A new life update Friday 29 April 2022

A new life 29 April 2022: The Episode starts with Amrita and Guneet scolding Pritam. Kuljeet asks who are you. Angad asks what happened. Nimmo says he misbehaved with Samdhi ji. She asks Pritam what’s your problem. Sudha says he got after us when we came here. Pritam says I didn’t know them, they parked the car here, I asked them to move the car. Angad says he is our tenant. Kuljeet says then its fine if he tells us, if he stays here, if anyone parks the car outside the gate, then he will say. Pritam says yes. Soni asks him to say sorry. Pritam says fine, I m sorry uncle ji. Kuljeet says its fine. Pritam says sorry aunty ji. Sudha says its fine, our train got late, so we were angry. Kuljeet says we came early to surprise you, this guy surprised us. Pritam says sorry. He gets a call. Angad and Kamli take the bags.

Amrita says you want us to stay away from you, we want you to stay away from us, don’t mess with anyone. Pritam says your parents argued with me. She says you didn’t shout, right, don’t you have shame to shout on elders. He says I said sorry twice, call them, I will say sorry again. She goes. He looks for the bag. He gets the other bag. He says how did bag go there. He takes the bag to Nitin. Nitin asks is everything fine. Pritam says take this bag and keep it at our old house, be careful, it has a bomb. Nitin gets shocked. Kuljeet and Sudha have a talk with everyone. Kuljeet says when Guneet called us, we were already sitting in the train.

They laugh. Amrita hugs Sudha. Kuljeet says I miss Dada ji’s jokes. Dadi says don’t say it, else she will start. He says now I will say, when did you keep this new guard. Angad asks who. Kuljeet says the one we met outside, he asked us to move the car. Sudha says he did right. Amrita says don’t praise him, he was shouting on dad. Kuljeet says its fine, he apologized knowing we are Amrita’s parents, he is a good man. Guneet asks Soni and Nimmo to get tea and snacks. Kuljeet says this bag has Amrita’s godh bharai items, keep it in her room. Amrita says I will take the bag. She takes the bag to her room. Meera says Shetty liked Kabir’s stupid line. She talks to the peon. She asks peon to trouble Kabir. He says he is Shetty’s fav, I will lose my job. She says I will get a job for you in my dad’s office. He says sure, then I will do it today. Kabir comes and thanks her for falling. Shetty comes and says I shared Kabir’s idea with client, they liked it, Kabir my boy, you gave an amazing line, I have shared your pic also, they want both of you as their models. They ask what. Peon gets spiked coffee for Kabir. Shetty says get another for Kabir, I need this, sorry. Kabir asks him to drink. Meera shouts no, you can’t have it, Kabir ordered it, how can you drink it. Peon says yes, I will get another one.

Shetty says shut up. Meera says you can’t drink it. Kabir says leave it, its Shetty’s office. Shetty asks how dare you Meera. He drinks the coffee. He says strong coffee, I needed this, nice. Meera and Peon worry. Shetty says if client asks you both to become model, then… He feels an upset stomach. Kabir asks what happened. Shetty says I will just come. He goes to washroom. Kabir asks what happened to him. He gets Angad’s call. He asks did Amrita’s parents come, great, I want to come and sit with Amrita. Meera hears the talk. Shetty comes and says I was saying, if client asks you both to become model…. Meera asks are you okay. Shetty goes back. Kabir says we will plan it in budget. Shetty comes and says let me go. Kabir says don’t waste our time, complete the talks and go. Meera says let him go. Kabir says he will shout on us later. Shetty shouts let me go please. He runs. Kabir asks what’s going on. Meera says I don’t know, do your work. She asks Peon to get medicine for Sir. Kabir asks for coffee. Peon goes.

Nitin and Monty see the bag. They try to open it and diffuse the bomb. Pritam pushes Monty. He says what did I say, this has a bomb, it should not open, we don’t know the bomb’s calibre, if it blasts, then we will be dead. Nitin says but we have to do something of it, will we just take it and sit. Pritam says sit well, its not a time bomb, it will explode if bag opens, Rathi also wants this, he wants us dead, if we don’t open the bag, then we will win his trust, this bag is a key to win Rathi’s trust. Monty says its a big risk. Pritam laughs and says don’t worry, Rathi will call to know my intention. Nitin asks why did you get the bag here. Pritam says I had to remove it from Sakhuja house. Sudha says don’t lift the heavy bag, I will keep it. Pritam says its Amrita’s godh bharai, many people will be there, it wasn’t safe to keep it there. Amrita misses Karan and cries. Sudha hugs her. She locks the cupboard. everyone decorating the house. Kuljeet decorates with flowers. He says we all will work together, I m not an outsider.

Angad says Dada ji is working alone, look there. They laugh seeing Dada ji and joke. Amrita asks what are you doing, Angad and Kabir will do it. Dada ji says no, Guneet has challenged me,I will do it and show. Kuljeet asks shall I come there. Dada ji says I will do. Sudha asks Amrita to see what they have got for Godh bharai. Amrita asks her to show. Sudha gets the bag to open it. Pritam comes home. Amrita asks him to be careful, there are flowers there. Pritam says remove it from the main gate. Dada ji asks Pritam to help him. Amrita smiles. Dada ji says fix these garlands, I will just come. Sudha asks Amrita to see the things. Amrita says yes. Dada ji says I have a competition with Kuljeet and Angad, help me. Pritam gets rude. He asks why shall I fix it, its not my work, its your family function, you do it. Kuljeet asks why are you getting rude, don’t do. Pritam says he got after me. Dada ji says listen to me, is anything troubling you. Angad asks Pritam to go.

Pritam says thanks, I m trying to explain this to all of you, I stay here as tenant, don’t try to make me your family member. Amrita asks who is making you a family member, we talk due to humanity, you don’t know that. Nimmo says we will talk. Amrita says no, its enough, we give him love, he talks rudely, he doesn’t care of anyone’s age. He shouts did I come with anyone’s complain. Angad asks him to keep tone low. Kuljeet scolds Pritam. Pritam asks are you threatening me. Dada ji says no, its his style. Amrita says yes, stay well here or leave, if you misbehave with anyone, then I will make you out of here. Kuljeet says calm down. Dada ji asks her to go in. Amrita asks why do you talk to him, he is just a tenant, we will not talk to him from today, he won’t come in my godh bharai rasam, else I will leave from here, go from here.

Pritam says you are misunderstanding. She asks Angad to make Pritam away. Angad asks him to leave. Everyone asks him to go. Pritam goes upstairs. Everyone calms down Amrita. Pritam says what did I do. He looks on. Kuljeet says make this guy leave, he doesn’t deserve to stay here. Angad asks Pritam to go in. Pritam goes. Kabir talks on call. Meera hears them. Kabir says Meera, you have spiked the coffee for boss. Meera says don’t say nonsense, that coffee was for you. He says yes, I know everything, this news will reach Shetty. She says its our fight, don’t involve boss. He says he got involved, he is in washroom, I will tell this to him later. He selects theme for baby shower. She says your taste is so tacky. He asks her to suggest. She says I can suggest if you don’t tell boss. He agrees and says its for Amrita, tell me. She shows him a website. She says Amrita’s godh bharai should be good. He says Amrita told me that you slapped a guy at the hospital, good you value her, she misses you a lot, others also miss you. She asks who. He says Dada ji, Biji, Soni and me, they planned special performances. She asks shall we also plan a dance. He says why will you dance with me, you will dance with Angad, you plan a dance performance with your family members, Nimmo will melt her heart, Amrita will also like it.

Pritam says I didn’t say anything directly, she felt bad, shall I put decorations, they don’t understand, they don’t leave me alone, strange, Mansoor got me trapped here. Rathi calls him. He takes the call. Rathi asks where is my bag, is it safe. Pritam says its safe, don’t worry, tell the place, it will reach there. Rathi thinks it means he didn’t touch the bag. He says get the bag to my office tomorrow. Pritam says fine. He ends call and says I knew it, you can’t wait for long, now the game will begin. He hears someone coming and hides. Amrita comes with her parents. She says we will go downstairs. Kuljeet says don’t worry about Pritam, I will see him. Amrita says we will go to my room. Kuljeet says sit and talk to us. Pritam holds his head and thinks I became a villain in their eyes, they don’t see their mistakes. Kuljeet asks how are you.

Amrita says I m okay. Sudha says you are Sakhuja’s bahu, tell us, how is our Amrita. Kuljeet says yes, naughty Amrita, one who used to fight with everyone for little things. Amrita says I fought Pritam today also. Sudha says we are finding the naughty Amrita. Pritam hears their talks. Amrita laughs. Pritam thinks she was Daaku haseena before. Kuljeet says you used to fight with me, now you don’t fight, no anger and complains. Amrita asks what shall I complain to you, Lord has snatched from me. Kuljeet says then complain to Lord, why did you become so silent now. Amrita says I have no complains, I m proud of my Karan, Karan didn’t go without any motive, he did something, he saved people’s lives, I m happy that Lord has given a honour to Karan’s death. Pritam hears them.

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