A new life update Saturday 30 April 2022

A new life 30 April 2022: The Episode starts with Pritam hearing Amrita’s talks. Sudha says you have sorrow in your heart. Amrita says I m afraid that Karan will flow out in my tears. Kuljeet says Lord didn’t do this right with you. They cry. Amrita asks the baby to tell his Nana and Nani not to get sad, wait for some days, then we will go home and create a storm there. Kuljeet says we are waiting for that Amrita. Amrita says your Amrita is alive, I didn’t let anything die in me, but I have a life in my womb. Pritam looks on and cries. Meera hears music and dances. Everyone looks on. Divya asks what are you doing.

Krishnakant goes to stop Meera. Meera says I was selecting a song. Divya asks why. Meera says its Amrita’s godh bharai, I thought to have a performance there. They ask how do you know about them. Meera says Kabir had called me. Krishnakant says stay away from him. Naveen says he is cheap. Meera says don’t say anything, he says nonsense, but he is good at heart, our family should have a dance performance. He asks what’s the need, we will attend the function and come. Meera says come on Papa, its Amrita’s godh bharai, we shouldn’t stand aside in the crowd, our performance should be the best. He says yes, you said right, it should be there, it should be the best. He asks Naveen to play songs. Apa smiles. They all dance. Angad asks Dada ji to come, speaker is fixed. Soni says Dada ji is preparing dance. Kabir says even Biji is busy. Nimmo asks them to come out.

Amrita sees Pritam in the balcony. Pritam turns away. Kuljeet and everyone ask Dada ji to come.Dada ji and Dadi come dancing on tunuk tunuk tun….. Pritam smiles seeing them. He says amazing family. Everyone dances. He gets a call. He asks Nitin to meet him outside Rathi’s office. Dada ji says stop dancing, this is our item, no one will dance. They dance. Pritam locks the door and goes. He sees Kamli cleaning Amrita’s room. Amrita sees him. Kabir stops the music. Kamli takes the bag and keeps it in the cupboard. Amrita says play the music. Kabir plays the music. Pritam stops and comes to everyone. Angad stops the music. Pritam says whatever happened yesterday, I didn’t do right, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone, I was very worried, my way of talking wasn’t right, I m sorry, if you want me to leave from here, then I will leave, forgive me please. He looks at Amrita and leaves.

Dada ji says he has apologized. Amrita says neither he nor his apology is imp for me. She asks Soni to play music. They all dance. Pritam and Nitin come to Rathi’s office. Pritam gives the bag. Rathi asks didn’t you open and check what’s inside. Pritam says it was about trust. Rathi says good, don’t you know what’s inside. Pritam says its just a key to win trust.Rathi says confidence, I like it, this had my trust and your death. He opens the bag. He checks. He sees the gifts inside. He asks what’s this. Pritam says what you kept. Rathi gets angry and says its not my luggage, where did you keep my Rdx. Pritam asks how did it change into baby clothes and toys. The goons catch Pritam. Rathi says you knew it well, you are acting smart, return my bag to me, first Nitin will die then you. Pritam says Nitin, you went to the place with Monty, right. Nitin says yes. Rathi threatens them.

Pritam says let me think. He recalls and thinks the bag is in Sakhuja house. Rathi says tell me, it will blast if it gets opened. Pritam says blast will happen if it opens, bag got changed, trust me once, I have to do business with you, I will get the bag, if they open the bag, then we will get caught, let me go, I would have not come if I had to cheat. Rathi says I want my bag by tomorrow. Pritam says great. He leaves with Nitin. Rathi asks where does he stay. Jogi says he stays in Sakhuja house. Rathi says keep an eye on him, if he doesn’t die, then that family will die. Guneet asking Kuljeet to check the items. Everyone dances on the songs. Pritam comes and thinks its good they all are alive. He goes with the bag. He checks the bag and says how did I make such a big mistake. A guy sees everyone dancing. Amrita smiles.

Pritam looks on and says if they opened the bag, then the blast would have happened. A guy sees Soni’s dance video. Pritam says what is he doing, how dare he. He goes downstairs. He catches the guy and slaps him. Everyone gets shocked. Kamli stops the music. Pritam asks what were you doing. The guy says nothing. Everyone scolds Pritam. Pritam asks the guy to give his phone. Guneet asks why do you want his mobile, just pack your bags and leave the house. Pritam says give me your mobile. Amrita says enough, can’t we enjoy our function in peace. Pritam catches the guy’s neck and takes his phone. Kabir asks Pritam to leave him. He asks what’s this goon behavior. Angad says return the phone and get lost. Pritam asks them to watch it themselves. He says it won’t be good if I see this. Angad checks the video of Soni’s dance. Everyone sees it. Soni cries. Angad slaps the guy and asks how dare you. He beats the guy.

Angad asks Kabir to call the police. Pritam worries. Amrita hugs Soni. Pritam thinks it will be a problem for me. The man apologizes to Guneet and says don’t call the police. Pritam says don’t involve the police, many people will see this video if they investigate. Kuljeet says yes. Pritam deletes the video. He gives the phone to the guy. He threatens to kill him.Kabir throws out the guy from the house. Guneet says sorry Pritam. Pritam says whatever I did, it was my duty, but I had hurt your hearts yesterday, forgive me. Soni says forgiven, thank you. Amrita says yes, thank you, you saved us from a big defamation. Sudha says everything got fine now, even Amrita has forgiven you. Pritam turns to go upstairs. Kabir asks why don’t you want to come in godh bharai, we aren’t so bad, it will be fun. Kuljeet says come, we all will enjoy. Pritam thinks I can go inside the house and find the bag. He says who says I won’t come, I will surely come. Angad says you said a good thing. Pritam says if there is any work, then I m ready to help. Dadi says come, I will tell you. Amrita looks at him.

Meera asks Divya to suggest some gift for Amrita. Naveen comes to ask for money. Meera asks are you buying a gift for Amrita. He says no, I want it for myself. He takes money from her purse. She asks what’s this, why do you want money. Divya says you took money from dad and Apa also. Naveen says I will return it, I have to go. He goes. Meera says he is behaving weird. She asks Divya to leave her alone.Nimmo instructs Pritam. He murmurs they made me a decorator. Kuljeet says I will also work in my daughter’s function. Nimmo says we will give the list to Guneet. Guneet says Dada ji will get it. Angad says he is preparing his item for function. Pritam says your Dada ji is an item to become Daler Mehendi in this age. Kabir says you also perform an item. Pritam says I m already working. He looks for the bag. He asks is it in madam jasoos’ room. Kabir asks who is that. Pritam says no one. Amrita gets her dress. She says tailor has stitched it loose. The curtains fall over Amrita. Pritam asks her to stop. She doesn’t stop. He says statue. She stops. He pulls the curtains upwards. He says sorry. She gets angry.

Kabir says wow, what a technique. Sudha says don’t get angry, he is decorating this for you. Guneet says such things happen during work. Nimmo says I will get the dress fixed. She asks Angad to take the dress. Angad asks Amrita to give her fitting dress. She says yes. Kabir says you are the heroine of the function. He gets a call from Meera. Amrita asks whose call is it. Kabir says its a call from office, boss is calling. He goes. Pritam says hold the stairs. Amrita says his name is Kabir, he isn’t your brother. Kuljeet says there is no problem if he calls him a brother. He asks Pritam not to worry. Pritam says thanks, else your daughter would have pulled the ladder. She goes and shuts the room’s door.

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