A new life update Friday 15 April 2022

A new life 15 April 2022: The Episode starts with Pritam showing the dust and spider webs to the maid. Kamli says I m scared of spider, shall I make this penthouse a Taj Mahal. He shouts get out. She goes. He takes the broomstick and starts cleaning. Kabir is with his friends. He says I m angered seeing Meera’s post pic. They say Meera shouldn’t win, give her a good reply. Kabir says yes, I will do a job in her company. They say Meera’s boss will give you the job. Kabir says yes, I had seen someone there. His friend says convince him then. Kabir says nice idea, I will show how I will convince the boss. Pritam cleans the room. He sees his suitcase. He hears some sound. He sees a rat there and smiles. He rests on the bed. Nimmo asks Amrita how is Pritam. Kamli says I cleaned the penthouse well, look at his attitude. Angad says he will just stay here, leave it. Guneet says we will ask him to leave if he isn’t right. Kamli says maybe he drinks.

Angad says many people drink these days. Pritam comes there to return the broomstick. He sees Dada and Dadi arguing. Everyone laughs. Amrita feels a baby kick. She says baby just kicked. Everyone gets happy. They all smile. They sing and dance around Amrita. Pritam gets shocked. He drops the broomstick. They all hug Amrita. Pritam cries. He goes upstairs and locks himself. He angrily kills the rat. Kabir calls Dolly and asks her to just come to meet him. She asks where to meet. He says I will send the address. She says fine. His friend asks are you after Dolly again. He says I will convince Meera’s boss. Angad comes to Pritam and says I got water for you. Pritam says I don’t need, I have it, fine give it. Angad says thanks for taking him to hospital. Pritam says your family already thanked me, won’t you take rent now, it was my duty to help you. Angad says I came to invite you for dinner. Pritam says no need. Angad says its Dada ji’s command, please come. Pritam shuts the door. Amrita says Dada ji invited him for dinner, why. Guneet says we should get happy. Dada ji comes and does an act.

Amrita laughs. Angad comes downstairs. Dada ji says you will be my Robert. Angad says oh. Dada ji asks what did Pritam say, will he come for dinner. Angad says yes. Dada ji asks Amrita to make special dinner for special guest. Dadi jokes on him.Amrita says the baby should go on Dada ji also. The baby kicks again. Nimmo cries and says remember, when Karan kicked for the first time. Guneet asks how can I forget that moment, I used to sit all night feeling Karan. She says I felt a life within, Karan, our life. Amrita asks them to smile. Everyone goes for some work. Dada ji says no one values talent, Kabir will become good Robert, where is he. Dolly asks are you mad, I won’t do this. Kabir says do this for me. She says I thought you miss me. He says I got your name in my mind, I miss you. He gets Dada ji’s call. Dada ji says I m acting, how is it, I made a new act. Kabir says I m here for interview. He ends call. Kabir says don’t you want me to get a job, please, you are my best friend, I thought you will help me. She agrees. Meera talks to her boss. He is on the way. Kabir gets Sunny’s call. Sunny says Meera’s boss is coming, did Dolly agree. Kabir says yes, you set the trap. Sunny outs road closed barricade. Shetty takes a turn. Kabir asks Dolly to get ready. Ronny gets a cycle. Dolly says my makeup shouldn’t spoil. Kabir smiles. Shetty talks to Meera.

He says you have to choose the best one from all the idiots. Dolly rides the cycle. She falls over Shetty’s car.Shetty says its an accident, I will talk to you later. Dolly acts hurt. She applies the ketchup to her hand. She says I can’t see anything, I m dying. Ronny asks what did you do, did she die. Kabir comes and asks what happened. Ronny says he had killed the girl, I will call the police. Shetty says she came in front of the car, believe me. Kabir and Ronny threaten him. Shetty says I beg, its not my mistake. Kabir comes and asks what happened. Dolly sits. They say Shetty killed the girl. Shetty says I saw you something, I m innocent, I m ready to take the girl to the hospital and bear expenses. Kabir says its not the car owner’s mistake always, its the girl’s mistake. Dolly says save me, I m my mum’s only daughter. She acts. Kabir says girl is alive, don’t waste time, we will take her to the hospital. Shetty says yes, come. Kabir asks them to lift the girl and put her in the car. Kabir says drive the car fast.

Shetty asks him to come. Shetty says make the girl lie straight, this posture doesn’t look nice. Kabir asks him to drive. Amrita cares for Kamli’s injury. She asks her to go and do the aid. She sees Pritam hiding a bag. He sees her at the door  Pritam pulls the curtains. Amrita goes. Meera calls Shetty. Kabir asks Shetty not to answer the call, the girl is dying. Shetty stops the car and asks is she dead, check her pulse. Kabir says she is dead, you will go to jail now. Shetty says save me. He says I have to take Meera’s call. Kabir says don’t tell her about accident. Shetty asks him to hide. He answers the call. She says I needed your approval for ppt. Shetty says its approved, you just go ahead. She asks who is the girl behind. He says its a dead body. She asks what. He says focus on ppt. He asks Kabir to please save him. Pritam locks the door. Amrita looks on and says we are not thieves, we will not even check your things. She sees the dead rat and screams. She falls back. Pritam holds her.

Amrita asks Kamli to see the dead rat. Kamli says I had cleaned the terrace, someone threw it here. Pritam says throw it away. Kamli throws it down. The neighbor lady Tutu aunty shout who threw the dead rat on me. Amrita says she will lecture us today. Pritam goes to see. Amrita says get back, Tutu aunty has seen us. Kamli asks Pritam not to say anything. Amrita asks how did the rat come. Tutu says I m coming inside. Amrita says keep hiding here. Tutu comes home and asks everyone to come out.Dada ji jokes on Tutu’s age. Tutu says your family has no manners, they threw a dead rat on me. She shows the rat. Guneet asks how did a dead rat come in this house. Dada ji says its not from our house, his face doesn’t match us. Tutu says I m serious, I got decked up and was going to my nephew’s reception, my dress is spoiled, its worth 13000rs.

Angad says our house is clean. Dadi says maybe the rat was going on your nephew’s reception. Tutu says fine, make fun of me, call Amrita and Kamli, I have seen them. Dada ji jokes. Tutu says call Amrita, she has thrown this from the terrace. Amrita says we are gone now. Kabir says Sir, you are gone now. Shetty says the girl came in front of my car. Kabir says police will not believe you. Shetty says please save me, I don’t want to go to jail. Kabir says we have to dump the dead body. Shetty says thanks for saving me from going to jail, have this money, handle this matter. Kabir says I have self esteem, I m educated, I don’t want money but a job. Shetty says you join my company, just handle this dead body. Dolly looks on. Kabir says once I do your work, you can deny this.

Shetty says I m not lying, trust me. Tutu says I m not lying, call Amrita. Nimmo calls Amrita. Amrita and Kamli look downstairs. Tutu says look at them. Guneet asks Kamli did she throw the rat down. Kamli says no. Nimmo asks Tutu to have shame, she finds chances to fight with them. Tutu says Amrita, don’t lie, you have a baby in your womb. Angad says enough now, please go. Pritam gets angry. Tutu says I will prove that Amrita has thrown the rat. Pritam says I had thrown it. Tutu smiles seeing him and asks who is this handsome guy. Soni says he is our new tenant. Pritam says I had thrown the dead rat, sorry it fell over you. She says its fine, you won’t keep dead rat home, what’s your name, are you a bachelor. Pritam says I will get your clothes dry cleaned. She flirts with him. Everyone smiles. Guneet says she changed a lot. Angad introduces Tutu to Pritam. Dada ji asks Tutu to leave now. Tutu says see you and bumps into the gate. She goes smiling. Nimmo says so you had thrown the rat, right.

Amrita nods. Dada ji says Pritam, stop, she will be sitting outside. Pritam says I have imp work. Angad says she will stick to you. Guneet says go out later. Kabir says you get my appointment letter. He asks Dolly to lie down. Shetty says I will get the appointment. Meera says Shetty had been acting strange on the call. Shetty sees Dolly sitting. Kabir says I made her sit inside, else the dead body will get stiff. He calls Shweta and asks her to make appointment ready on Kabir Sakhuja’s name, put him in Meera’s team, salary. Kabir says I m happy for 50k. Shetty says mail it to him. He sees Dolly in front seat. Kabir says I changed her position, I will handle the dead body. Meera asks who is the guy. Shetty calls Shweta and says send the letter now. Shweta says let me do my work. Meera goes. Kabir gets the appointment letter. He says you go home, I will dump the dead body and bring your car home. Shetty asks shall I go by walk. Kabir says I have to clean the proof from the car also. Shetty says yes. He goes. Dolly says congrats, you got the job, get me a new dress. Kabir hugs her.

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