A new life update Sunday 1 May 2022

A new life 1 May 2022: The Episode starts with Kabir saying no one knows that I work in your office, you can tell everyone when you come here. She says I want your help. Divya asks her to ask Kabir about the gift. Meera says never, I was asking what will be the best for Amrita. She asks Divya to leave. She asks Kabir to tell something special. Kabir says gift a car, your dad has much money. Meera says I made a mistake to call you. Kabir says you are coming, that’s the big gift for Amrita, say sorry to mumma, then everything will be fine. Guneet asks whom are you talking to. Kabir says its boss’ call. Meera jokes. Guneet asks Kabir to talk to boss well. Kabir asks him to go. Meera asks is Guneet happy with dad’s coming. He says yes, you come, everything will get fine, I have to bring a gift. He says gift a pram to the baby. Meera says yes, what a good idea, thanks Kabir.

She asks did you call the DJ, we have to give a dance performance. He says no, you know our house condition, we arranged some money to keep the function, we did decorations ourselves, don’t know how to manage food budget, we will play the songs ourselves and dance. She worries for them.Pritam checks the rooms for the bag. He sees Dadi. Dadi asks what are you finding. Pritam says tool box. Dadi asks do you repair things. He says yes. She asks him to repair the torch, and other things. He says I have much work there, we will do this later. She asks him to go. He goes.

Pritam says I have made the list, all the work is done. Saroj says you didn’t see the things we got for Amrita. She asks Kamli to get her bag from Amrita’s room. Pritam looks for the bag. Kamli goes to get the bag. Pritam doesn’t see her. Amrita sees him and asks you here. He asks what are you doing here. She says I came here to dry clothes, what are you doing here. He says I…. Guneet asks Angad to get mirchi lights. Pritam says mirchi. She asks do you find me mirchi, are you karela. He says I m finding mirchi lights. She says its in that shelf. He goes to open the shelf.Saroj is about to open the bag. Pritam pulls the shelf. The flour container opens. Flour falls on him. Amrita laughs. Saroj hears the sound and stops. Everyone goes to see.

They laugh seeing Pritam. Pritam asks are you all done laughing. They laugh more. Dadi asks for a selfie. Pritam goes upstairs. A man takes Pritam’s pic. Kabir asks who are you. The man runs and calls the inspector. He says we found the murderer of that girl, he is the same guy. Inspector says now Pritam is gone.Pritam cleans himself off the flour. Kabir says we got tired. Angad says yes, we want to relax, join us. Pritam says no thanks. Kabir says we will share the drinks. Pritam smiles. They sit to drink. Guneet calls out Kabir and Angad. They hide the bottles and say don’t tell dad. They hide from Guneet. Guneet asks Pritam what is happening, you are drinking beer here, what will the people say. Pritam says no, I was going inside, I have done much work today. Guneet says its fine, you can drink. He gets more bottles. He says you are alone and you have three bottles. Pritam says you drink it. Guneet says I m also feeling tired, if you are insisting, then I will drink, cheers. Angad says dad sat there to drink. Dada ji calls out Guneet.

Guneet says don’t tell my dad that I was drinking here. He goes and hides. He sees Angad and Kabir there. Kabir asks are you hiding and drinking beer. Angad says we will tell Dada ji. Guneet says I know you got the beer. Dada ji comes upstairs and says Pritam, you are drinking alone. Pritam says no, I mean Kabir, Angad and Guneet ji.. Guneet says he will get us trapped. Dada ji says they all went out. He gets the bottles and asks whose bottles are these, you are having three bottles, why. They all fold hands to Pritam. Pritam says actually… Dada ji says I know a person makes many pegs when he is alone to feel that he is with friends, I will not let you feel alone, I will give you a company. Pritam looks on. Angad signs him to send Dada ji. Pritam asks don’t you have any work. Dada ji says no, mehendi is going on. He drinks.

The ladies get the mehendi applied. Soni laughs telling about Kuljeet and Baljeet’s talks. Pammi asks are you making fun of my husband. Amrita says no, she is praising him. Kamli comes and asks why didn’t Amrita apply mehendi. Pammi says Karan is no more, how can Amrita apply mehendi. Amrita saying what if Karan isn’t there, but there is a life, I m alive, its my godh bharai to bless my baby. Pammi asks will you apply mehendi, you are a widow. Nimmo and Saroj feel bad. Nimmo stops Pammi. Amrita cries. She says my Karan didn’t leave me and go, he is always with me, its not about Karan, its about me and my happiness, I want to apply mehendi, its a mother’s day, a mother has a right to celebrate every happiness. Nimmo says you said it right. Pammi says when guests come in godh bharai and talk strange things, will it look good. Biji says enough, Amrita will apply the mehendi. Amrita says Karan wants to see mehendi on my hands. Soni writes K on Amrita’s hand and applies mehendi. Dada ji finishes the beer. Guneet says he will finish the other bottle also. Pritam looks at Dada ji.

Dada ji says I went to meet Mansoor and invite him, I got to know what you did for Soni, bless you. Nimmo says we should start the dance now. Dada ji laughs and says if we get a chance to celebrate, then everyone smiles, you did good to become a part of our happiness, we were tolerating much sorrow, eyes don’t dream and tears don’t stop, Karan left us, Angad’s marriage broke, Guneet’s shop got shut, everyone tries a lot to smile, but there is pain inside. Guneet, Kabir and Angad hear this and get sad. Dada ji says if my Karan was alive, then this would have not happened, he would have handled everything alone, he used to get much courage, no one has any complains with him. He smiles and says you should have met him, you both would have become good friends, we will miss him a lot tomorrow, why Lord takes away our loved ones, he should have called me, my Karan didn’t see the world well. Pritam gets sad. Dada ji cries. Pritam says don’t cry, please. Guneet, Kabir and Angad also cry. Guneet hugs Dada ji and cries. Dada ji asks what are you doing here. He asks Guneet not to cry, and drink, he will be fine. Kabir says get happy, don’t cry now. They hear the music. Kajra mohabbat wala….plays… They see the ladies dancing.

They drink and dance on the terrace. Pritam smiles. Amrita dances. She sees Pritam upstairs. Dada ji says this beer finished, is there more. He goes to find it. Dada ji falls on the cot and says hear a joke. They all say no. The man says Pritam was with Sakhujas. Inspector says he looks like their family member, who is this family. The man says they are a simple family, their financial state isn’t so good. Inspector asks how did they get money to decorate the house, they are acting to keep him as tenant, they are his allies.Saroj says come and see the things we got. Baljeet says Kuljeet will get if there is anything less. Dada ji comes drunk. He asks who will hear my item, I m fine. Pritam sees the bag. Nimmo asks are you drunk. Baljeet says no one told me about the beer. Biji asks who fed him the beer. Guneet says I didn’t. Amrita asks Angad and Kabir about it. Kabir says don’t ask me. Baljeet says its my insult, we will leave. Dada ji says we will feed you kada. Nimmo asks who fed beer to Dada ji. Guneet says I don’t know. Dada ji says ask me, Pritam fed me the beer, he is there.Biji and Amrita scold Pritam. Pritam says I… Pammi says come downstairs and answer. Dada ji defends Pritam. Pritam asks Kabir and Angad to take Dada ji inside. Dada ji asks him to come downstairs. Amrita asks Pritam to come and handle things now. Pritam comes downstairs. He sees the bag. Amrita stares at him angrily. Pritam thinks its tough to take the bag.

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