Guddan update Sunday 1 May 2022

Guddan 1 May 2022: Durga says how long would you run? One day you have to face what you’re running from. You left your house because of that Antra. We died every moment. We suffered. Laxmi says she tried everything to save us and her house. But the circumstances were such. Druga says she could fight. The Guddan I knew would fight till the last breath. Guddan says the one who connected me to that house, who I considered mine asked me to leave. How could I stay then. Laxmi hugs Guddan and says we are so happy to see you here. God brought you to us again. You will make everything like it was. You would right? Guddan leaves her hand. Guddan leaves.

Guddan comes on the reception. The reporters ask Guddan many questions. Revati says let us go. Dadi comes and says would you give this mother an autograph. Guddan hugs her in tears. Revati hugs dadi too. Dadi says how are my daughters? revati says I will be back. I have to take this call. DAdi says Guddan, you are back. Everything would be fine now, AJ too. Guddan says I only came here for my work. If I knew i would meet you all, I wouldn’t have come here. I have a new life. Dadi says I am still there. Your mother. I know you care. Guddan says yes, I care. But I have come way too forward in this new world now. I have to go now. Guddan touches her feet and says take care. Dadi says what about your family that had been waiting for you? Guddan leaves.

She trips over a vase. The manager says are you okay? Guddan says my fault, I will pay for it. He says it’s okay ma’am. Dadi says I know you can never change Guddan. I know you wouldn’t be able to go away from AJ, seeing his condition.Guddan is on her way back. Revati calls her. Guddan says come there directly. Guddan recalls what AJ did. The driver stops he car and says this man is sitting on the road and drinking. It’s AJ. Guddan says let me see. It’s AJ. Guddan comes out of her car and says what is this? AJ says why are you back in my life again? Guddan says no hi hello? AJ says you say hi hello to people you care about. Guddan says I don’t care either. I am here for my movie’s promotion.

So I am leaving. He says yeah, you have become our star. You’re not an artist, you are a bhaand. Guddan says drinking here would make you an animal. AJ says who are you to judge my skill? You’re nothing. Like you were before. Guddan says I am something now. All credit goes to you. If you didn’t show me my worth four years ago, I could never realize my potential. So Mr. Jindal, thank you. AJ says very nice. You’re trying to taunt? Guddan says no I am speaking truth. You changed my life for better. You asked me to leave and I became this. You gave me the motivation. AJ says I loved you but in these four years, I have only hated you. You motivated me to hate you. Guddan says I took it positively and you negatively. AJ grasps her and says you’re responsible for my destruction.

Guddan says time has changed. AJ says I hate you. Guddan says but always loved you. He says enough of your drama. I don’t need the love that only gave me pain. Guddan says you can’t understand. AJ says you don’t need to feel bad for me. I don’t need your concern. You are responsible for my condition. Guddan says you can relax. I won’t ever come back to your life. I am very distant. You can live your life happily with your Antra. People see Guddan. A woman says let’s take selfie. They ask Guddan for selfie. Many people come and stand between AJ and Guddan. The song Aadat plays. They shove AJ. Guddan goes back to her car. Guddan says I will take all the pain you have given me. Your love will always stay alive in my heart. AJ drinks, Guddan leaves.

AJ recalls Guddan asked him to live happily with Antra. He gave divorce papers to Antra. Antra said sign it. The marriage we just did means nothing to me. Stop doing this drama. I married you to hurt Guddan. I hate Guddan but I won’t give her place to you. I will pretend that you’re in my life. I want to hurt her but don’t want to stay with you. Take whatever you want, and leave. Antra says I want everything then. All of it. AJ says okay, I will give you so much money you won’t be able to spend it. You have to stay silent in front of everyone. You will be my wife in front of Guddan’s eyes. She signs the divorce papers.Saru comes home and sees the renovated house. She says wow it looks so good. Dadi Laxmi and Durga come. Saru says come free fund. See the house I renovated. It looks so good. The servant says your coconut. Saru says dadi, smash it and start a new day. Dadi says I am very happy. This is actually a new day. Dadi breaks it. Dadi says to eat. Saru says why are you so happy? dadi says Indian’s new superstar and my Guddan is back. Saru coughs. Dadi says it’s such a blessed day.

Laxmi says Guddan would come home. Laxmi says Saru, you’re speechless right? Let me show you a video. She shows her Guddan’s video. Saru faints. Laxmi laughs.Guddan packs her bag. Kaushaliya says why are you packing? Guddan says I have to go to Mumbai and do promotions there. Kaushaliya says please spend the night here. Guddan says the flight is booked. Revati comes. Kaushliya says when will you come back to meet us? Guddan says let’s all move to Mumbai. Live with us. Talk to papa, please. Kaushaliya says we will come for sure. Kaushaliya says I will pack your food. Revati says what are you doing? Guddan says work. Revati says you’re running from here. Guddan says our work here is done. Revati says you’re hurt to see him like this right? You think you would fall weak? Guddan says we can’t miss the flight. I am going to Mumbai.

Dadi prays and says thank God Guddan is back in our lives. Please don’t take her away from us. Laxmi tells her Guddan is leaving. Her flight is in a few hours. Guddan is at the airpot. Kaushaliya says take care and keep calling me both of you. Guddan and Revati hug her. Laxmi says what will we do once she leaves? Dadi says God has made them for each other. He won’t part them. Revati tells Guddan the flights are canceled because of he weather. The next flight is tomorrow. We have to stay here.

AJ looks for his drink. Dadi says what happened? He says you won’t understand. Dadi says please don’t drive when you’re drunk. AJ says I won’t die. I can’t live here when she is here. Dadi says you can’t run from your destiny. You can’t go away from her. AJ says so is this all my fate? dadi says yes. AJ says I will make my own way. Dadi says please don’t go. AJ says all of it is like this vase. It can break in a moment. My hate is so strong nothing can fix it. AJ leaves.Guddan is in tears. Guddan says I don’t know what to do. Revati says what did he say? Guddan says he really hates me. He was angry all that time. Revati says I am sure he still loves you. Guddan says I shouldn’t have seen him. He will be very angry till I am here. AJ drives in anger and says I hate you Guddan.

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