I did right. Krishnakant comes and asks what’s the matter, who got the pizza and why. Meera steps on Naveen’s foot. She says I just got it, you have it. Krishnakant asks why is your mood good. She says I m very happy. He asks why. He looks at Apa. He says its fine, I m double happy. He blesses her. He says stay away from Angad, Kabir and Amrita. Meera says I have removed them from my life. Angad sees the ring.

Amrita says its Meera’s engagement ring, how did you get it. He says Meera returned it, her chapter is closed now, you know mumma. Amrita says Meera has no sense, relations doesn’t end like this. He says relations also die. She says you and Meera, no, this relation can’t end, give her some time. He says its enough, I want to move on now. She says you also take time, Meera will become this house bahu. Guneet hears them. He says don’t get scared of me, if Amrita promised, then I will also not let Nimmo about this ring, I promise, Angad I m sorry, everything spoiled because I slapped Krishnakant. Angad says no, KK uncle didn’t want to keep this marriage. Amrita says yes, you never raised hand on Kabir ever, don’t blame yourself. Angad nods. Guneet says I had some work, ask Kamli to finish the household work in the morning, I will make her clean the penthouse. Amrita says okay.

She goes to the penthouse. She cries and recalls the romantic dinner with Karan. They enjoy the drinks.He says I used to study here and play in childhood, I want to talk to you here, I m going to become HOD of my department soon. She congratulates him and hugs. He says the real reason is that, Nimmo and I went to see you two years back, I saw my life on this day. She smiles. They dance. Bal bal jao mai….plays… They romance. He asks her to give good news soon, then he will fill the room with toys, they will make this baby’s playroom, everyone sits here, it will be fun. She asks will our dream come true. He says surely. FB ends. Amrita thinks this room is going to be a stranger’s place now. Pritam scares his friends and laughs. They pack the bags and say we will come along. Pritam says I don’t want anyone to doubt, stay away, they won’t doubt me, they are innocent people.

Pritam saying come home at night by the backstairs, its broken, but be careful, I don’t want a mess. The guy asks did they ask police NOC. Pritam says no, they are innocent people, how many bullets are there. The guy says less, but I will get it by tomorrow. Pritam asks him to get beer. Dadi asks what are you doing here. Amrita says nothing, I came to clean the place. Dadi asks did you come to gather Karan’s memories. Amrita says we had spent time here and saw many dreams, someone else will stay here from tomorrow. She cries. Dadi says we will not give it on rent if you say, its not late. Amrita says its fine, Karan is everywhere. Dadi says he didn’t meet us and passed away. She cries. Amrita hugs and consoles her.

Dadi asks her to come and take rest. Amrita says I will come in some time. Dadi says you want to gather painful memories. Amrita misses Karan and cries. She locks the door. She goes to her room. She sees Karan’s pic and smiles. Kabir talks to Dolly. She says I gifted smart watch to my husband, he didn’t like it. He asks her to gift it to him, he will keep it with love. She asks did you get the job. He says no. She says Meera is so mean, she is my FB friend, she had put celebrations pic and wrote the tag, Sammy is calling me, I will talk later. He checks Meera’s post. He says she snatched my job and called me a loser. He says I will not lose to you, Meera, I will get the job in your company.

Everyone cleans the penthouse. Guneet says we will sell the old furniture, where will we keep this now. Soni brings the new clothes bought for Meera. She says I will keep one dress. Nimmo says don’t touch it, we bought these clothes for her, Angad was marrying, everything changed in a year. Angad says don’t cry, forget it. He scolds Soni. Nimmo asks Guneet to sell the clothes at the shop, they will get some money, relation isn’t there. Kabir comes and says I m going to find a job. She asks him to do what he wants. She shouts on Soni. Kabir argues with Pritam and his friend. He asks Hiten to leave. Pritam says I m the new tenant. Kabir says I didn’t see you, you have a solid personality, did he also come here to stay. He calls out everyone. He asks mum to get aarti. He says we can be friends. He goes. Dada ji welcomes Pritam. He asks his name.

Pritam says his name. Dada ji says Pritam, come. Pritam gets his bags. Amrita looks on. Soni says he doesn’t have much luggage. Angad says he is a bachelor. Pritam says I don’t like keeping much things. Angad says I will help you. Pritam stops him. Nimmo says you are hurt, go and rest. Dada ji asks maid to take the bags. She asks for more money. Guneet says he is our guest today. Pritam says let it be, I will do my work myself. Hiten says its has some glass items, he likes to do his work himself. Dada ji says I also like to make videos myself. Guneet apologizes from the maid’s side. Pritam says I will take my bags myself. He sees Amrita. He takes the bags. Hiten asks is that the same lady. Pritam says yes. Hiten says place is good. Pritam says you go now, everyone is looking here. Hiten says fine, take care. Dada ji asks is there anything left in the car. Hiten says no, just Pritam will be here. Nimmo says we just wanted to help him. Angad says let it be, he wants to be secluded. Pritam calls out and says the room is dirty. Nimmo asks maid didn’t she clean it now. Maid says I cleaned well. Pritam says don’t argue, is there a broomstick. Dadi asks the maid to go and clean the room. Angad asks what happened, are you fine. Amrita nods

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