A new life update Wednesday 13 April 2022

A new life 13 April 2022: The Episode starts with Amrita asking how dare you come here, just leave from my house. Pritam asks her to listen. She scolds him. She asks him to leave. Guneet comes. Amrita says this man wants to enter our house. Nimmo and everyone come. They ask him to leave. Pritam says I m still standing outside, listen to me. Guneet asks who are you. Pritam says Mansoor uncle has sent me. Dada ji comes. Nimmo says oh, he is the new tenant. Dada ji asks him to come. Amrita says but… Pritam asks her to listen to elders. He enters the house.

Dada ji asks how did you get hurt. Pritam says someone shot at me. Guneet asks why. Dadi asks are you a decent man. Pritam says bullet is shot at decent people, I was leaving from the bank. Nimmo says Amrita was also there. He says oh, are you fine, did you get hurt. Dada ji says she is blessed, did you find out, who shot at you. Pritam says no. Dada ji says I will change clothes and come, then I will show the room. Pritam looks at the house.Meera says tell me why did you come here, you can’t come for the interview. Kabir says I really came for it, you aren’t special that I lie and come to meet you, this isn’t your dad’s office. He goes. Meera says I will not let him get selected here. Guneet says come, I will show you my house. He shows the house. Nimmo says Amrita had a misunderstanding, don’t feel bad.

Pritam asks is the room upstairs. Dada ji comes and says yes, are you confused, I m the same, I got ready, come, I will show the room. He jokes and laughs. Amrita calls out Guneet. Guneet slips. Pritam holds him. Guneet thanks him. Dada ji asks Guneet to walk carefully. Dadi asks Nimmo to go with them, else they can give entire house on rent. Amrita worries. Soni says he is handsome. Amrita says shut up. Kabir gives the interview. Meera joins the HR.

Dada ji asks what do you do, I do standup comedy, you can watch my videos. Pritam opens the window. Nimmo and Guneet praise the room. Guneet says you will get this room cleaned. Pritam shuts the window. Nimmo says its solid. Dada ji says this is your terrace. Nimmo says no, we will also sit here, you will just the room. Pritam looks everything well. Dada ji says this is separate washroom, this will be yours. Dadi says don’t waste water. Dada says yes. Pritam asks is there any other entry of the house. Guneet says what’s the need, but there is a stair backside. Pritam checks the stairs and smiles. Dada ji says its bit broken. Guneet says we can’t get it repaired, you can repair it if you want. Dada ji asks shall we go and have tea. Pritam says I don’t want. Guneet says have tea, we will talk. Pritam says I don’t want to. Dada ji says have it. He asks Amrita to make tea for the guest.

Kabir says I will prove myself when I get a chance. Meera asks why so much gap after the education. Kabir says I had some family problem. Meera asks really, you didn’t want to take up responsibilities. Kabir says yes, my brother is no more, so I want to do a job now. Meera argues. She says you can say that you don’t want to do a job, it will be a total waste of our time and resources if you leave. Kabir says I will not leave the job. Meera signs bye. He angrily leaves.Amrita makes tea. She recalls Pritam. Soni asks what happened. Everyone talks about Pritam. Pritam sits. Dada ji asks Amrita to get the tea. Amrita says its ready. Her hands shake. She drops the tea on her hand. She screams. Everyone runs to her. They worry for Amrita. Pritam looks on. Dada ji says sit for some time, Amrita’s hand burnt. Soni says we don’t have an ointment for burn. Guneet says I will go and get it. Pritam says apply toothpaste, it will be fine. Guneet asks him to sit. Amrita looks at him. Meera stops Kabir. He says you didn’t do right. She says Angad has sent you to defame me. He says stop this nonsense, you aren’t so imp.

She asks him to get lost. They argue. Boss comes. He asks Meera to come with him, its urgent. Kabir looks at her angrily. Amrita says I have to say something about Pritam. Nimmo asks where did he go. Soni says he was just there. Guneet says I asked him to wait. Amrita thinks its good he left.Dada ji and Nimmo asking Guneet to go and see Pritam, maybe he is outside. Pritam talks on phone. Guneet sees him and asks him to come. Pritam asks is your bahu fine. Guneet says yes, dad is calling, come. Nimmo asks Amrita to go and take rest in the room. Amrita says Pritam has come again. Guneet says he was standing on the staircase. Pritam says I had to make a call. Dada ji says we love Amrita a lot, if anything happens to her….. Pritam sits. Dada ji says we will do the talks now. Nimmo says 10000rs rent and three months deposit. Pritam says fine. Dada ji asks will you give it. Pritam nods. Dadi says ask anything if you want. Pritam asks can I shift tomorrow. Guneet asks don’t you want to ask anything. Pritam says no. Dada ji says then done. Nimmo asks who will stay here with you.

Pritam says just me, I have no one. Soni says your parents, wife or kids. Pritam signs no. Guneet says you are a bachelor, wait outside, we will just come. Pritam says tell me soon. He goes out and sits on the staircase. Amrita opens the window and sees him. She says this man can’t stay here, I will tell the family. He says listen, how is your hand. She says don’t dare to talk to me. He says your keys, it had fallen in the auto that day. She takes the keys. He says I went to the bank to give the keys, I saw you there and ran after you, then I got shot, sorry for the auto, I was in hurry, I had to catch someone. She shuts the window and goes. Dada ji asks what’s the problem, he is a nice man. Guneet says I think he is a good. Soni says his rugged look is nice, he looks handsome.

Nimmo says you also looked like that in your college pic. They all discuss. Amrita says we will think and keep someone. Dada ji asks will Mansoor send someone wrong, don’t you trust him. Amrita says its not that. Nimmo says take the money and give the house on rent. Dada ji goes out and says you can come tomorrow. Pritam gives the three months advance. Soni asks what’s your name. Pritam says Pritam Choudhary. He leaves. Dada ji says I will call Mansoor and inform. Nimmo says we got some money at least. Kabir and his friends have tea and talk. Angad calls Kabir and asks how was the interview. Kabir say it went well but I didn’t get the job, all corrupt people are there. Angad says its fine, come home, I will explain mum. Kabir says you try to get a job. Angad says I will come home late. He ends call. He gets Meera’s call. He answers. Meera asks will you do such a cheap thing. He asks what. She says you and Kabir can’t trouble me. He asks what did I do, talk well, tell me. She says stop your drama, your family is cheap. He says enough, I don’t want to talk.

She says if I see you all in my life again, I won’t leave you. She ends call. He says what’s happening to her. She cries and says I want to move on, they aren’t letting me. He thinks of Meera and walks on the road. He comes in front of a car. He shouts. Amrita says he will get his stuff and come tomorrow, no…. he is a goon, he can’t stay here. She worries. Kabir comes and says I didn’t get the job, handle mum, else she will beat me. He asks are you fine. Amrita says we got the tenant, he is the same man who had entered the ladies washroom. He asks why didn’t you tell Dada ji. She says he said we can’t doubt if Mansoor has sent him. He says even Mansoor can make a mistake, I will talk to Dada ji, we won’t keep a goon as tenant, tell mummy about him. They go to tell everyone. Nimmo asks did you get the job. Kabir says we won’t keep that tenant. She asks him to leave. He says its a serious matter, that man isn’t right. He asks Amrita to say. Amrita says we won’t keep that man as tenant. Soni asks why. Pritam comes home and opens the gate.

Soni says its the same tenant, did he come today. Kabir says I will not leave him. Nimmo asks him to stop. Pritam and Guneet get Angad there. Everyone sees Angad hurt and ask what happened. Kabir asks what did you do with my brother. Pritam makes him away. Guneet says leave him, he saved Angad’s life, he took Angad to the hospital on the right time. Angad nods. Dada ji asks how did this happen. Angad says a car had hit me. Amrita asks was it his car. Pritam says no, I was just passing by and saw him, I took him to the hospital, Guneet came there and I got to know that Angad is from your family. Everyone thanks him. Pritam says I didn’t do any favor, I will go, I will get my luggage tomorrow. Dada ji says wait, we changed our mind, we won’t keep any tenant, find any other house, I will talk to Mansoor. He asks Guneet to return the money. Pritam asks what’s the problem. Guneet asks what happened, we already spoke to him. Dada ji says yes, but… Guneet asks is there any problem, Amrita, tell us, we won’t keep the tenant, we have nothing imp than you. He asks Nimmo to return the problem. Kabir says Amrita, tell them how this man went in the hired auto. Pritam says I was in hurry that day. Dada ji says its clear now, but be careful next time. Angad says yes, he saved my life today, no one took me to the hospital, thanks. Amrita stops Kabir. She says I have no problem, you can keep him as the tenant. Nimmo asks sure. Amrita nods. Pritam looks at her.

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